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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Causer--Stop PA Tax Hike

Area Residents Voice Opposition to Governor's Income Tax Increase at
Thousands statewide sign petition against 16 percent increase

People across Pennsylvania and locally are speaking out against Gov. Ed Rendell’s plan to increase their personal income tax to fund a $1 billion spending increase in the 2009-2010 state budget, Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turlepoint) said today.

Thousands have submitted comments in opposition to the proposed 16 percent income tax increase, and even more have signed a petition against it, at

“While the governor seems to think people won’t mind handing over more of their hard-earned money to state government, the comments registered at say otherwise,” Causer said. “People believe they are paying enough in taxes already. They have to make do with what they have and say government should do the same.

“Public outcry over the governor’s plan is more important than ever as another June 30 deadline passes without a budget in place for the 2009-2010 fiscal year,” Causer continued. “The governor’s strategy is to wear people down and get them to support his tax hike. I say we need to work together to wear him down and force him to cut spending and live within our means.”

Following is a sampling of comments submitted by area residents to

The taxes in PA are high enough. It seems that Rendell can find money to hire all his friends even when there is a freeze on. If they need more money, get rid of the FAT on the top – don’t penalize the working man for management waste. – Larry, Bradford, PA

No matter how big or small a group is, whether it is a small business or an entire state government, you come to a point where you need to make the decision to go in the right direction. The people of this state are hit hard enough with high real estate taxes, federal, state, and local taxes. If you were going to eliminate the real estate taxes and change to an income tax rate instead. It’s time to have LESS GOVERNMENT, NOT MORE. It’s time for our state leaders to take ownership of the well-being of our state and residents. We have elected you into your office because we believed you would make our state a better place to live and raise families. I beseech you to hold up your end of the bargain. – Patty, Coudersport, PA

My wife and I have absolutely no extra money now, so with a tax hike we will be in the hole. Bills won’t get paid on time, which adds a penalty to a bill that you already can’t pay!! Come live in our life for a couple of months and see what the real people of the state live like!!!!! – Steve, Emporium, PA

I have already lost my job here in Port Allegany after 14 years of hard labor. I even went to Washington D.C. to tell our local representatives that we need to keep our jobs in the United States. This all falls on deaf ears. I have a wonderful family with 4 small children to support and obviously this tax hike is not going to make things any easier. My story is a chapter in many families in our hard hit area. I SAY NO TAX HIKE – Todd, Port Allegany, PA

Enough is enough! Live within the state budget we have. Your spending of our hard-earned tax dollars is way out of hand. We have had to cut back in our households and small businesses to keep our heads above water in these tough economic times. It is high time you paid representatives of US do the same! – Vicki, Ulysses, PA

To sign the Web-based petition, visit or go directly to

People without Internet access can sign a hard-copy petition by visiting one of Causer’s offices in Bradford or Coudersport:

Bradford Office – 78 Main Street, 1st Floor.
Coudersport Office – 107 South Main St., Room 1.

Rep. Martin T. Causer
67th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Anonymous said...

it time to say "ENOUGH"..don't wait for someone else to do it...
check out this video on you tube..well worth your time.

www.YouTube-We the People Stimulus Package.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that our Honorable Governor has found a way to take the stimulous, given to each wage earner, out of our wallets. the federal government giveth and the state government taketh away

Anonymous said...

"It seems to me that our Honorable Governor has found a way to take the stimulous, given to each wage earner, out of our wallets. the federal government giveth and the state government taketh away"-----and this my friend is why "The People" need to taketh back "our" government. There is a reason our Forefathers set our government up the way they did. It's time to end the trampling of our Constitution!

Mad Mike said...

Don't waste your comments here... Go to the aforementioned website, sign the petition, and comment there!

Anonymous said...

Representative Causer's public relations campaign fails to mention that the result will be that your school district, county, township/borough local taxes will all rise a lot more if his campaign succeeds. Maybe you feel good by participating but you are causing your own taxes to go up, a lot. All the state is doing is pushing the school districts and local governments over the cliff and making the local taxpayers pay a larger portion of the cost for services that the state makes the local governments provide.
Look beyond the tip of your own nose. You are cutting it off to spite your face.
Even Madder Michael

Mad Mike said...

That is the Democratic sales pitch...that your local and property taxes MIGHT go up. Of course, the Republican pitch is that they won't. However, I do know that if we don't stop this tax increase, we'll definitely be getting a tax increase. (Obviously!) So, again, go to the aforemention website and sign the petition!

Anonymous said...

And shall the mentally retarded, the infirm and the children who are sexually abused or neglected just fend for themselves, Mad Mike? I agree with Even Madder Micheal that the state is just dumping its problem on the locals and in the rural areas we will really get burned.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, 11:49 writer, let those sexually abused kids, Alzheimer's victims and everyone else take care of their own problems.

Mad Mike said...

4:38 - Great, another leftist liberal. Again, you have no proof that this is going to affect our local budget. The problem is, what is thankfully starting to feel like the majority, feels that the state is getting enough of our money. Therefore, this tax hike should not be jammed down our throats. Another point should be mentioned...people DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO GIVE. If it were an option to pay the 16% increase...I'd be all for it. I'm sure you'd happily and "liberally" donate. Since you have so much money to toss around...let's just make it 32% and I'll be covered too. Thanks pal!

Anonymous said...

Does Mad Mike think kids who are sexually abused should fend for themselves because we are cutting expenses?
Should the mentally retarded take care of their own shopping, cooking, bill-paying?
Should the elderly woman who had a stroke wheel her own chair to the store or the doctor's office?
You might have a point Mad Mike but what services are you saying should be eliminated so your taxes can be frozen or reduced?
What the hell does leftist liberal even mean?
You have not answered the question yet from other people so let me pose it here again.