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Thursday, June 25, 2009

DEP To Allow Major Expansion Of Rustick Landfill

Action Includes Railroad Transfer Station Permit

MEADVILLE – The Department of Environmental Protection has approved two permit applications submitted by Rustick LLC that will allow the expansion of McKean County Landfill in Sergeant Township, McKean County.

DEP approved a permit modification to expand the existing disposal area by an additional 204 acres, and to increase the overall permit area from 128 acres to 336 acres. The new disposal area will be located across the road from the current disposal area and landfill office.

The permit modification also increases the average daily volume limit to 6,000 tons per day, while the previous rate was 1,500 tons per day. The amount of waste arriving daily at the landfill by truck would continue to be limited to 1,000 tons.

The additional waste volume would arrive by rail, as DEP also approved Rustick’s application for a railroad transfer station to receive municipal waste coming to the facility aboard rail cars. That waste will be transported in stretch-wrap covered bales or in sealed or enclosed containers.

Rustick submitted a major permit modification application to expand McKean County Landfill on October 31, 2007. The company submitted an application for a new municipal waste railroad transfer station on April 11, 2008.

For more information on waste management regulations, visit, keyword: Waste Management.


Unknown said...

expand the landfill but lets go to the extremes to shut down drilling

Anonymous said...

don't we have enough politicians, I mean trash in Pennsylvania already?

Anonymous said...

This landfill expansion also shuts down the location of countless beautiful childhood memories for myself and many other area Girl Scouts. They will be closing and taking over the land occupied by Resting Waters Girl Scout Camp next year for this project. It just breaks my heart and it is too late for us to change it. I am currently a Girl Scout leader to my daughter's troop and the Girl Scouts don't even want to replace Resting Waters by securing a new campsite in the area and the next closest camp is also now in danger of being closed in Warren. Enjoy the view while we have it people, the landscape is changing everyday!!

Anonymous said...

You know by grinding the garbage before it is put in a landfill you can cut the bulk by up to 50%.

Anonymous said...

where are all of the save beautiful Potter County and water pollutant individuals now?

Anonymous said...

June 26, 2009 8:09:00 PM

Good point!
I think "brother nature" has been busy bashing wind turbines and drilling! He has his hands full!!!