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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ambulance Driver Wasn't Drunk

Ambulance driver will not be charged

September 30, 2009
Sun Gazette

EAGLES MERE — State police said the Eagles Mere ambulance driver who crashed in the borough on Sept. 13 while taking a patient to a hospital will not be charged with drunken driving

. Because John Huhn’s blood-alcohol content level was below the legal limit of .08, the level in which a driver is presumed to be unable to operate a vehicle safely, he will not be charged with driving under the influence intoxicants, the lead investigator said.

Huhn, 67, of Eagles Mere, crashed the fire company’s ambulance in the 500 block of Laporte Avenue about 9:30 p.m. shortly after he and other emergency responders picked up a patient who was being taken to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. The ambulance failed to make a left-hand turn, traveled off the western edge of the road and landed in a ditch, police said.

A blood sample was obtained from Huhn after a state trooper detected an odor of alcohol on him, and the driver failed two field sobriety tests.

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Anonymous said...

There should be 0 tolerance for emergency vehcile drivers.

. said...

I am one.... and I agree....

Anonymous said...

I agree too!

Anonymous said...

if you want 0 tolerance then send letters to your state represenatives and have the laws changed..I know people that couldn't pass a field sobriety test with no alcohol in system

Anonymous said...

"odor of alcohol". "failed 2 sobriety tests".

cop should be sited for false claims.

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous. There should be a ZERO tolerance for emergency responders. If he's been drinking anything, he should not be transporting patients.

Anonymous said...

Some compaines have their own zero tolerance policies in which anyone who has been drinking in the last 12 hours can not go on a call. If they do they are dismissed from the company

Anonymous said...

This is absoluetly ridiculous. Make's it real comforting to call for the ambulance for help. How do you know they are not going to be drinking and drunk? Now granted this is only one area this has happened to, but I know of many other local small town area's that have alot of people on their department that loves to drink or whatever else they shouldnt be doing while operating a vehicle. Maybe they should follow their zero tolerance rules they have about this or try finding some new volunteer's that are actually concerned to helping others when needed and not drinking their lives away. This floors me. It really does. Such a sad shame for Eagles Mere.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long they waited before taking blood for the test.

My guess is they did the guy a favor.

Anonymous said...

So I wonder what the BAC was? If I'm not mistaken Pa has a lower limit for drivers involved in vehicle crashes??? I beleive it is .05% BAC, regardless, as an ems provider I agree with the others, If you have drank ANY amount of alcoholic beverage you should not be allowed ANYWHERE around emergency vehicles!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We have done a good job in regulating ourselves in emergency services. Most Departments have a zero tolerance policy not only for driving but for showing up for any call. Sometimes we also have to change with the times. Maybe its time that zero tolerance become a law for emergency responders. Most Chiefs are aware of the liability they that goes with there position. Present or absent.

David R. Jones
Dept 20

Anonymous said...

No there is not a lower tolerance if your involved in a crash. CDL drivers is what your thinking of.

Andy said...

I guess if the ambulance drivers can do it then me as a bus driver can do it...bus drivers are required to quit drinking 8 hours before they do a run. I'll just bet that there would be a lot of upset parents if they found out that the bus driver with 60 to 70 lives in their hands was half toasted!!!