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Friday, October 2, 2009

Former Bolivar Resident, Herb MacDonell Is World Renowned CSI Originator

Long before CSI, there was Herb MacDonell

By Jeff Murray •
Star Gazette Staff Writer

Some people collect stamps or coins. At first glance, Herb MacDonell's collection seems a bit more macabre. MacDonell's South Corning home is stuffed with human bones, blood-spattered clothing, crime scene photos and other disturbing artifacts. More

Solomon's note:
Herb MacDonell is 82. When I was a child, he lived at the corner of Plum Street and Shaner Avenue in Bolivar, NY. I would often go to his house and ask if he needed his walk shoveled. I walked by there daily on my way to school at Bolivar Central, a block or so away. Herb had a lab set up in his basement there and I heard that he developed an advanced method of fingerprinting that he had received a lot of recognition for. It's been a lot of years gone by, and now Herb who moved to South Corning a long time ago, is recognized as one of the top forensic scientists in the country. Not bad for a Bolivar, NY boy.
All the best to you Herb.
James Jones
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Anonymous said...

Must of lived near where that Oil Gusher was in the 1930's. He would have been a young man at the time.

A place where Someone suggested had nothing left but Horned Toads and Shrinners as a result of the pollution from those days.

I guess there were a few people who made it out okay.

Thanks for acknowledging Herb.

Jess Studer said...

Bolivar might not be much now, but it was a booming town back in the day. My grandma used to walk me to the pioneer oil museum to learn the history. My granpa started the Moneysaver which my dad had run and my uncle still runs from this small town. Must be great minds come from small bunches.