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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open Arms Newsletter--Bradford, PA

Hi everybody!

What beautiful weather we are having! It's quite a difference from
this time last week!

Well, we had our last week of Smart Living last Sunday. So this week
we start our new series called, "Activate." Smart Living was the foot
work. During activate we will take what we have learned in Smart
Living and activate it!! Part one is called: Making the Dream a

Next week (October 26th through 30th) is our week of prayer and
fasting. Think of something to sacrificially give up and spend that
time praying for the church, communtiy and the needs you are aware of.

Ending our week of prayer and fasting is our Last Friday Prayer and
Praise service. This is to be held on October 30th at the church.
Join us to worship the Lord, take communion, and pray for ministry
needs and the needs of our community.

Trunk 'r Treat!!! This is held on halloween night during the hours of
trick or treating. Bring your decorated car, trunk full of candy and
your family to the Grace Luthern church parking lot. There will also
be games inside the Community Life Center. The decorating theme is
Children's Stories.

OK, that's it for now! Have a great weekend! God Bless!
Open Arms Community Church
1289 East Main Street
Bradford, PA 16701


Anonymous said...

"and pray for ministry needs and the needs of our community."

I read that as: "Collect donations"

Not that donations are a bad thing, I am just wondering what it means.

I am curious though, the Catholic church has been accused of covering up allegations of sexual abuse by children.

They spent what is estimated to be millions of dollars to fight to have records of sexual abuse sealed from the public and just recently lost a case in the supreme court forcing them to unseal the records.

Many of the trusted members of the church who committed these horrible acts were simply moved to other perishes while the church hid their crimes from the world.

It is obvious that the priests who committed these crimes were acting as individuals, but how can it be the official position of the church to simply move them to another perish where they continued to abuse children and then spend millions of dollars in donations to the church in legal fees to cover up this actions?

What is your opinion on it? Why are people within the christian community allowing this behavior from an organization that claims to be the authority on morals?

joshhatcher said...

I think that what happened in the Catholic Church is a travesty and a horrible shame.

I'm not "Catholic Bashing"... please don't misunderstand me...

But i think that the nature of the organization in the past created an environment with little to no accountability for those serving in ministry, and created a culture that ascribed too much power to those in ministry, allowing for these thigns to happen.

Power + NO accountability = Disaster.

I fully agree that communities should not stand for cover-ups when it comes to sexual abuse. They should not stand by idly as organizations shuffle child molestors to other parishes.

At the same time, sexual abuse could happen ANYWHERE. And I think that we all need to be vigilant to protect our kids from opportunities for sexual abuse, and we need to make sure that justice is done fairly for offenders, with every effort being made for offenders to get rehabilitation.

As for "praying for ministry needs"... since Open Arms is my church, I can speak authoritatively here...

Sure. it costs money to operate an organization. in fact, the church used to pay me, until the economy tanked, and then they had to lay me off.

But "praying for ministry needs" is not asking for donations. It's a time for the people of our church to pray for God to provide for our needs, and for the needs in our community.

Yes, we do ask the members of our church to support the ministry by giving financially at the end of each of our church services. We ask them to help with special needs sometimes. At the Prayer Service that is being mentioned above, no pleas for donations are made.

But I assure you, no one at our church is living high off the hog on the donations that we receive. We do a lot of good in our community, helping to meet a lot of needs, and making the community a better place to live, and that costs money.

We also use technology to broadcast our services over the internet. Our podcast gets listeners from every continent. That costs money.

I think people expect pastors and church staff to live in abject poverty. I don't think they should be filthy rich, but I think that a pastor should be able to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

good for you JOsh