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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PA To Save $$ By Exporting Prison Inmates?

Rendell May Send Prisoners to Michigan

McCall's Blogs

Here's A Closer Look ...
... at a story we first brought you last week on how Pennsylvania may send some of it's prison inmates out of state to ease a massive space crunch. It was to have run in Big Paper, but it was preempted. We thought it was still worth your attention.

With Its Prisons Bursting At The Seams ...
...the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is taking a serious look at shipping as many as 1,500 prisoners out of state as a way to ease overcrowding in its 27 correctional institutions. More...


Anonymous said...

I think we should outsource prisons to Mexico.

It costs 50k a year per prisoner and more than 1% of our population is in prison.

Mexicans are entering the US illegally for work and many of them end up in the system.

By outsourcing prisons to Mexico we could drastically cut costs and provide jobs to Mexicans looking for work as a disincentive to entering the US illegally.

Anonymous said...

Well unless it would create 11+ million jobs (estimated number of illegals in the US) not such a great idea. It's about time to bring back the chain gang get some of our money out of them. Hire twice as many gaurds and work the prisoners 12 hour shifts and let them share bunks. we could house twice as many.

Anonymous said...

What would they make? But in principal, I agree.

Working would probably be good for them, and while they can't be forced to do it, the prisoners that don't want to work could just be given fewer perks than the ones that do.

In either case, there are 7.6 million people in prison at a cost of ~ 50k/year for a total of 360 billion each year.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with this idea of sending prisoners to Michigan as long as our corrections officers do not lose their jobs!

As long as the money saved does not get pissed away on some "new" brain storm of another appointed job for one of Rendells buddies!

Anonymous said...

Potter County can hold up to 70+, but they would have to hire a few more. Even tho' the cost would be far more than just offset(read: profit) by the money the state pays to house them, you'll never see it with those in office now. God forbid they do something that makes some sense.

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea ... send the prisioners to D.C.

Anonymous said...

Legalize marijuana! send the non violent prisoners home (marijuana offenses) and then tax the hell out of marijuana.

Oh, wait, then all those huge companies that own private prisons and provide the prisons with towels/food/soap/clothing will lose profits..hmmmm no wonder they lobby for stiffer marijuana sentences.

Wake up people it's all a damn scamn, and at the end of the day it's all about the money.

Marijuana being illegal just makes too may people too much money...hell even the drug dealers want it to stay illegal, the corrections officers find job security in it, same as the police who confiscate property/seize homes, the corporations providing the prisons with soaps/towels...the list goes on and on...

As for shipping Americans to another country...sorry, but that is just so wrong in so many ways. Did you even stop to think for one second that we would no longer have control over them? they'd be in another country governed by their laws!

Anonymous said...

Poster 8:24 you forgot one thing. Prescription companies would lose profit if marijuana was legal. Doctors would lose money on prescriptions that they sponsor. As long as they are flooding the drug market with prescription drugs they do not want recreational drugs to ruin their profits. These are your lobbyists the doctors and private owned prescription makers. ask Pfizer if they would be willing to legalize marijuana or Lilly or Merck.

Anonymous said...

8:53 I agree completely...as I said the list goes on and on...there is just too much profit for too many people with marijuana being illegal.

Anonymous said...

8:24 and 8:53 you're dead on. non-violent's should be released. its not worth it when rehab is a cheaper alternative....

Anonymous said...

8:24 and 8:53 you're dead on. non-violent's should be released. its not worth it when rehab is a cheaper alternative....

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about the credibility of this source, but if true the statistic is interesting.

49% of US Federal prison population due to War on Drugs

Anonymous said...

I got a few questions. How many people do you hear about being incarcerated for sales of Oxycontin or Vicoden? Do you hear about more incarcerated Marijuana Convictions over these 2 Harmful/Possibly Deadly Narcotics?
Last but not least. Show me Statistics on how many Marijuana Smokers actually die from Overdosing on Marijuana over the amount of Overdoses brought on by Oxycontins and Vicodens.

Anonymous said...

The article actually stated that 49% of the growth is due to the war on drugs.

Regardless, that is unacceptable.

Private prisons use prisoners to work for less than any 3rd world country wage, meanwhile our nation's children suffer as their parents are incarcerated because of non violent crimes.

It's a snowball effect brought on by greed...and it is our society that suffers.

We The People must stop this craziness...our country is going broke as corruption runs rampant in our government, all the while the rich keep getting richer as they exploit us by every damn means they can, from health care to the prison system...everyday we lose more and more rights and become the sheep that feed the rich man's pockets!

What can we do about it?

We can start by discussing the issues respectfully and peacefully.

I see controversy in this blog everyday...controversy over who says what and who agrees with what they say.

It doesn't have to be that way. We can agree to disagree, whether it is at a town meeting or here on solomon's...we need to have an open dialogue, accept that you will not agree with everyone's opinion, but still respect it. Make your counter argument, but try to do it respectfully and without name calling.

