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Friday, October 23, 2009

More Illegal Dumping Of Trash In Potter County

Illegal Dumping
The economy is taking a toll on legal garbage disposal. Troopers report another incident of unknown actor(s) disposing of household trash in places they shouldn't.

This time someone left five tidy cat litter containers in a ditch off the east side of Route 44, 1 mile south of Cherry Springs State Park in West Branch Township between 10-18-09 and 10-19-09.

Potter County's disposal fees are reported to the highest in this part of the country, but still cheaper than the fine for illegal dumping.


Mr Realistic said...

I hjave a hard time believing that the fees are too much for people. just this morning I hauled a truckload of 12 bags of garbage to the dump in Gold and it cost me only $6.

Anonymous said...

i agree with 12:28 i take mine to gold to and it doesn't cost that much. there are people who just don't care. they are not the ones who have to clean up the messes.

Anonymous said...

Hauling your own trash to gold is the only way to go.Hell in Austin 12 bags will cost you $45.00

Chelle Bell said...

to Mr. Realistic and anonymous #1: Rather than judging people perhaps, you should think. I know that if I had a choice between paying trash and feeding my family, I would choose the latter. We all have to make sacrifices somewhere and for some, paying for trash removal is not on the top of their lists, heat and food are. Since; however, you seem to find it so easy, here is a novel idea - help those who find it necessary to do this. You are already taking the trip, why not find out if neighbors need their trash removed as well. Second novel idea, RECYCLE everything possible, cans, glass, etc., use washable diapers and stop filling the landfills with trash. Most trash isn't trash at all, but totally recyclable leaving NO TRASH! Walk a mile in someones shoes prior to judging them, you may find their life to not be so easy!

Ugotta B Kiddin said...

Chelle have a very good point. Can I drop all of my trash off at your house for recyclable sorting? So tell do you recycle that cat litter????

Anonymous said...

I thought littering was recycling. Putting back into the earth what was pulled from the Earth at some point in time.

Anonymous said...

are any of you thinking about how throwing your trash along the road makes our country look and the cost to clean these messes up. my husband and i are on a fixed income but we would not think of throwing our trash along the road i wouldn't want someone else cleaning up my mess.this is a funny matter like some of you seem to nasty.

Chelle Bell said...

Ugotta B. Kiddin - well, If you wish to drive to Centre County, I might consider it, but no dumping in my yard. It is easy to recycle. It honestly is! One can/bag for each, throw each in the appropriate bag and voila, no sorting! Cat litter is made from clay, the best way to recycle it is to dump it. I don't consider cat litter to be garbage. The poop makes excellent compost!

Anonymous #1: no littering is not recycling. In fact if you watch the ppl picking up litter you'll see that they recycle nothing. So much for cleaning up PA.

Anonymous #2: I'm obviously not making a joke out of this. I'm simply looking at it REALISTICALLY. Some ppl cannot afford trash pick-up, you obviously are lucky. Trash pick-up costs have soared since gas prices went up. The trucks are probably diesel, the companies could think of converting them to run on vegetable oil, reuse the oil from the restaurants in the towns they serve and it would cost them NOTHING to run those trucks, then they could bring the costs down. Will they? No. Why, it means they would have to figure out how to do it...hint, strain the oil and put it in. Hard, huh.? That is all that is necessary, but there is a conversion kit if you wish to spend the $.
In the end, it is like this. This is not just a Potter County problem. Drive throughout the state once, you'll see that it is everywhere and is getting more and more frequent. Do I like to see it? No. Is it preventable? Yes, recycle and you have no trash. If you are going to take your trash to Gold anyway, offer to take neighbor's trash with you. There are a lot of options other than bitching on the Internet. I remember a country that believed that helping the fellow man out was the right thing to do. I lived there. But then time went on and it became what we are left with. A bunch of opinionated selfish self righteous assholes. I choose to be above that and I am NOT Christian. Anti-thiest, actually and proud not to be linked with "God Fearing" folks that seem to like to go against their own Bible, their own teachings, and judge others and run their mouth acting as if they are perfect. Sadly, those are the ones that stink the worst.

Anonymous said...

Keep Pennsylvania beautiful---litter in New York!!

Anonymous said...

chelle bell
Yes i do feel lucky. i do help my neighbors as much as i can.i am not a selfish person. but why help people that won't help themselves.and no i am not perfect never claimed to be.but that has nothing to do with what is right. maybe what they need to do is raise the cost of the fines for littering.and people would think twice about dumping garbage

Chelle Bell said...

to the last Anonymous: because some people cannot help themselves. Look beyond that book cover and find out WHY? Fibromyalgia, for instance...on the outside they look as healthy as anyone else, inside they feel like they have the first day of the flu most days, achy from head to toe. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, look healthy, but have NO energy to do anything. Depression, same as chronic fatigue. Bipolar Affective Disorder, lots of energy, but NO organization skills and are incapable of such. Look beyond that book cover!
3:08 am....landfills are filling up quickly REGARDLESS of the state and if this trend continues this country will be nothing more than garbage! RECYCLE - it's FREE!