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Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Thomas Brown,35 of Roulette, will be sentenced November 18 after pleading guilty to Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (M). According to District Attorney Dawn Fink when state troopers responded to Main Street in Roulette to investigate a death on September 5, 2008 found several items of drug paraphernalia inside the home. Brown admitted that the items which were found after a search warrant was served, belonged to him.

Robert Main, 21 of Richland Virginia will be sentenced on November 25 for two different cases. According to DA Fink, Main recently pleaded guilty to Burglary (F2), Conspiracy to Commit Burglary (F2), two counts of Receiving Stolen Property (M1), and two counts of Theft (M1). He was arrested for burglarizing two homes in the Coudersport Area during May 2007. Items stolen from the homes included a laptop computer, camcorder, play station with games and 17 DVD movies.Main also pleaded guilty to Receiving Stolen Property (M1), Theft (M1).He was arrested on that charge when state police found some items taken from a Coudersport Borough home at his residence.


Anonymous said...

i hope you sit in jail longer then adam did rot there would be nice and this is to robert that was my stuff stolen and coulda been ruined...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Da plea bargained for this out come.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Judge looks at all those Felonys and gives him some hefty prison time!

Anonymous said...

its great ittook them this long to put his ass in jail...damn that was a year ago!!!! and they were right on it to go after the other one...wth!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that Robert took off. From what I understand they just found him and brought him back to face these charges.

Anonymous said...

I have know the Main family for years and Robert was in my Sunday School class about 10 years ago. My heart goes out to this family as the bad choices made have hurt so many people. You know God created us to have the freedom to make our own choices and still He loved mankind enough to allow His Son to take the punishment for all our sin. If we ask God to come and live in our life and we take time to pray and read our Bible then many choices would not be wrong ones. Agreed that bad choices were made but God can restore Robert (if he asks God to do that in his life). While serving his sentence I will be praying for him and asking for comfort for his family and to erase the bitterness expressed by his victims. Our time on earth is nothing compared to eternity. Sin is sin no matter what category we put it in - theft, hatred, bitterness, adultery, jealousy and the list goes on. God is the only answer to our hurting society.

kristina main said...

well robert understands that he made a big mistake and not only that he has to sit in jail to serve his time, his wife and 2 very young babies have to as well, nd as far as ur shit u got all of it back undamaged...he is a changed person, NOBODY IS PERFECT NOT EVEN ALL U PPL THAT ARE DOWNING HIM...wake up and realize that and im sure your life will be a hell of a lot easier....EVERYONE makes mistakes and he's only human....