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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Fun Fair At Potter County Fairgrounds Saturday

The fourth annual Family Fun Fair will be held at the Potter County Fairgrounds in Millport Saturday, August 22nd from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

Admission and refreshments are free.

Exhibitors will provide information for healthy family living with an emphasis on services for children. Books, handouts, and other child development items will be available, all for free.

Children and adults can play any of the free games set up that day, which include: Bounce House, Duck Pond, Dunking Booth, Face Painting and much more!! A drawing will be held for a family to win a free overnight stay at Splash Lagoon, with accompanying gas card to help defray transportation costs.

Several other drawings will take place. You must be present to receive your prize if your name is drawn.

Dr. Brown will be on the Mobile Family Center from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM to perform free dental screenings. Child photo and finger-printing ID’s will be performed. Smokey The Bear and Poco will assist children.

This event is sponsored by the Potter County Integrated Children’s Services Planning Committee. It. Call 544-7315 and ask Sharon or Sally for more information.


Anonymous said...

Kinda nice. Potter County Human Service Employees are only being paid for 3 days a week but working 5 right now. As of Sept 8th they will only work 2 days a week and collect unemployment for the other 3 until the budget is passed. But we gotta make sure we do the "FREE" FAMILY FUN FAIR AND MAKER SURE THOSE EMPLOYEES ALL SHOW UP ON THEIR DAY OFF AND NOT GET PAID FOR IT!!!1

Anonymous said...

Geez I thought they were showing up for those 3 hours or so because they wanted to do something to help needy families and donate a whopping 3 hours a year to the community without expecting to get a nice salary and free health care and the other benefits while some people LIKE ME can't find a decent job. Maybe this is what it will take to finally peel away the onion at Human Services where there is a lot of waste and inefficiency and duplication and the buddy favoritism system. I hope the spotlight finally starts to shine on that bloated organization.
That comment above is a lie. They are working 5 days and being paid for 5 days (not 3). Some of the pay is being delayed because the state turned off the spicket but they will still be getting the pay, right?

Anonymous said...

A lie? I can tell you for a fact that the "whopping" pay they make is less than 30,000 a year figure that out. its around 500 every two weeks. I bet unemployment is more than that. Most jobs there require a 4 year degree from a University so your looking at oh say roughly 60,000 in education debt. Try raising a family on 25,000-30,000 a year and then be told o you still have to work but not get any money til who knows when. Sound fair to you?

Anonymous said...

Simple solution--cut the fat at Human Services. Try raising a family with a 4yr college degree like I have and no job except maybe the torture chamber called Empereon where 90 percent of the people can't take the torture and quit while the others knife their colleagues in the back to survive. Try that. Didn't Human Services union just bully a big raise for 3 years with 3 more years of free health care? Don't whine to me because my tears are real. Also maybe study math one of these years (500 every two weeks -- LOL!). And if you are so resentful then why volunteer to sacrifice three whole hours this year to help at the Fun Fair?
Start peeling the onion. I am not going to cry for you though.

Anonymous said...

WOW... It appears that a couple of commenters have some bitterness about their choices in life. It is not the Human Services employees fault you are not content. You seem delighted at someone elses misfortune; which is possibly an esteem issue.

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible not to throw a fit or sour comments about this event? Could it be possible that a grant paid for this event, and not a agency budget? Is it possible to allow some children a small measure of joy or carefree moment without witchin' that someone has something you don't have? It is not the children of this county's fault the budget is in this is the elected officials. Let the children be word--attitudes and bitterness that some individuals on here are spouting will taint them soon enough. If your not happy with your situation--change it; if you choose not to change it and decide wallow in it; then you deserve the life you have. If your lucky enough to have employment---For goodness sake--be thankful,have some gratitude!! QUIT FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF and GROW UP!---THIS EVENT WAS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT WAS FOR THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTY..SUCK IT UP AND QUIT WHINING.

Anonymous said...

Whoever has attempted to inform someone that life is fair---lied to and misled them. Life is not and will never be fair-deal with it or you'll be miserable your whole life instead of just now . Some persons on this comment section are unbeleivable. It's 'me,me,me' and "show up on a day off and not get paid for it"--me,me,me. "It's not fair"---let's see, if you think your better than other people because you have a "4 yr degree" and have let's see ..oh yeah- "roughly 60,000 in education debt"--- your not better, just fortunate enough to be able to attain an education and then the remark of "try raising a family on...." Who are you to state or think maybe some of us others aren't? ...your not better or more entitled to a fair life. You were just willing to go into debt for a job/career. We SO Agree with a previous post---it's not all about you. SHAME ON YOU for complaining about a day that was meant for children and whining about how hard you supposedly have it. LIFE IS MESSY AND NOT ALWAYS FAIR, #%&@*) DEAL WITH IT!!