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Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Speech May Be Silenced By Bureaucrats


Obama takes aim at media critics, and free speech

One way or another, the Obama administration is trying to shut up its critics, and if that requires plopping First Amendment free-speech guarantees into a six-foot grave and covering the principles up with mud, so be it.

That’s emphatically (if figuratively) what happened when bureaucrats in the Department of Health and Human Services told Humana Inc. that it would be in deep, deep trouble if it kept sending letters to some 900,000 people warning of an unwanted fate if Congress proceeded with a $400 billion Medicare cut: loss of important benefits.

The anger was high. President Barack Obama himself fumed aloud about insurance companies supposedly misleading the public. Democratic senators barked and then the bureaucrats began biting, informing Humana it was under investigation and must abide by a gag order.

Bothering to be accurate, some observers replied that Humana was telling the truth about what inevitably has to happen when you take away funds for private options to Medicare, adding that even if you think the firm’s points arguable, the Constitution permits dispute with government positions. More...


Anonymous said...

Why is there always anti Obama stuff on this site??

truth seems anti... said...

Because it is the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was the worst offender. "Madam Speaker," asked, "where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?" Her brief reply spoke volumes about the Left's contempt for the Constitution and the Rule of Law: "Are you serious? Are you serious?" She then ignored the question and moved on to the next one. Her spokesman later added, "You can put this on the record: That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question."

Even in light of the current recession, we live in a day of unprecedented prosperity and, as a result, we have become complacent. Unfortunately, the likes of Leahy, Hoyer and Pelosi, who mock the Constitution instead of keeping their oaths, have almost completely robbed us of the "Blessings of Liberty" which our Founding Fathers pledged "our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor" to defend."

Hope And Change? Ya right said...

Hope 'n' Change:

War on Fox Continues

The White House fight with Fox News Channel continued this week as Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hit the Sunday talk shows with claims that Fox does not produce news. Comrade Axelrod went so far as to tell ABC News on "This Week" not to treat Fox as a news organization.

Such an assault on the free press is, to borrow one of the Democrats' favorite adjectives, positively Nixonian. Even ABC's Jake Tapper came to Fox's defense. He asked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, "It's escaped none of our notice that the White House has decided in the last few weeks to declare one of our sister organizations 'not a news organization' and to tell the rest of us not to treat them like a news organization. Can you explain why it's appropriate for the White House to decide that a news organization is not one?" Gibbs was typically evasive.

Furthermore, the arrogance of the administration was on full display when it came to light that its Mao-admiring communications director, Anita Dunn, told the Dominican government during a videoconference that Obama's presidential campaign rarely communicated with the press unless it "controlled" the message. Referring to campaign manager David Plouffe's talking points, Comrade Dunn bragged, "We just put that out there and made them write what Plouffe had said as opposed to Plouffe doing an interview with a reporter. So it was very much we controlled it as opposed to the press controlled it." That's community organizing, and Marxism, 101.

Anonymous said...

There should be a war on fox news.. it teaches stupid people it is okay to be ignorant....

Anonymous said...

I hope that the individuals that voted Obama into office are happy! You wanted Change, well things sure are changing, but from what I see, this change is stripping everyone's rights away. Our Forefathers are turning in their graves. Hope you are happy. Can you say Socialism. We as Americans, had better wake up, and let our voices be heard NOW or our few freedoms we still have left are going to disappear.

Anonymous said...

The insursance companies stand to lose customers & profits if national health care is enacted.
Now don't you suppose it is likely that they(insurance companies)are stirring the debate with false information?

Anonymous said...

Fair & Balanced! GO FOX!!!

Really? said...

"There should be a war on fox news.. it teaches stupid people it is okay to be ignorant...."

Are you kidding me?

If that was the case your great new president would not be so worried about their comments, now would he?! Who's ignorant?

If that were true then WHY won't he go on Fox now like he did before he was elected? I'll tell you why, because they are keeping us informed of his actions, ya know the one's he making jokes about!

Ya know the ones he said would be open to the public and not behind close doors, even were to be on C-Span, remember that? Do you remember our great "speaker" when he was running for election, guess he was willing to say and do darn near anthing to get elected

Anonymous said...

Socalized Medicine?, What did the second S in USSR stand for? That worked well!!

Anonymous said...

All of you on here who hate socialism, I expect you NOT to take social security and medicare when you are eligible.

Anonymous said...

The effort to strip the profit motive from health insurance dates back to Teddy Roosevelt.

Think it through, this effort actually predates the USSR.

Your comment at 8:33 am is so full of ignorance it'd be amusing, if it weren't so damned dangerous.

But you go ahead and live in ignorance. At least the majority ignorant party here in Potter County PA doesn't have the wherewithall to affect national politics.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the obamanation of the (USSA)The united social states of america ! 9:10 AM I expect you NOT to bitch when you are working for less than minimum wage and standing in a food line!

Anonymous said...

