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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lewis Run Driver Stopped For Speeding Gets DUI

Troopers To Charge DUI
A Lewis Run man was arrested this evening for DUI after being pulled over for speeding on South Kendall Avenue in Bradford.

Mark Dunlap, 38, of 7 Richardson Avenue in Lewis Run, PA, was driving a maroon colored 1998 Ford 150 south on South Kendall Avenue. A trooper from the PSP Kane barracks was sitting in a stationary position running radar. Dunlap was clocked on radar at a speed of 42 mph in a 25 mph zone.

The trooper made a traffic stop of the vehicle, and Dunlap was determined to be intoxicated. DUI and summary charges will be filed at District Court 48-1-01.


Anonymous said...

Please start calling them traffic cops. Very expensive traffic cops to the state budget. tropper and state cop seems a stretch.

sincerly to protect and serve. aka to ticket and fine.

Anonymous said...

This Trooper was only doing his job, to protect the people. What if he hadn't been there and a family member of yours would have been on the road at this time and that "DUI" driver would of killed your family??? Who would be at fault?? The Trooper?? I think not. ONe thought comes to mind. When something goes wrong the frist thing that happens is you would say "OH GOD" and where are the POLICE. The next minute you DAMN GOD and the Police. If it rains you cry for sunshine. Do you want a safe county or do you want the bad guy to be in charge?? Wait up people can't you see maybe you and your mayor need to set down and think things out . Who is the good guy?? NOt your great mayor, or he would be working with the Police to help get these people off the streets.

Anonymous said...

6:40!!?? LOL!! Sometimes stupid comments make my day!! I agree, let's just call them Troppers!!! Much better than Trooper....geez!! Can we call you iodiot or idiot???

Anonymous said...

Maybe this lawbreaker who endangered every innocent person on the highways should get Mayor Riel to defend him.

Anonymous said...

Why start calling them traffic cops? As a Trooper with the Pennsylvania State Police their responsibility is patrol of the highways of the Commonwealth. This trooper was doing his job and earning his paycheck. Well Done!!

Leo said...

In other cop news,