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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

State Police Tracking Obscene Text Messages

Obscene Text Messages
State Police responded to a residence at 1663 Grover Hollow Road, in Genesee Township, Monday night at 9:30 PM and are investigating a complaint of a 21 year old female who received obscene text messages on her cell phone. Troopers said the investigation is ongoing.


Anonymous said...

again, it is calls like this that are raising the concern that these small towns need to pay for the PASP.

Big Deal, shut your phone off.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cell phones have a "Delete" button just like your computer.

Andy said...

You can also block certain users so block them instead of raising our taxes to pay for police because of a text message!!

Anonymous said...

It's her phone, her number, her bill, and SHE should just ignore the obscene text?! That makes sense? How about when someone violates your privacy and the LAW that they are held accountable!

Anonymous said...

Then you pay for the police to go to her house.

this whole country is out of control for christ sake. you cant even look at someone without them wanting to have you arrested.

there are more IMPORTANT things the police could be doing.

as for this girl, who is 21 I might add. the one making the text obviously is somone she has talked to before, since they had her number.

It is not like we have a cell phone book, now do we.....

The next time a cat comes and poops in my flower bed, I am going to call the cops, because my rights were violated, right?? that is what you are saying...


Anonymous said...

What did she do to instigate these text messages? My guess is it's someone she knows, some love triangle of sorts, someone who is looking for a little more drama in her life. If someone sent her a text and threatened to hurt her or make her fear for her life then fine, call the cops. But if it was just obscene texts, delete them and move on. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

What is with these people that get a news report and think that they have all the answer's to proceed with their ridiculous opinion that are absolutely absurd??

Go ahead buddy, call the cops when a cat shit's in your flower bed! When someone harasses me by using a restricted number to send me obscene material, I'll be calling the cops that I pay taxes for so that they can proceed to investigate the CRIME!! cat shit in a flower bed, or harassment, now which one is a crime??? hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with bringing it to law enforcements attention, remember the world is full of crazy people that do not think twice about harming people!

Delete after you have informed police or shown the text to them, do not respond, do not reply, do not lower yourself to someone elses level! Ignore the bull crap, that will bother them more if no reply is sent!

Then if something does happen you have atleast reported it and it will be on record! Protect yourself but do not play their game!

Anonymous said...

How about a possible wrong number?
Tiny button on the phone big fingers could = wrong number