Prepare for Obamageddon

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one to tell you but people have been working for wages that don't cover the basic costs to live a decent lifestyle and they have been standing in food lines and getting food stamps before any of you even knew who Obama was.
If you are so ignorant that you think millionaires making even more money is more important than an average citizen having health care then there really isn't much sense in arguing with you.

Anonymous said...

It is not about everyone getting health care.It is about making everyone that pays for their own also pay for those that won't.And I am sure as #### not in the mood to provide illegals with a health care package,on top of everything else they are milking me for.I for one am starting to dry up!

Anonymous said...


I agree, it isn't just "the rich" that are going to foot the bill for people's health care.

It is every day working class stiffs like most of us.

Have people seen the national debt projections over the next 30 years? It is off the charts.

I don't care how important it is for everyone to have health care, we as a country are out of money to pay for new programs.

If the health care bill is THAT important, they need to cut other less important programs to make room for it in the budget, it that simple.

We can't simply continue to spend money we don't have.

And people call me leftist :)

Damian said...

What a shame that people are able to post anonymously on this site and make threats and allegations.

To the person who thinks that they will be supporting health care for illegals, that is not the case and has been shown repeatedly not to be the case regardless of how many Republicans and FOX Newscasters continue to spread this untruth.

FOX News along with all newscasts need to be fair and unbalanced. They need to report facts without bias and let the public decide for themselves. Unfortunately most of our news journalists have editorial staff that have pushed them into entertainment instead of reporting. They make their money by how many people watch them to get the advertisers to buy commercials. There is no fair reporting anymore.

Anonymous said...

You are dead wrong about the illegals.Under the constitution they are entitled the same as you.When Obama made the claim they wouldn't be covered,he lied.They were even figured in by the finance commitee.The man is a Harvard Law graduate,and the President.You don't think he and all on the hill know this law 101 FACT? I don't think this is some network spinning,it is big government lying.(again)

Vee said...

"All of you on here who hate socialism, I expect you NOT to take social security and medicare when you are eligible."...

You have got to be kidding me.

Just so ya know employees and employers PAY INTO SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE each and every paycheck, GOT THAT?! When you pay into your own account it is your money not someone elses money just what part of that is socialism?

Anonymous said...

I WILL accept Social Security (if it still exists) when I retire. I have been paying 7.5% of my income all my working life and my employer has added 7.5% to that figure specifically for that reason! Think about this. 15% over a lifetime of work is plenty to retire on had it been handled properly. Why should I not expect to be able to draw S.S.?

Without FOX news we would all be in the dark, guys, and even those of you who hate the NEWS organization know it. I suspect you just don't like what you hear so you blame the messenger.

Anonymous said...

October 24, 2009 9:09:00 PM
Well said!

Mud said...

If you are not knowledgable about a specific subject matter and you need to draw a conclusion about who is probably right, just look for the guy mud slinging (birthers), name calling (hitler), and making up facts as they go (death panels).

That guy (fox news) is probably wrong.

If they had a valid message it was lost in the process of completely discrediting themselves.

Anonymous said...

All Fox news does is stir the pot.....

they never report anything with substinence (not sure if most of the readers on here know this word) or value.

If my IQ was 71 I would watch Fox news too!

Really? said...

10:33:00 PM Really? And to whom? You?

The death panels were infact a part of the plan and are infact now removed!
Did you request a copy of the plan?
Did you read a copy of the plan? No?

Obama's approval ratings are down 20%, he did this to himself, he made too many comments and promises when he was running for the position that HE has not kept.

Now this is not any one networks fault, but if he points fingers at Fox News the heat is off of him to answer for his remarks and it is called "smoke & mirrors"! This is a very very old political game done on a daily basis by our paid representatives!

Anonymous said...

GO Fox News! Fair & Balanced!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the last two readers have 71 IQs!

Anonymous said...

Well look at it this way. Obama can not take our rights away everything he offers has to pass Congress and Senate. Dont be early to judge on such trivial bullshit. Do you think Bush did any better? HELL NO! he got us involved in many wars and an attack on American Soil. Most you are just complaining Because you hate the fact a Black Man is in Office. So if you think Obama can take shit away it will be hard for him to do. Now when congress says theyre gonna change the Constitution and Ammendments you Should worry.

Anonymous said...


Did you mean substance?

Guess you better start watching Fox News if you would like your IQ to be as high as mine!

Do not go up against Bill O'Reilly, who by the way is a very educated man if you can not even handle us local's in Potter County!

Mud said...

Dear Mr. Really,

"The death panels were infact a part of the plan and are infact now removed!"

Calling something a fact does make it one.

The death panel confusion you are talking about came from a part of the bill that encourages doctors to ask their patients to have a living will.

This isn't any different than having a living will today. It is optional and what you put in it is your choice. If you change your mind later, you are free to do it.

The first person to read this part of the bill and call it a "Death Panel" was Betsy McCaughey who debated John Stewart on the issue in this video.

