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Learn IRA Basics, new 2020 rules for IRAs, and answers to frequently asked IRA questions at JAVA with JVB, on Tuesday, February 25, at 12:15 pm, at the JVB Coudersport office on East Second Street. Light refreshments will be served along with Java, of course! See you there!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

“I took action because I thought he could head-butt me,”

McKean County Sheriff explains rough arrest of 86-year-old

SMETHPORT, Pa. - McKean County Sheriff Bradley Mason said that a June 2008 altercation between him and an elderly Rew-area man has nothing to do with the fact that the man is a veteran.

The sheriff said it does have everything to do with a man who was belligerent and violent toward the sheriff and officers while at the McKean County Jail on June 26, 2008.

Sheriff Mason spoke Thursday after a surveillance-camera video of an altercation between himself and Lester Watson, now 87, in the jail parking lot recently appeared on YouTube. More...

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Jack Straw said...

Now it is "I thought he COULD headbutt me"

"The sheriff said he went outside to see why Mr. Watson was so upset and what could be done to help him."

"The situation took officers and the sheriff outside of the jail and created a security issue, Sheriff Mason said."

Either the Sheriff went outside of his own will or the situation brought out the sheriff and his posse, it can't be both.

I would also question the legal constitutionality of refusing to accept the legal money of account, legal tender, for the bail.

Is not the bail $10,000 DOLLARS or is it written as a bank check or draft for $10,000, they are different things under the law.

stay tuned for the apology......

Anonymous said...

The next thing you know, he'll be saying he thought he saw a weapon

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Watson tried to pay the $10,000 bail in cash but the sheriff’s department has a policy of not taking cash, Sheriff Mason said. Mr. Watson has been told this before"

The plot thickens. This changes my perception of the situation some.

The Sherif may have been a bit harsh by not trying hard enough to defuse the situation, but I don't believe the man should be able to sue to the police force for injuries he sustained as he was clearly a willing participant in the altercation.

Anonymous said...

what would grampa think....

Anonymous said...

Saturday, October 3, 2009 9:31:00 PM EDT

willing? willing participant?
please mr sherrife come and hold me against my will and take me to jail,,,, i am willing....

please sir what are you thinking???

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish you could have heard what was being said?

Anonymous said...

This is just plain rediculous. I could see if the man approached him and was being aggressive however the poor old man, regardless of history, was leaving the facility. When they came out and must have said something to him to require him to turn around TWICE. if they would have just stayed inside and let him leave none of this would have occurred.

I hate to say it but this sheriff over stepped his bounds and it is rediculous. He needs to be sued and be out of a job. There is no need for men like this in our justice system if they themselves cannot uphold the laws.

Get over yourself and resign!! You do not need to be in the position you are in.

And we wonder why there was a big ole brawl at the jail recently. Hmm with leaders like this, it makes the reason obvious. If he can do this to a lil old man, he can sure do this to the criminals in the jail.

Anonymous said...

makes one wonder..what goes on w/out the cameras...
this sheriff needed to not lose his cool...he should be accountable for his actions.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff could have just walked away and went back inside. He didn't have to dump gasoline on the situation by going outside and then confronting him. Where's common sense gone?

Anonymous said...

They set bail in Dollars,
Why cant he pay in Dollars.

Can I not pay my traffic ticket in dollars?

You would think it would be safe in the hands of the sheriff, until it gets deposited.

It should not be his problem if the Sheriff has no policy in place to handle cash.

Suppose a person does not have a bank account?

Anonymous said...

every time i go into this site to check things out because this is the best site to go to for information in the area.i see this site about this so called sherriff of mckean county his story changes.seems to me this guy for being in law inforcement should gets his facts straight first. befor he runs his mouth to the public if he wants to be voted in again as the high sherriff.maybe that is what caused all this to begin with the power went to his head.if we changed our storys as much as he has we whould be charged with false statement to law inforcement.why is this guy any different.owe maybe its his power.WHAT A JOKE FOR A SHERRIFF

Anonymous said...

the policy is stated not to recieve cash payment because, if you hand over a large ammount of cash. Do you honestly think it will go where it needs to go? No them idiot guards would pocket it. Thats why the policy is there. There is no trust in these people. They will steal from you in any chance they get thats why the policy is enforced.

Anonymous said...

If he was so abusive inside, why was he not arrested inside?

It should have ended when he left the building.

If this gets to a jury, this ends with alot of zeros on a check. imho

Anonymous said...

I do not believe Mr. Mason changed his story, he is a good, decent man that has more integrity than a majority of you hicks that set back and complain about how life has treated you badly and it is always the governments fault. Grow up and get a life. Just because Brad is trying to uphold the law and protect jerks like this old man he should not be persecuted. You are pathetic, and I don't even live in McKean county!!! Oh, I have know Brad and many of you all my life, just in case you go off on a tyraid about not knowing what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a badge...I want to be a little big man too! LOL

Anonymous said...

well sheriff, I see you made some friends for yourself now.

Anonymous said...

It may be their "policy" not to accept cash dollars.

But is it legal to prohibit someone who wants to use the money the government has given us to use to pay?

