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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Potter County Represented At Williamsport ‘Tea Party’

leightclosedemonstrateWith a Thomas Paine impersonator promoting “common sense” in government, more than 2,000 people filled Brandon Park in Williamsport on Saturday for the Northcentral Pennsylvania Tea Party. The non-partisan demonstration was called to send a message to elected officials that they must be accountable to the people, respectful of the U.S. Constitution, and resolved to stem the tide of rising taxes and a deepening deficit. Former Potter County resident Roger Leight (left) was the invitation coordinator for an organizing committee. He applauded the federal, state and local elected officials who accepted the invitation to appear before the large group of citizens, many of whom were dissatisfied with the status quo, and to hear their message. Introduced to the audience were State Senator Eugene Yaw, Williamsport Mayor Gabriel Campana, County Commissioners Jeff Wheeland (Lycoming) and Paul Heimel (Potter), as well as representatives of Congressman Glenn Thompson and other elected officials who were unable to attend.

tppaine1Bob Basso (left), who tours the country as an impersonator of 18th century social commentator Thomas Paine, urged the audience to become familiar with public issues and to be heard. “Today what we often hear are the extremists on the left and the extremists on the right, while the silent majority who possess the most common sense have been drowned out,” Basso said. “But you are demonstrating today that the sleeping giant is awakening and you are part of the greatest grassroots effort in the history of America. Our unrepresentative representatives are hearing what, to them, must be a terrifying rumble sweeping across the country — an awakening of ‘we the people’ who will be silent no more.”

Dozens of those attending Saturday’s event signed up for a bus excursion to Washington, D.C., later this year for a national Tea Party demonstration. Potter County Today


Anonymous said...

Thank you to these two Potter County people for taking the time to be involved with this event. I am sure you guys had other ways you could have been spending your Saturday. Those messages from Thomas Payne seem like common sense to me but we all need to be civil too. Some of the people at these rallies spout ridiculous radical comments that just alienate reasonable people and make the Tea Party look like a bunch of wackos.

Anonymous said...

Check the website for the list of demands that are on the Scroll that will be petitioned to be read by both the House and Senate chambers. The official count was over 2,800 attending this event and Potter County residents will be heard by their elected officials as this was a regional event and not just a Williamsport event. All speakers were asked to keep on topic and not be politically partisan when they spoke, but truthful. Thank you Soloman's Word for posting this event. Roger Leight

Anonymous said...

i bet heimel will charge the mileage to the county for the trip to williamsport

Anonymous said...

He should get reimbursed for mileage. There is no county car is there? He was there representing Potter County on a Saturday to boot.

Anonymous said...

Well, YOU, too, would probably request mileage. Get a life, and stop lambasting Heimel!

Anonymous said...

My fear is that all of this character assassination and undeserved criticism will drive out good, competent people who care and we'll end up with public officials who have narrow agendas.
My comment applies both to the Tea Party movement which seems like it is people who are mad at the world and down on everything, and to the people who jump on here and attack those who are in public life because it seems to be sport to do so.
Please show some respect and courtesy.
We get the government we deserve and if we are such a coarse people with viciousness, our government will reflect that.
Hitler rose to power because the Germans were riled up for the sake of riled up and he found a convenient enemy for them to scapegoat -- the Jews who had succeeded on their own merits in commerce and in leadership. They were easy targets. That was not a good ending, was it?

We the people said...

"we'll end up with public officials who have narrow agendas."

In many cases this is exactly what we have.

We have allowed this to go on for way too long.

That is why things are so out of hand now with our paid elected officials in State and Federal levels.

They now need to wake up and realize we will not allow this to continue, if it does they will be on their way OUT!

We the people control the elections, we the people pay the taxes and we the people now need to take a stand and each and every elected paid official needs to know...we the people are watching them and they are paid to be OUR voice!

Anonymous said...

I too was there representing another county...I too put in for mileage AND lunch!! You select few blog posters in Potter County who keep bashing particular public officials for such insignificant issues are pathetic to say the least. You finally have a competent, dedicated, and caring board and you still moan. My bet is that it is a petty personal reason and that you will use any event and forum to criticize. No one is paying attention to you. You are negative and pathetic. As for the public officials, our counties are watching with respect and are learning from you. Keep up the great work in some really tough times!

Anonymous said...

when the county commissioners keep putting people on the payroll that is not advertised as they should be like the cleaning crew at the old school house and the maintenance person in county buildings to get the best people for the job. i don,t call being deicated and a caring board i call it giving a job to your friends and i think a lot of people agree with that

Anonymous said...

To the 7:22 said it all!! We got the government WE chose, they didn't elect themselves! Our form of government is no longer working. This was predicted by...Patrick Henry?....correct me if I'm wrong. He said our form of government would eventually collapse in on itself. Well, guess what?? It is happening now. We criticize communism, socialism, etc. Yet ours is not a perfect government either, especially when people are allowed to make as much money as they can by hook or by crook, while others suffer. Greed has overcome us all. May God help us.

Anonymous said...

here is a good link

this traveling the country and wii coverge on Washington on 9/12/09
has links to attend rally in washington and buses that are going

Leo said...

So sorry you did not listen. Was Ron Paul right?

Anonymous said...

Yep, him and Ross P.!

Guess we were too busy running businesses and raising families to NOT trust our paid elected officials.

Silly us, we thought they could be trusted! Oh but that was decades ago, when there were only a hand full of crooked politicians!

We have respected them and taken them for their word for so long that it blinded us to "what really goes on behind that curtain"!

Both parties!