Sarah Palin, knowing none of these details past "death panel" posted on her facebook page saying the death panels were going to kill her autistic baby. This is a lie. why? Well because the parent/guardian of the child if her baby were to be on life support for any reason, the decision to sustain life would be Sarah's and if she chose to do so that is exactly what would happen.

Next. I think it is important to remind you that every day people who have illness are dropped by private insurance companies, frequently at the times they most need insurance. Not only that, insurance companies today have people on staff that will look over peoples insurance policies when it is discovered that they have an illness and try to cancel them over a pre-existing condition. There are people who discover they have cancer only to have their insurance companies drop them saying they lied about their weight on the application or something.

The people that did this for the insurance companies were given bonus based on how many loss generating insurance policies they were able to drop. One employee actually testified of this practice to the supreme court and if you need proof I would be able to locate it for you. THIS is far closer to what I would describe as a death panel than the new bill.

The new bill would actually outlaw this practice of simply canceling policies of the sick, so the "death panels" actually go away under the new policy, not the other way around.

Now, to your point about this part being removed from the bill. It probably has. Because so many do not fact check their information and the refusal of the republican party to give reliable information on the matter it wouldn't surprise me if they did just remove the portion that encourages people to have a living will. It would be easier than trying to get fox news and Sarah Palin to give corrected information.

Having seen what the "death panels" actually are you should feel deceived by the organizations you trust for news, but instead we will go on name calling and being petty instead of using this opportunity to make much needed changes to the bill.

No need to take in the information I gave though, just keep walking around telling people the new bill has "death panels" and wondering why our government is so dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

As far as insurance reform goes, why shouldn't everyone have to have it? If you don't have it (and pay for it), and you go to the emergency room, they MUST TREAT YOU. Guess who pays for it? Everybody else. Obama and all the other people who want to make it fair for everyone support this. Who is against it? And why?

I'm glad to see McKean County is finally getting a Tea Party group up and running. With all the other Retard Redneck happenings around here, it's nice that they won't be left behind. Good luck demanding your 'rights' and 'constitutional guarantees of freedom' from the gummint. Make sure you take your hoods with you to the meeting, you can wipe your guns down with them before you get home.

Anonymous said...

@10:30 72, still higher than U!

Really? said...

John Stewart the comedian? You use him for your information, figures!

I agree with the Federal Government reforming the insurance industry, that is it! No unified health care, we have enough welfare recipients as it is! Blue Cross needs some competition and should never ever have been allowed to corner the market in PA, or any other state for that matter.

The "death panels" went just a tad bit deeper than a "living will", sorry you missed that part! Just keep on listening to a comedian for your political information, would hate you to miss out on anything important!

Go Fox News!

Mud said...

Mr Really.

It was Betsy McCaughey that made the claim and she was in the video too. If she got destroyed in a debate by a "comedian" that is her problem.

The actual bill is House Bill 3200 and can be found here

The "death panel" section (as given by Betsy McCaughey who originially made the claim) is between page 425 and 432 under "Advance Care Planning Consultation" and you are free to read it.

If you need additional sources (besides the actual printed bill?), here is a link giving 40+ media reports debunking false claims of "death panels," euthanasia.

Yes, Stewart is a comedian by trade, but he calls it like it is as many commedians tend to do and that was a debate, not a stand up comedy routine.

I don't care why else you don't want to support the bill, I don't even support the bill. We are talking about death panels and I won't let you worm out of backing up up your false claim.

I believe I have given credible information supporting my case and now it is your turn to support your position with facts or retract your statement.

Anonymous said...

Go sling it mud you are totally right.Obama is the best thing that ever happened to this country in my hillbilly redneck mind!I bet he will have most things that Bush totally srewed up turned around in the right direction before the end of his first term.It is about time this country has universal health care,It is the only civil thing to do.As far as socialism is concerned I am all for it and I think people should pay there fare share of taxes esp if they make a lot of money.GO MUD!

Anonymous said...

"As far as socialism is concerned I am all for it and I think people should pay there fare share of taxes esp if they make a lot of money"...

And what about the one's that can work and will not work because there is not need to as long as OTHERS are willing to work and end up paying for their share too?

Mud said...


I was too distracted trying to read your post by the sarcasm alarm next to my desk making a bunch of noise.

I am not a socialist, I just think that Fox news (and others) often compromise journalistic integrity for the sole gain of ad sales and it's a complete disservice to the people of both major parties.

Anonymous said...

Insurance companies put way too much money into politics for anything to be done with health care. Government insurance all the way!! Socialist? YEP, it works very good in other countries, and people have good health care, and it's cheap. Get out, take a trip to Europe, Russia, Asia, see what goes on in the world. See their system, government health care, government education, in some places FREE college, then take a good look at how we are and have been getting screwed all these years. Then you will know why all the foreign people come here, work, and retire in their native country,why many countries hate the U.S. and capitolism.