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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Water Still Burns After Water Wells Remediated

Schreiner pulls bottled water from Hedgehog Lane residents

When Culligan, the water treatment and distribution company, didn’t come to the home of one Hedgehog Lane resident last week to replace large plastic bottles for her water cooler, she didn’t know what happened.

A voicemail message left by a Culligan representative filled Lori Trumbull in — Schreiner Oil and Gas Inc., would no longer pay for bottled water. If she wanted to continue services, she would have to pay out of pocket.

Trumbull wasn’t alone. Last week, almost all Hedgehog Lane residents had bottled water services halted by Schreiner Oil and Gas. More...


Anonymous said...

These people are just trying to suck every last penny they can out of Schreiner. GET OFF IT! They did their part! What do you expect living in the heart of one of the oldest oil patches in the world?? Just because you plop a house over an oil field don't hold everyone else hostage. You should have thought about that before you invested $ in the property. It is not rocket science.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe what I just read. Even if there is a gas field, no one has the right to contaminate another person's drinking water! Water is the most precious commodity on this earth and if Schreiner is not doing everything in its power to preserve it, they should not be allowed to drill. A home is worth nothing, no matter how spectacular, if it does not include clean, safe water. NO ONE has the right to pollute water. NO ONE. And if they do, they darn well better CLEAN IT UP!

Anonymous said...

Its not thier fault that the water is polluted.

Anonymous said...


In thre years it won't matter.

Unknown said...

In three years it will matter if the water is still polluted. And it very well could be. Just try living in your house for three days without using your water for anything. Try for just three days to function completely with just bottled water. Let us all know how much fun it is. Believe me, it gets old fast. Until you no longer have clean water, you never realize just how often you turn that spigot on. You don't realize until it's gone how much you rely on clean water - just a quick rinse of the hand, a quick glass for taking a pill, wetting the sponge for wiping a spill off the counter, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cooking the potatoes... Try not having that and see what it is like. Then imagine life in your home like that for months and possibly years. This is what those companies are doing to people and this is what DEP seems reluctant to disallow. It should be a crime.

Unknown said...

it's all about money & politics

what ever happend to helping a friend or stranger & being a human being

Anonymous said...

Well probably the DEP levied a fine and got their money so they are not concerned about the little guy. I think when something like this happens the DEP should not allow a company in this case Schreiner to do anymore drilling until this issue is cleared up. Cease and desist all drilling. If the DEP would have done this last year the issue would have been resolved within the first couple of months.