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Friday, October 23, 2009

York Man's Camp In Potter County Spray Painted

Cabin Spray Painted
Coudersport State Police are investigating an act of criminal mischief at a seasonal residence at 1132 Chipmonk Trail in West Branch Township.

Troopers say unknown actor(s) spray painted the aluminum garage door to an unattached garage and the front exterior storm door of the cabin belonging to Dean Anderson of York, PA.

Anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Coudersport at 814-274-8690. Trooper Eric Bowser is the investigating officer.


Anonymous said...

Must of been one of them local potheads that break into camps to steal money to buy marijuana.

Now on a serious note. Vandalism is retarded what kind of thrill do you get out off destroying something thats not yours?

Anonymous said...

did you see costas someone tagged that too.

Anonymous said...

"did you see costas someone tagged that too."

I did notice that. I was not sure if it happend just recently or it has been there a while and it took my this long to notice.

I guess you answered my question.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there will be more "tagging" to come which will be justified in the mind of the perpetrator as "..just a harmless halloween prank".