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Thursday, August 6, 2009

County Employees Prefer 40% Pay Cuts To Layoffs

Layoffs Averted At Potter Co. Human Services

pchumserv40% Pay Cuts

More than two dozen layoffs at Potter County Human Services were averted this week when members of an employees’ union agreed to a deferred salary plan.

Under the arrangement, they’ll continue to work their regular full-time hours and have 40 percent of their compensation withheld until the state’s 2009-10 operating budget is approved by the Pa. General Assembly and signed by Gov. Ed Rendell. That back pay will then be provided to employees incrementally.

Human Services Administrator Jim Kockler and Potter County Commissioners Doug Morley, Paul Heimel and Susan Kefover developed the deferred compensation plan to address the worsening cash flow crisis created by the state budget impasse.

The plan was one of two options presented to the labor union; a second option called for layoffs, which would have impacted services to some of the agency’s clients.

Upwards of 90 percent of the program costs at Potter County Human Services are paid by the state, but lawmakers have been unable to reach a budget agreement and reimbursements to counties have been all but eliminated in a stop-gap budget now in place while negotiations continue. Potter County Today


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they don't just pay them and plan on that to begin with, seeing how they will be paying them back anyway? I hate the games the government is playing with the welfare of so many families. Stop having a head trip and pass the dang budget already. They have all year to figure out a budget, then they pull this crud right as it is due to be passed. Plan on having it agreed upon by the date it is due, not start negotiations the day of.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Tioga, Mckean, Elk and all other pennsylvania counties opted for the same thing?

Anonymous said...

If "WE" the voters, would get Rendell out of office, maybe we wouldn't have all these stupid expensive games. He has single handedly ruined this state and now he's ruining families lives with his misspending. HE NEEDS TO GO!

Pete said...

I suppose our "lawmakers" who are negligent in their duties to pass a responsible budget are getting paid. If their pay was withheld, maybe we'd see some action.

Anonymous said...

Can't get rid of Rendell, too many MAFIA ties.

Anonymous said...

First Rendall does need to go, the only problem is Philly will back him since they get everything they want. This is srewing up credit scores because people can't afford to make payments and this will all come back to hurt the economy even more in the long run. Is Kockler and other admin. taking a pay hold also?

Rendell's final term said...

Rendell is in his last term of office, he sure is making a name for himself now isn't he?

He can not run for office again so we had all better remember the crap we have been spoon fed and do not vote one of his crony friends into office.

I hope like hell we have someone worth voting for...

Anonymous said...

This is just a preview. Ed Rendell will not go away.

Expect to see Ed Rendell for the rest of your life in some capicity, possibly in the White House.

God help us all... said...

God help us all if that ever happens! But he would fit right in with Nancy, Harry and the rest of the idiots that think we tax payers "just do not know what is best for us"...could not believe that statement!

Anonymous said...

i will bet the(hard working) county commissioners are getting there pay 100% of it i mean they got bills to pay while the rest of make so much money your bills are all paid. it is only a 40% loss of your pay

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the other county's across pa have had to do the same with their employees or has rendells budget only effected potter county.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this is legal. Did the commissioners check with council on this? If this is a FLSA violation the county could be on the hook for twice the amount owed. An employee can't sign away their FLSA rights.

number2 said...

Does anyone know if Tioga, Mckean, Elk and all other pennsylvania counties opted for the same thing?

Anonymous said...

what is FLSA?