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Monday, November 23, 2009

87 New Troopers Graduate From Police Academy

PA Has New State Troopers

87 men and women have graduated from the State Police Academy in Hershey.

Among them are Carl Lewis of Sheffield, who has been assigned to Troop E in Erie County and Thomas Gornati Jr. of Kersey, who has been assigned to Troop H in Dauphin County.

Dennis Peters of Clearfield County received the American Legion Award after being named outstanding cadet by his classmates and instructors.


Anonymous said...

Yay how many we gettin? Send us more of your young quota hounds.

Anonymous said...

This is not good because there are more retiring then graduating.

Anonymous said...

I dont blame them for retiring, all the crap they take from from matter what they do, it's never right...

Anonymous said...

"I dont blame them for retiring, all the crap they take from from matter what they do, it's never right"

Maybe if they didn't give people so much crap, they wouldn't get so much back.

Innocent people get harassed by the PSP every freaking day.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 9:34. Don't get me wrong.. I'm not some big cop hater but dang. I got pulled over just outside of Austin for doing 62 in a 55. I'm not denying any guilt folks. This is the first time I've been pulled over. Ever. I admit, I was going over the speed limit. I was very polite (a little nervous but polite) and the trooper was freaking rude. No, let me be honest.. he was a complete jackass. I don't know if he was having a bad day or what.. but I was shocked by his attitude.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was you having the bad day.

Anonymous said...

No, I was having a fine day.

Trooper: 'Do you know how fast you were going?'

Me: 'No sir, around 60 I believe'

Trooper: 'You mean to tell me you don't know how fast you were going dispite being souly resposible for the control of your vehicle?'

Me: 'Sir, I don't know exactly how fast I was going, I believe I was traveling somewhere around 60. Honestly that's how fast I usually 'cruise'

Trooper: 'So you're telling me you constantly knowingly (SP?) break the law'.

Me: 'I was just being honest sir.'

Trooper: 'Where are you coming from?'

Me: 'I'm on my way home from work sir.'

Trooper: 'So you drive this route everyday?'

Me: 'Yes sir.'

Trooper: 'Well then, I guess you're speeding through here everyday. Do you think I should give you a weeks worth of speeding tickets. Maybe that'll teach you to follow PA speed limit laws!'

It went on for a bit. Let me tell you what I was thinking though.. seeing as how you blamed me.

Me (in my heart): Mr. State Trooper, you're a rather small guy. I'd like to get out of this truck and pistol whip you with your own side arm. You're a dildine. Don't fall and break your elbow on the way back to your bat-mobile.

Anonymous said...

1:46 your an idiot....

Anonymous said...


me (writing on this post): find better things to do with your time!

Anonymous said...

1:46:00 PM
No shit! Ha, makes ya want to grap ahold of them an shake the piss out of em when they ACT LIKE GOD!

Anonymous said...

yes they do try to act like they are god, and most of them are under 5ft...and are the worst speeders out there.

Anonymous said...

I call it the " little guy syndrome"...all their lives theyve been picked on and harassed because they were short. Now, they have an oppourtunity to get back at all those that have picked on them over the years....its a huge inferiority complex...

Anonymous said...

Most new cops at ALL levels are on an ego trip.
They finally have POWER.
They will ALL lie on traffic stops. I think they are taught this in training.
Also I believe most watch too many cop shows on TV.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

I haven't been pulled over in a while, but I have always found Pennsylvania Troopers to be very polite and respectful.

Anonymous said...

No person deserves to be belittled. On the same token, if you are getting a speeding ticket, don't act like you are being charged with murder. They are doing their job, and if you don't like getting a ticket, 1. don't speed, or 2. work on changing the speed law.