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Learn IRA Basics, new 2020 rules for IRAs, and answers to frequently asked IRA questions at JAVA with JVB, on Tuesday, February 25, at 12:15 pm, at the JVB Coudersport office on East Second Street. Light refreshments will be served along with Java, of course! See you there!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


America Under Attack-- Today

by Rob Kall

Today, yes, TODAY, the USA is under attack. tens of millions have been hit by the attack and it is still ongoing.

This is no joke. The attack has already hit millions and there is no sign the military or intelligence agencies are doing anything to protect America from the growing threat.

Imagine an attack on the US that affected tens of millions, but the media didn't cover it.

Imagine a massive assault on the US that was targeted to hit the most powerful, most famous, most influential people and the young.

Imagine that some of the USA's most popular, most influential new companies were brutally attacked and brought to their knees by foreign agents, with no help from the US government.

... and imagine that the US did not announce that this attack was under way.

It has happened and it is ongoing at this moment.

Three days ago, Melissa Hathaway, the USA's acting cybersecurity czar,
stepped down, for "personal reasons."

Yesterday, Twitter was massively hit by a bot attack, effectively shutting it down for three hours. That attack is apparently not over.

Facebook and Friendfeed were also suffering from the same kind of attack.

There is some evidence that some part of the attack was initiated in Eastern Europe, possibly Russia.

It came home to me when I realized that my site was under attack and I read on twitter, when I could get it, that femnisting was also experiencing problems.

The extent of the attack is hard to gauge but it is clear that even if just facebook, twitter, and friendfeed are attacked, this has effect upon tens of millions of Americans.

So where is the federal government? Where are the cybertroops when we need them?

For my site, I have a server management team that can help. I'm sure all the other sites have teams to help them too. But this is bigger than that. This is an attack on a wide swathe of contemporary American culture. It is an attack on some of the most potent communication systems used in America. Remember, when the US has attacked Iraq or other nations, taking out communications is among the first goals.

Where is the federal government? Where is the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon? Where are all the military powers funded to the tune of over a trillion a year? Why are they leaving our corporations computers totally unprotected?
Why isn't the media picking up the reality that this concerted attack is even happening?

There has been a little bit of talk on some computer sites and magazines that twitter and facebook were attacked, even some mentions on the cable news shows. But this is MUCH bigger than just an outage for a few hours. This is a systematic attack on the USA's most popular, most widely used websites and I'm guessing, many, many more sites as well.

The attack is being done by thousands of virus infected computers (bots). Those virus infections were attackers in waiting. The attack is called a distributed denial of service attack-- a DDOS attack. Those thousands or millions of computers, taken over by viruses, all at the same time coordinate connections to servers of the targeted websites. All those accesses at the same time slow down the server to a standstill, so usual users are unable to access the site, or it is drastically slowed down.

Once such a DDOS attack is initiated, the bots are activated from the tens of thousands or millions of virus infected computers, so they can come from scores of countries.

I call this attack on the websites that support our American digital culture an attack on America. I call these attacks serious, dangerous, destructive and expensive. I call on the President Obama to do something about this. It is hard to believe that the US is so incredibly vulnerable to such attacks. It is time something major is done about it.

Rob Kall is executive editor, publisher and site architect of, President of Futurehealth, Inc, more...)


Anonymous said...

OMG NOT TWITTER! Gasp FACEBOOK TOO! OMG what will we do! Someone MUST save us! Sounds like this guy is being a baby because his site got attacked and he had to do something about it. Waaaah I want cyber welfare from the government. STFU and GBTW.

Anonymous said...

CHINA almost owns US now anyway.

Bao said...

This is VERY serious especally for those who work on line or do banking on line etc. Its all a big joke till your bank account is empty

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kall:

Take a powder and get a life.

Mike Fowler
Austin, PA

Anonymous said...

I think this is a good thing.....maybe people will quit sending me invitations to all of those STUPID games and polls on facebook. I'm starting to wish I would never have signed up for it.

Anyway...when a military operation takes out communications linlks in other countries, it is not just the internet social and chat is widespread communications lines over radio and telephone.

Anonymous said...

So myspace isn't just myspace anymore? It's theirspace now? That's ok. My ex girlfriend got into my myspace account and the CIA and FBI didn't come to my rescue either. I woke up, and cancelled my account altogether. realized that less of these social networking sites can be good

Anonymous said...

it might be a little over the top with America being attacked....twitter, facebook, ect. people have these account all over the world. However, it's kind of odd that just a few days ago the military (might have been just the marines) ordered that service men and women remove themselves from social networking sites.

Unknown said...

Remember a few years back when the tornado ripped through our area? Were you inconvenienced? No elec, limited places that had back up, your food destroyed when it warmed up-thawed out in your frig/freezer?

Use Monday (Coudersport Boro) to remind yourself.

Anonymous said...

Y'all need to wake up and see what is happening in this country. It is not just myspace and facebook. It is another way to take control!!!! Get your heads out of the clouds and see where this is heading, before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

This may help some understand the interconnectivity of todays world and it's division of labor.

Without this, we could not even make a pencil, let alone feed ourselves.

It's called I,Pencil

Anonymous said...

maybe you should all check this out on youtube about

Watch the discussion done by fox news. Just copy and paste the link.

You can go to the website to see the Warning.

This is crazy and very scary!

Mr Realistic said...

The link above is bogus B.S.

Do you people really believe all of the crap that Glenn Beck spews!!!

Here is the reality of the misinformation:

Anonymous said...

will if we are under attack i hope all democrats are the first to go because they are totally useless for anything anyway

Anonymous said...

Who cares- facebook, twitter...... all they do is take away from reality, life and replace it it virtual nosence.

If they were totaly taken down I could care less.

That's what is wrong in todays world, lack of face to face interactions with those around us!

Pick the phone up and call family, bake a pie and take it to someone in need and remind yourselves...vurtual worlds are NOT REAL!!!

Anonymous said...

4chan strikes again =]

Anonymous said...

When facebook & twitter get taken offline nobody cares, but the fact that there are huge DDoS networks out there that can take down any website at will is actually a pretty serious problem.