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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unstoppable To Rent All 65 Rooms In New Shaner Hotel

‘Unstoppable’ movie crew to stop here

New Fairfield Inn to open Monday


LOCK HAVEN Express- It's a done deal.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. will rent all 65 rooms and suites at the new Fairfield Inn & Suites next month, while making the movie "Unstoppable."

The exact dates the movie company will need the inn haven't been determined, according to Ben Eltz, vice president of Shaner Investments L.P. The firm is the developer of Susquehanna Square, which the Fairfield Inn & Suites anchors.

The inn will open Monday at 1 p.m., two weeks ahead of schedule, Eltz said, and will be able to serve guests before and after the film crew moves in and occupies the hotel, tentatively from Oct. 9 to Oct. 29, although the crew may arrive as early as Oct. 6 and stay as late as Nov. 3.

Eltz said he does not know if the movie's stars, Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson and others, will stay at the Fairfield.

Still, director Tony Scott ("Crimson Tide," "Top Gun," "Enemy of the State" "Beverly Hills Cops II" and "III") may be among those staying in town.

So far, Eltz said, 20th Century Fox hasn't made any peculiar requests that might suggest stars on site, although there has been talk of having dinners brought in.

A majority of the filming in central Pennsylvania will be done in Tyrone, but crews will be busy capturing scenes up and down the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad Line. More...


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a better visit with them than the Emporium residents have..It was pretty much a waste of time for them to shoot the film in the Emporium area..They were very rude to the residents..They made promises that were NOT kept..So I wish you well with these people..If it were NOT for us people, Denzel Washington would NOT be where he is today..

give me a break said...

i highly doubt the people of emporium got denzel washington to where he is now. this is a great thing for our area and all you people can do is bitch

Anonymous said...

Thats odd, they were fine to the people of port allegany, eldred, and bradford. Maybe they were met with an endless amount of opposition. I mean if your not bright enough to realize that Denzel Washington is and actor not the director, publicist, producer, 20th centuray fox executive, or any other roll.....if your not smart enough to realize that....then your probably not smart enough to development a worthy opinoin about this process and you should just shut the hell up.

I am exhausted by this areas self en powerment to have a problem with everything that happens here. Most of you a closed minded, spiteful, judemental people. and it is truly irritating. You just feed the reasoning that nothing happens here and all your children move away.