Once we can do that, we can truly come together and actually start making something positive happen for us, our people and our country.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Thank you to the last post. I couldn't agree more. Lets use these pages for positive results.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say respectfully that I totally disagree with everyone who has posted that we should legalize drugs, including marijuana. Illegal drugs are dangerous and have been responsible for much of the unraveling of the fabric of our society. I think we should send inmates to Michigan, especially Detroit, as long as it is guaranteed that they can't come back.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:33 your brother/sister/father/mother just got arrested...looks like they may be innocent...but they may be guilty, hard to say.

*7 months later*
Well 3:33, despite testimony to the contrary of the charges levied against your brother/sister/father/mother a jury of their peers found them guilty....

I hope you don't mind the drive to Michigan...but meh why worry? they're in Detroit and not coming back!

Anonymous said...

You can hardly even freaking call marijuana a drug!

It's been proven to not cause the side effects this government would lead to to believe.

Hey 3:33, tell me...how much marijuana have you used in your lifetime? Tell me how much do you really know about it? and I'm not talking about what you see on tv, or learned from your teacher....I mean real experience.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to post a hundred links here that factually dispute what 3:33 has said, however lets begin with just one.

Here is a link that gives factual information about marijuana, a Fact vs. Myth.


Anonymous said...

If the "druggies" want to "experiment" with drugs, why not use them as human guinea pigs?

You know: The flu, AIDS, weight loss, etc drugs.

Anonymous said...

To 4:55 "real life experience" isnt necessary to know the down side of something. Ive never had cancer and Im not willing to "try it" just to see if what Ive been told is correct.

Pot might not be bad in your eyes but when the pot addict breaks into my camp to steal stuff to buy more pot then Id have to say keep it illegal and prosecute all drug users.

Anonymous said...

well my opinion on this is instead of paying Michigan build a few more prisons here in Pennsylvania and keep the jobs here

Anonymous said...

Why build more prisions in PA when Detriot has all those car plants sitting idle/empty.

Reduse/Reuse/Recycle Covert the factories into prisions. Think of the enviroment.

Snot said...


"when the pot addict breaks into my camp to steal stuff to buy more pot then Id have to say keep it illegal and prosecute all drug users."

It is clear you have no experience and little knowledge of Marijuana simply becasue you said that.

I smoked marijuana once upon a time and quit one day becasue I just felt like it, I never looked back and I didn't feel the drug was addicting at all for me.

I also know several people addicted to cigarettes that said pretty much the same thing about marijuana. They are unable to quit smoking cigarettes but dropped marijuana like it was going out of style and never once had trouble walking away.

In real life marijuana has proven to be far less addictive than cigarettes or alcohol.

While cigarette smokers do not typically get intoxicated, Alcohol has proven to be far more dangerous.

There was also a fairly large study that concluded smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like cigarettes do.

Lastly, marijuana is generally available to anyone why wants it today. If people were going to ignore the law and break into your camp to pay for marijuana what makes you think threat of being charged with possession of marijuana is what is stopping them?

This would be like someone standing there about ready to murder a person saying to themselves "wait, I think I have to be more than 500 feet from a road to discharge this firearm".

Snot said...


smoking marijuana does not* cause lung cancer like cigarettes do.

Anonymous said...

We need to figure out why the US has the highest % incarcerated population.

Land of the Free?

Anonymous said...

Ok Show me one person who broke into a camp to steal money for marijuana. Sorry I do not believe that. You make it sound like Pot Smokers are similar to crackheads, methheads and junkies. Them are the people who'll rob you on site, even with you watching. Marijuana smokers well they are too relaxed for stupid shit like that. I am sorry but when you smoke these other CHEMICALS you get the effect of chasing the Stem. Smoking weed the user does not chase the stem. What this means is a POTHEAD smokes a bowl or joint theyre high for a few hours. A CRACKHEAD or METHHEAD Smokes a stem 10 minutes later theyre trying to smoke some more. So tell me why would a pothead want to rob a beatup old cabin to make a few dollars?

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Doesn't do enough to get the point across. In other countries the crime rate is low because of executions. They take an eye for an eye . If you steal they cut off your hand to get the point across. Over here it's always he didn't meanit or some excuse. Do the crime , then pay the penalty.

Anonymous said...

Cut off someone's hand in the USA and we would have to pay them disability for the rest of their lives, yep we would!

Anonymous said...

My wife has some family in Michigan she hasn't seen in awhile. Told her we really can't afford to go with the economy the way it is. Sounds like Rendell can afford to send her though. I'll drop her off at a camp and tell to break in while I call the cops. All expense paid to Michigan. Win win situation for me.

Anonymous said...

poster 11:58 thats some funny shit we should all send our spouses or other halves.