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Learn IRA Basics, new 2020 rules for IRAs, and answers to frequently asked IRA questions at JAVA with JVB, on Tuesday, February 25, at 12:15 pm, at the JVB Coudersport office on East Second Street. Light refreshments will be served along with Java, of course! See you there!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Redevelopment Authority Loses Nearly 1/2 Million $$ In Cybertheft

Cybercrooks Get $479,000 in Theft


Carlisle, Pa. - Federal agents are investigating a high-tech theft of nearly a half-million dollars from the Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority.

Officials say a computer virus known as Clampi allowed hackers to bypass all safeguards and security measures and get into the authority's financial accounts in late September. The hackers then transferred $479,000 to accounts they controlled at 11 other banks.

As the crime was taking place, the hackers used a diversion screen that led legitimate users to believe the Web site was unavailable in order to cover up the crime.
The authority has so far recovered about $109,000. Agency officials said they hope to recover more, but added they won't be able to get back all of the money since they were not insured for this type of theft.

"This particular virus is targeting public agencies and I think that there is is a need to be very vigilant to the extent that their insurance policy, if it excludes cyber theft, they need to think about getting it." said Chris Gulotta, executive director of the redevelopment authority. "I think they probably need to do an IT audit." More...


Anonymous said...

In Potter County this has been happening for years, with Board approval. Just look who paved Kightlingers car lot. We taxpayers did.

Anonymous said...

That virus is pretty sophisticated. The initial method of infection is simple enough, it will attempt to use a vulnerability in flash or activex through the browser when someone visits an infected website to install itself on the computer.

It will then harvest login credentials for not just banks, but windows and if on a domain it will attempt to use those credentials to copy itself to the domain controller and push itself out to the rest of the network.

This works becasue if a restricted user with a compromised machine calls over an administrator to install application X, Y, or Z or work on their machine, the virus now has a new set of less restricted credentials.

That alone would be impressive, but it also uses some fairly complex methods to hide itself and encrypt its data.

Anonymous said...

The Kightlinger parking lot was paved at no expense to the taxpayer.. that was ignorant...if you are going to blog try blogging the truth

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I have $5 in my pocket.

Then, you give me another $5.

I go to the store and buy something that costs $5...

You tell me, did I spend your money or mine?

Anonymous said...

If I acquire your home for what you owe on it, and rent it back to you for the cost of the mortgage, the $5 you spend at the store was long as all costs associated with the acquisition were paid by you, The taxpayers incurred no cost for the paving of the Kightlinger lot, thats known as a leasehold improvement...

Anonymous said...

"If you are going to blog** try blogging the truth!"

**I move away from the mic to breathe in.

That was a nice speech.

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers bailed out Kightlingers....spin it how you want.

With that said, if it were not for the bailout how could Kightlingers afford to pave the parking lot?

Furthermore, if they are/were in such bad shape financially...can they really afford to spend money on paving the parking lot?

Seems to me like overspending such as that is what got them in the mess to begin with.

Our tax dollars bailed them out regardless of what you say...thus giving them the money needed to pave the no, it was not my $5 that I spent, it was yours...I kept my money in my pocket!

Anonymous said...

If you kept your money in your pocket whwt are you complaining about?

Anonymous said...

You have stated two totally seperate positions on a single issue, 1. the taxpayers paid for the paving of Kightlingers, 2. the taxpayers bailed them out. Not sure what spin you are trying to achieve, but a loan was borrowed from a local bank, with all costs paid for by Kightlingers, and now all payments being made by Kightlingers through their lease. Not the same as a grant or direct loan from the Govt. Should we consider all leasehold improvements by Kightlinger as paid for by the taxpayers? Is there something wrong with them improving their business now that they have been given a second chance? I hardly think that paving the front lot and adding some needed lighting was extravagant. As a taxpayer, I am happy that it will strengthen their ability to pay on their lease, but thanks for your opinion

Mr Sarcastic said...

What is stated above is true, however the collateral for the loan was backed by the Housing Authority which uses our taxpayer money.

Hey...I need a loan to make the payments and improvements on my house......can I use your house for collateral on that loan? I'll pay it all back after I pave my driveway. I promise! Unless my business doesn't turn around and then we're both screwed.

Anonymous said...

I really wish HUD would come in and take very hard look at our local Authority, in particular its Director.

The current Director seems to be spending more time running his personal business "empire" than doing the job he is getting paid, with taxpayer dollars, to do.

Think about it, how often do you see this man, in the "company" car, spending time at his down town interests?

Why does the Authority own Cedar Ridge Townhouses? Why does it seem that the bulk of the tenants at the townhouses are state troopers (who I imagine can afford unsubsidized rentals)?

Perhaps its time for an "open records" request to see what actually goes on at that office and where and to whom the money is going. Does HUD even audit their county offices?

I, personally, would love to have the chance to just peruse the phone records to see how many calls are made and received that pertain to the Director's local business interests....

Don Gilliand, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sarcastic: If you are willing to sell them your house and lease it back long term, pay all costs and spend your own money to improve should offer it to them, im guessing they will take it....

Anonymous said...

No one disputed the Govt. backing of the project, what you said in the beginning was the parking lot was paved with taxpayers money, it was not. If the same logic applies, we have ALL been funded in one capacity or another by the Govt, unfortunately...however, that doesnt translate into every payment made thereafter is now and forever at taxpayer expense...the stretch you made was an attempt to link or compare the Kightlinger transaction to the computer hacking of Govt funds from Cumberland County, I am quite sure the the hackers offered no collateral for their theft, pay no costs for their deed, and most certainly dont intend to repay the "loan". Criticize the public transaction, that certainly is your right, however, dont expect that such a pathetic parallel will go unanswered or ignored. The comparison of the two is zero....

Anonymous said...

If the banks were bailed out by the taxpayers, does that mean every time I get a loan its from the taxpayers....If I drive a GM car am I doing it at taxpayer expense? Yikes, that net could get pretty wide!!!

Anonymous said...

Too much corruption even in this little town.

From Kightlingers to the HUD Authority.

It's great if you're one of the lucky few whose interests the corruption serves...but for the rest of us...those paying for it...we get shafted, and whenever we say something about it, you come on here and rebut our statements with BS.

Take away the Kightlinger bailout and lets see if that lot gets paved!