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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Josh Hatcher Offers Suggestions For Businesses and Organizations

Breathe New Life into Your Organization

The Power of the Press

Get ready for a powerful shift in the way you do business or run your organization. I'm talking about the Power of the Press. Every community has some form of media that they rely on to get their local news and information. It could be a radio station, a newspaper, a website, or a local Cable Access TV channel.

Studies show that you can spend a LOT of money in advertising, and get little to no results. Studies also show that a little bit of (positive) media coverage is more valuable than any paid advertising you could ever get!

So how do you get your organization or business in the news?
Here are a few things that I recommend.

1. Do something "newsworthy"
Maybe instead of paying thousands for a newspaper advertisement, you make a notable donation to a local charity, or you create a scholarship for a local high school senior. Maybe you try to break a World Record, or do something exciting that people in your community would be interested in.
2. Gather Contacts
Google the radio stations, newspapers, tv stations, and more in your community. Give them a call, and ask what email address you should use to send them press releases. Add contacts to this list whenever they become available.
3. Learn how to write a GOOD Press Release, and do it often.

This website gives you tips for writing a good press release.
If you are hosting an event, you should send out several press releases - a month before the event, a week before the event, a day before the event, and a good quality photo and article immediately after the event! If the press doesn't show up to your event, that next day photo could really help get people to pay attention, and notice you.
4. Opinions - Everyone has one.
Keep up on current events, and be sure to offer your opinion publicly! Be careful, because this could backfire on you! You don't want to offer an opinion that is going to alienate too many of your potential audience, but a "letter to the editor" can be a very powerful publicity tool if used effectively.


What's the most important thing about your business or organization? Your Brand! First Impressions are everything. Before anyone walks into the door of your business, church, or club... before anyone clicks on a Google Ad, or reads your brochure or business card, they are going to notice something about you.

Your name, your style, your logo, your "catch-phrase" are all huge part of that first impression.
Few people would purchase cheese from the "Skunk Hollow Cheese and Winery" It isn't appealing!
People may want cheese, though, from "Laughing Cow Cheese Company"

You can learn a lot about branding by watching the experts. Learn from Coca Cola, Nike, Ford, and the rest. They have their fingers on the heartbeat of the culture. Take a few minutes and watch some commercials, look at their logos, and ask yourself "What does this say about the company?"

Then look at your logo, letterhead, business card, banner, the sign in front of your business, and ask yourself, "What does this say about my organization?"

Logo Special

Speaking of Branding, We've got a great deal for you this week! From now till June 10th, if you order a Logo from us, we'll shave a little off the top (a $300 value) and we'll design it for you for $200!

Your logo is the first thing they see about you. You need to make it look great, and we can help you do that at an affordable price!
Check out our portfolio to see some of the work we've done for other customers:

Get in touch with me if you want to breathe new life into your business or organization!

Josh Hatcher


Anonymous said...

Good sugesstions Josh!! Brad

Mr Negative said...

This is all fine and dandy, but you have to have a valid product or business idea or all of this is just a bunch of hot air. Josh...can I get you to promote my "Widget" factory in Coudersport???

joshhatcher said...

Yeah, I get what you're saying.

This is based on the understanding that you have something to promote...

It's from my newsletter that I send out to clients and colleagues, giving marketing and promotions advice.

Every week or so I give a few little tips to help my clients promote themselves.

I'm giving away a little advice for free in the hopes that someone wants to pay for even more advice.

I will be writing and publishing more, but remember that it's all just small pieces of the marketing puzzle.

The first and most important rule of marketing is to develop a product, service, or ideal that is worth marketing. Without it, you're right! All you have is hot air!

If I try to package and sell dildines for a dime, I'm not going to get very far, considering that I have NO STINKING CLUE what the heck a dildine is. (though I would love it if Joe M. or Alex D. could explain it to me.

joshhatcher said...

By the way, thanks Jim for publishing this for me! I appreciate all you do for the community SO much!

Anonymous said...

A dime a apiece? Order me a whole truckload full.
I can arrange for dropoff at Home Depot in Olean.