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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Letter To The Editor........Opinion

Think Before You Vote

Next week the citizens of Potter County will be exercising their right to vote for the candidates of their choice for various county, state and federal offices. One of these offices is for Potter County Judge.

This is an office that affects the lives of every resident in our county, and I urge all of us not to be complacent, but to take this opportunity to make sure that our rights are being protected by voting on November 3.

When you vote, think carefully about the candidates. Do you want someone who is knowledgeable, fair, honest and compassionate... or someone who ignores points of law, evidence in the field, testimony of expert witnesses, standards of the survey industry and "twists" the law to their advantage as happened to me and my family in the present court, ignoring the evidence to "surmise" what two people long-dead had in mind when they divided a parcel of land over a hundred years ago.

"Surmise" - is this the kind of judge we want? Or do we want a judge who looks at facts, evidence, points of law and renders a fair and just ruling?

Many of you are aware of what happened to my family in our present court: a ruling that not only destroyed a home and placed enormous financial burdens on us, but also seriously impaired a family relationship.

Consider carefully the views of our candidates before you vote. But please take the time to go out and vote. It is so important.

Jerry Eckert


Anonymous said...

Who was the judge in this case?

Damian said...

What a biased piece of exposition. I agree with you that everyone needs to go vote, and that those who don't have no right to complain. But man do you have a negative tone here.

Anonymous said...

This should be good for 100+

Anonymous said...

This is a blatant attack on one candidate to anyone who knows the background. A below the belt kick in the groin and an unveiled attempt to manipulate an election.
Jerry, you are used to throwing your considerable weight around and getting your own way. You LOST in court. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

If you read the case notes you would understand the "negative tone"

Agree 100% said...

I am with you 100% on your statement Jerry, this should have NEVER EVER happened in our State let alone our county.

This has opened a very large can of worms as far as I am concerned. Does this mean none of our certified surveys are any good, will they hold water? Who knows now. Dan helped a land thief from Galeton take something that was not his and he knew it when he purchased the adjoining property.

Did Jerry or the Dean family get back any of the property tax money they paid on this property for years? If not then they should be due a refund and the proud owner of someone else's land has some past due property taxes to pay!

Anonymous said...

After these 2 articles, I am going to drum up as many votes for Dan as I can.

Mud said...

I was not familiar with the case before reading this letter, but I found some background on it here.

I honestly believe if you have a problem with the judgment passed you should take it up with the judge rather than the other parties attorney.

If you are in the right then it is the responsibility of a higher court to overthrow the decision through the appeal process. I don't know the details, but I will assume that did not happen.

Doing what is popular is easy, making the right decision even when it isn't popular is not easy.

I support Minor in this election, but not becasue Dan chose to represent a client in an unpopular case.

cheap shot is cheap

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a boxing match with Jerry Eckert.... anyone wanna watch?

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in the past in Odin with one of my families members also.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I am really glad Jerry refreshed my memory of his past problem, but, hey, doesn't really effect my decision......there isn't anyone running I would actually choose for a judge, Sorry.

Anonymous said...

To poster 9:44 , Good Luck Drumming up votes. You are going to need more than just the "Families" votes.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the appeals court didn't see it your way. This is why we have a court system. My vote is going for Dan and I'm not impressed by these tactics or the big stunt pulled before the primary. I hope people see through this manure.

Anonymous said...

Good job Jerry. What happened to you was ridicilous. I'm behind you 100%. And yes he lost and no he shouldn't get over it. Herry has a right to be angry. And I would have a negative tone if I were him.

Anonymous said...

well poster 10:05, just because you probably like steve minor, He has drummed up my vote...

Anonymous said...

Think before you vote is absolutely right.

Just be clear.



You shouldn't:

Think whatever some angry biased guy w/ an internet connection tells you to think before you vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in Joe Beak Renko!

Anonymous said...

I just don't get all the negative publicity for Dan Glassmire, even the Leader chose to run a a negative article instead of lining up the candidates side by side so folks who are undecided can base their choice on FACTS and not sour grapes. Is there anywhere out there published what each candidates education, case win/loss mix, awards, etc.... so people can really see how they each line up. It sounds like Dan really had a lot of KNOWLEDGE of the law in this case. Remember a judge doesn't have to agree with the law, just enforce it.

Anonymous said...

VOTE FOR STEVE MINOR HE IS THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jackson Howell is also running as a right in :>)

Anonymous said...

12:58 PM--

I'm with you, I would like to see more side by side comparisons. As far as the win/loss records in court it's my understanding that Minor has minimal trial experience, whereas Glassmire has a lot. So doing such a side by side comparison would be pretty difficult to do.

I don't necessarily have a dog in this race, but I want the voters to vote based on facts, not on biased media (Potter Leader Enterprise) and vicious attacks (this Eckert guy), which seem to be pretty effective come election time in Potter County (it seemed like a lot of bull to me—Glassmire represented his client and won, and the Appeals Court agreed with the decision—case closed!).

Here is some factual information on the candidates' education:

Steve Minor received his law degree from the Oral Roberts University School of Law in Tulsa, Okalahoma. It's named after its founder, a popular evangelist minister and is considered the largest charismatic Christian university in the world. If you have not heard of the Oral Roberts University Law School, it’s probably because it was shut down in 1986, apparently the year Mr. Minor received his law degree from it.

Dan Glassmire received his law degree from the John Marshall School of Law in Chicago, Illinois. It's named after the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year. U.S. News & World Report ranked it one of the best Law Schools in the USA this year.

A lot of information can be found on the internet about both of these law schools, if you are interested in learning more.

Please voters--get to know the candidates; talk to them about what's important to you; & vote for the right reasons on November 3rd instead of basing your votes on biased media reports or what individuals with an axe to grind are saying on a soap box. Potter County's future deserves much more than that.

May the best future judge of Potter County win, not necessarily the best politician!

Roger S.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Roger.

Anonymous said...

I never comment, but I confess I read them. Thanks, Roger for standing up to the Potter Leader Enterprise, what a great newspaper that once was. I canceled my subscription to it about a year ago after I found Solomon's and the Endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Steve is a much better politician than Dan, but hey that's how the world works. Haven't you learned that by now. The best politician will win as usual. Somehow he the Potter Leader Enterprise in his court.

Anonymous said...

The only negative campaigning I have seen has been by Dan Glassmire... I have seen all of the Ads in the newspaper and Steve Minor has not taken one shot at Dan Glassmire... which would be easy to do... Dan Glassmire has only run negative ads which have consisted of half truths and irrelevant information. If this would be a race based on Charachter I know who I would vote for... everyone can have a drink on me

Anonymous said...

OR University sold the law school to Regent University
in Virginia Beach. It still operates. Why dont you compare win loss records. Minor is an exceptional Lawyer with a tremendous record. Have Glassmire and Minor ever been against each other? Maybe that result would solve this bickering. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Oral Roberts University's Law School was sold to Pat Robertson's Regent University? I wonder how much Roberston bought it for?

I understand the Oral Roberts Law School library ended up at Regent. For awhile didn't a huge % of Regent Law School grads have a really tough time passing state bar 50% or more? I've heard it's a pretty good law school these days.

I would very much like to hear about Minor's tremendous record compared to Glassmire's. I agree it would solve the bickering.

I hope people vote based on facts, not on conjecture which there appears to be a lot of on here.