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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Potter County Tax Sale Scheduled For Monday In Courtroom

auctionPotter County Tax Claim Bureau (TCB) will hold its annual Upset Sale on Monday (Sept. 14) at 9 am in the courtroom. Dozens of property owners who would otherwise stand to lose their holdings in Monday’s sale have been reporting to the TCB office at the Gunzburger Building to make payment and avoid that outcome. TCB Director Todd Brown reports that, as of noon today (Thursday, Sept. 10), there were just over 100 properties on the list for sale.

“If past trends hold true, that number will be greatly reduced by the time the sale convenes on Monday,” Brown said. He cited the 2008 Upset Sale, during which seven properties were sold by auction, while another two dozen attracted no bidders and were designated for a judicial sale or for the county repository. Traditionally, many properties attract no bids due to liens and other factors that would encumber the buyer. Properties are sold caveat emptor (”buyer beware”), with no guarantee of clear title.

The TCB has met a series of deadlines for sending notifications and manually posting hundreds of properties across Potter County. Brown reported that more than $200,000 has come into the TCB during this week. That money will be distributed to school districts, municipalities and the county treasury.

This year, the TCB offered a new payment plan for taxpayers who were having trouble meeting their obligations: monthly installment payments. If they miss a payment, however, they are subject to having their property listed and ultimately sold through the annual Upset Sale. Potter County Today


Anonymous said...

Is there an on-line listing of these properties, and if so what is the web-site?

Anonymous said...

you gotta love those guys who DELIBERATELY not pay their taxes til the last day. denying funds to educate (hopefully NOT to follow in their footsteps) students in Potter County. would serve them right if they'd miss getting in to pay Monday by a few minutes...only to see their property be sold for a fraction of it value.

Anonymous said...

and if there isn't currently an on line listing of the properties...someone should quickly get one together! We had 90+ yard sales on here just a week ago, compiling this list should be easier!!!

Anonymous said...

If your so interested in who may be losing there homes, get off your lazy asses and go to the courthouse or the Gunzburger building and find out.
Gotta love those people who expect this information to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some people are off their lazy asses working all day when the courthouse is open rather than complaining while blogging all day.

Anonymous said...

"This year, the TCB offered a new payment plan for taxpayers who were having trouble meeting their obligations: monthly installment payments."

We would not need to sign up for or make monthly payments IF we were given the 3 payment option as last year on our fall tax bills!

Why was this not offered again this year to those of us that took advantage of it last year? Who's bright idea was it to take that option off the table?

Some of us were very thankful for that option, some of us pay 2800.00-3000.00 for our fall taxes!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever consider that those on this have lost their jobs or have medical problems so they are unable to pay the tax bill? Hmmm... put food on the table, pay for medical needs - what to do, what to do! Taxes in Potter County are ridiculously HIGH!!!! Bring the taxes down - then maybe people could afford to pay them. Get rid of the jobs that are not needed, stop creating jobs for your buddies ...

Before anyone gets on their soap box about education - well most of the teachers / superintendants and all the other jobs created in the school district because so and so lost their job.... doesn't help the situation. Most teachers now a days are really teaching... they are teaching kids how to take tests (preparing for the PSSA) - another government waste. Ask the good teachers (and I mean good teachers) and they will tell you PSSA is a waste...

Enough of my rant.... Oh and BTW I am employed full time and do pay my taxes but it is a struggle every year.... $2800 is bull... Thanks to the realators for over appraising propertys... you are just as much to blame and Adelphia. Raked in a good chunk of money didn't ya?

Anonymous said...

another assumption being made, you assume i dont work and blog all day, I have a full time plus a part time job. i just happened to stumble across your comment while looking at the internet during my lunch hour. so dont assume people wait to the last minute to pay their taxes for shits and giggles. maybe it is they cant afford to do it any other way. just because my property taxes are paid in full doesnt mean others are that fortunate.

Tax and Insurance poor said...

September 11, 2009 5:52:00 PM

Great post! I agree with your stating 2800.00 is bull but ya know what...my tax bill has gone up each and every year and are now just under 5200.00 total (spring & fall)! Talk about BS!! We have not added one thing on our property, other than sell some of it, removed a building or two and they are even higher now? Must be a reason for it but do not know why since we keep hearing it is not the county that is raising the taxes, is it our school?

And homeowners insurance is right up there on the list as well! I pulled my policies the other day before I sent out a payment on our current policy and guess what? Ours has gone up just a little over 400.00 in 7 years! Built a new home in 2002 and the policy was just a little over 700.00, 7 years later nothing has changed and now it is a little over 1100.00 a year! So darn tired of being tax and insurance poor I could just scream!!!

And you are sooooo right about the good teachers, I get that too! I am so thankful for the good teachers my youngest child had in high school because the guidance counselor was a joke, and that is being nice! Talk about waste of tax dollars, there ya go! We had to figure out all the college stuff on our own! And we heard this from other parents as well when we were getting our kids settled in their dorm rooms, so it is not just local it is state wide!! And they get paid 80, to 125, K a year???

And god forbid you and your spouse bust your butts for over 30 years to have what you have EARNED because it is then held against your child as far as any state funding for college costs! I felt like telling them to blow their nose with that $500.00! That amount does not even cover books!

So when people are behind in their property taxes it usually is for a reason not just because they just do not want to pay them in a timely manner...the average working family is making less money this year than last!

Also loved your remark about the realators, it is soooo true!

Anonymous said...

The 3 payment option was offered again this year for the fall taxes. You need to reapply every 3years. Many taxpayers did not realize that and when they received the form in the mail last December threw them away because they had already filed. I myself did not realize this until I didn't get the 3 payment option or the Homestead option. I will be more diligent from now on.

Anonymous said...

I do not recall applying for the 3 payment plan. When I received my tax bill last year and the coupons were attached I thought it was great and used them. This is the first time I had ever received a 3 payment option and think it is great.

When the fall tax bill came this year and there were no payment coupons attached I asked my tax collector about it. I was told the school board did not approve it again for this year for our area.

I will do the same as you and look for the form and or letter in December.