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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rep. Causer Debunks Rendell's Scare Tactics

Debunking Rendell’s
State Budget Scare Tactics
In recent weeks, the Rendell administration has been predicting gloom and doom for Pennsylvanians of all ages if a fiscally responsible budget that reflects the state’s economic realities is adopted into law.

Rendell is working hard to build support for his plan to spend $29 billion in the next fiscal year, even though revenues are expected to reach just $25.5 billion at best. Pennsylvania cannot spend money it doesn’t have. We can’t print our own money like the federal government does.

Raising Taxes is “Easy?”
So what the governor isn’t telling you is how he plans to pay for his excessive spending. House Democrats have been a bit more forthcoming, stating publicly on more than one occasion that an increase in the state’s Personal Income Tax is the “easiest” way to deal with the state budget shortfall. House Republicans disagree.
Rendell’s “Tax You More” Bus Tour
To scare people into supporting higher taxes and spending, Rendell’s cabinet secretaries have been issuing releases to the media, claiming that a responsible budget proposal advanced by Senate Republicans would result in the closure of dozens of state parks and state veterans homes, and limit access to health care for both children and adults. Most recently, Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak has been traveling on a bus across the state threatening seniors and other homeowners with higher property taxes if we don’t adopt the governor’s excessive education funding plan.
Living Within Our Means
Funding education, health care, parks and veterans services are priorities for us all, but in these tough economic times, we have to make do with what we have. If the current administration can’t provide core programs and services with the money we have, maybe it’s time for a change in management.

Pennsylvania families and businesses have to live within their means; government must do the same.


Vicki said...

Way to tell it like it is Marty...have backed you 100% and will continue.
Thank you for looking out for us!

ANNA said...

Sounds like the Coudersport School Board could take this lesson, also. Live within your means.

Anonymous said...

Spendell will use State Employees as Hostages again this year. Hopefully not for too long though. No Furloughs this year, just work with NO pay until the Budget is passed.

Vicki said...

June 11, 2009 8:55:00 PM

This should NOT be allowed to happen...if they want anyone to work for NO pay then they should start at the top, not the men and women that earn their money via manual labor.

This is a joke, if employers did this labor and industry would shut them down, and quick.

How long would the federal and state allow this to happen as far as weekly Federal tax deposits not being made from employers payrolls? And how long would the state allow employers to not make their state tax deposits on the 15th and the last day of the month? Not for very darn long you can bet on it!

Our State government should have to run this state like we do with our businesses, within their means or the pay cuts start at the top, not the worker bees!

Anonymous said...

This is the democrats way look at osama oops i meant obama preach doom & gloom till you get what you want.Then the only way to pay for it is with more taxes.

Anonymous said...

no new taxes, Marty, no new taxes!!!!

Anonymous said...

what about the union? don't the state employees have one? hmmmmm .....why not shut it down? thats what would happen in the old days the union would step up and shut the state down....lol I would like to see fast eddy and friends holdin shovels...and fixin bridges and cuttin trees that fall in the road ....imagine that

Anonymous said...

Let's take a vote; Should we give Philadelphia to Delaware?


Anonymous said...

YES, but only if Spendell goes with Philly!!! That should seal the deal.

Anonymous said...

I vote for annexing it to New Jersey......

Anonymous said...

God help us all from BIG GOVERNMENT!!!!

John Q Public said...

We can't help but have big government as long as we all keep supporting it......

Anonymous said...

New forestry office for district 12
8 Million Dollars , 5 Million for the Lumber Museum but they want to close parks and eliminate forestry jobs and park jobs. Jobs lost + less tax payers keep our people working shut down or delay special projects until we have the money to fund them.

Mr Realistic said...

You can complain all you want...just keep paying your taxes like good little sheep.....