Where is Gerry spence when you need him?

Knoxville,TN said...

Anonymous Oct 4 @ 11:32 am;

It sounds to me, by your post, that you may be the kind of person who would steal from your friends and neighbors, but please don’t lump the hard working people from the McKean County Sheriff’s office in the same category as you.

I just want to remind you people that you DO NOT have all of the facts surrounding this case. What you do have is a very slanted one-sided article in a local newspaper and a soundless video both which are meant to inflame public opinion and sell newspapers. Obviously, it is working. One would have to ask why the Bradford Era removed from their on-line site Sheriff Mason’s explanation of what transpired that day and continued to have available Mr. Watson’s account.

I too am like Anonymous Oct 4 @ 1:10 pm. I no longer live in the area, but I have known Brad Mason most of my life. Brad and I graduated high school together and even back then he frequently talked about being in law enforcement. So, I want to ask you this question. Do you honestly think that someone who wanted to be in law enforcement for so long would do something so erroneous and jeopardize their career? If Sheriff Mason felt for one second there was a better way to control the situation, I strongly feel he would have done so.

You people should seek the truth and not be blindly led around by people with a possible hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...


Serve and protect.


Harass and detain.

Welcome to your new USA.
Land of the Free*

*Land of the Free is a trademark registered by the USA. Land of the Free does not indicate actual presence of citizen freedoms or rights. Void where prohibited. Tax and conditions may apply. Offer not valid at all locations and subject to change.

Anonymous said...

i strongly disagree with 5;38pm edt you might have went to school with brad mason or you two have been friends for all thoes years.But have you ever payed attion in school when your teacher told you people change over the years.You are one of them guys that whould steal off your mom or dad.Your so called friend is on film where he pushed this little old guy first.So in my book this brad mason so called sherriff should have known thier were cameras on him don't you think? he works thier DAAAH---------HE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE his power went to his ead.

Anonymous said...

We really have no clue what went on inside, so lets not judge the sheriff. Some people are just out of control sometimes and since we dont really know what either of them were saying, by the looks of it the older man should not have gotten in the sheriff's face.

Anonymous said...

If something went on inside that was unlawful then the old man shouldnt have been let outside. Since he was, he should have been let go. Stupid sheriff didnt have to follow him but no instead of biting his tongue because this old man was getting the better of him he lashed out. Enjoy your time off sheriff. =0)

Knoxville, TN said...

In response to Anonymous Oct 5 @ 8:03 am;
There are some statements/assumptions made in your post directed at me which I would like to address just to prove how easy it is to formulate opinions without knowing all of the facts of a particular case or situation.

Statement: “you might have went to school with brad mason or you two have been friends for all thoes years. But have you ever payed attion in school when your teacher told you people change over the years.”

Facts: I did go to school with Sheriff Mason. We graduated together June 6, 1980 at Otto-Eldred High School. Furthermore, I did pay attention during my school years, obviously by your post, a lot more than you. Yes some people, if not most, do change over the course of their lifetime, and Sheriff Mason is no exception. However, he is not the bully or power monger some people, including you, are making him out to be.

Assumption: “You are one of them guys that whould steal off your mom or dad.”

Facts: What make you so sure that I am a guy? No were in my post did I give any indication as to what gender I am. Yet you take it upon yourself, without knowing all of the facts, and come to the conclusion that I am a guy. You also conclude that I have no morals and would steal from my parents. Just so you know my father died in 2001. I can’t think of anything I can take from him. Can you? As for my mother, well she resides in a nursing facility in the area. But you are right about me stealing from her. Since I live so far away, when I come to visit, I steal as much time from her as I can.

As for the sheriff knowing the whereabouts of the security cameras, I am very sure he aware of their locations. Yet the sheriff did not let that deter him from doing his job.

See how easy it is to think you know all about something when you don’t have all of the facts. People can and will sit there all day long and tell you how they would handle a serious situation. But the simple truth is you don’t know how you will react until you are faced with something for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what happened inside.. or even outside at this point. The fact is this guy was charged orginally for punching the sheriff in the chest. That turned into head butting, then his hat bumped his head, and now he thought he could head butt him....
Fact is fact... the guy is changing his story over and over.
If we changed our story to the police like that we would be arrested for making a false statement.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. And I say the old man ran his mouth when he shouldn't have. I think there is no respect for authority anymore. If I ran my mouth to my father growing up, it would be delt with swiftly and I'd learn a lesson from it. So you people can cry and be outraged. You can put yourselves in "time out" and boo hoo hoo all day over the "little big man" sheriff and his scuffle in the parking lot. He was there to bail out his daughter was it? I can only imagine what she's locked up for.

Anonymous said...

Well folks I had the honor of getting a call early one morning about bailing a friend out of jail in Olean. Guess what, they only take cash and you are given a reciept. Why would you not take cash. Guess maybe a bad check could get you out of jail in Mckean county.

Anonymous said...

well the way i see it is the older guy is leaving and Brad goes to him. There are two deputy's Rick Austin and I don't see who the other guy is but the older guy should not have been push around. Why is this tape for the public to see. I think he should step down if he goes after a older man.