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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bolivar Man To Answer Charges Of Choking, Beating & Terrorizing A Shinglehouse Woman

A Bolivar, NY man is scheduled for a Preliminary Hearing on Thursday before District Judge Barbara Easton to answer charges of choking, beating, terrorizing and unlawfully restraining a Shinglehouse woman on November 8, 2009.

Thomas Jeffrey O'Brien III, 28, of Bolivar, NY is charged with:Recklessly Endangering Another Person (M2); Disorderly Conduct (M3); Harassment-Subject Other To Physical Contact (S); False Imprisonment (M2); Terroristic Threats w/Intent to Terrorize (M1); Unlawful Restraint /Serious Body Injury (M1); and Simple Assault (M2).

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in District Court by Shinglehouse Police Chief Brad Buchholz, O'Brien III is accused as follows:

In the early morning hours of November 8, 2009, the Shinglehouse woman states she was assaulted by Thomas Jeffrey O'Brien III. She states that after arriving home from Olean, NY, Obrien stated he was going to make her feel as bad as she made him feel.

At that time, O'Brien shoved her down and choked her hard enough to make her stop breathing. O'Brien also banged her head on the floor several times.

After O'Brien let her go she tried to call 911, and O'Brien ripped the phone cord out of the phone. She tried to exit the house through the back door and O'Brien shoved her away from the door.

She then tried to exit through a window and was shoved by O'Brien again. The woman finally was able to get out of the house and was then tackled in the yard by O'Brien, causing injury to her shoulder.

She had visible marks on her arms and neck. Her sweater was ripped and had grass stain on it along with her jeans being grass stained.

The woman said the assault and the unlawful restraint lasted for approximately one and a half hours.

O'Brien was arraigned on November 10, 2009 before Magisterial District Judge Barbara Easton and released on $50,000.00 percentage bail. O'Brien posted $5,000. and will be liable for $45,000. more if he violates the terms of his bail or misses a court date.

Online court dockets list O'Brien's Preliminary Hearing for November 19, 2009 at 12:00 noon. That hearing was continued until December 17, 2009 at 12:30 PM.


Anonymous said...

Bail still not high enough, add another zero Barb.

Another women beater out on our streets.

Now lets wait for the comments from the morons who will try to defend this scum or try to create doubt.

Anonymous said...

dont his family barten at the leigion in boilvar his dad go out with nolan booze is got be invole

Anonymous said...

same thing happened not long ago, the guy went back and killed the girl.

They pick on women they can push around. if she was smart she would carry a gun, and take care of him when he comes back, because he will....

Anonymous said...

He should be charged with kidnapping.

And 50k bail? are you serious? It should be 500k like the previous poster said!

Anonymous said...

The point of bail is to discourage him from fleeing instead of standing trial, not to sentence him before trial.

Is he a flight risk? Because it seemed like when you said he beats women you were answering a different question.

ECO said...

Beat him he deserves it. To attack another person, woman or man is Immoral. People get away with these stupid attacks because the judge or jury does not have the guts to take away what deserves to be taken from these attackers. The victims do nothing to deserve this shit. People will cry and wine saying she prolly deserved it well guess what. You prolly deserve your ass beat if you stick up for this guy or any other attacker before or after.

Anonymous said...

what are they teaching in these schools, and homes,... the speach of some people make me want to scream. When is the word "probably" = "prolly" .... check out other comments... our grammer has gone to H_ll. We need to get back to real Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic. This jerk who beats and tortures women should have his butt kicked and tortured.

Anonymous said...


ECO said...

To Thursday, November 19, 2009 1:23:00 PM EST

You said this what are they teaching in these schools, and homes,... the speach of some people make me want to scream. When is the word "probably" = "prolly" .... check out other comments... our grammer has gone to H_ll. We need to get back to real Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic. This jerk who beats and tortures women should have his butt kicked and tortured.

Now my Comment back to you is this.

I did not know this was an English Test when we post our posts. I use "Prolly" as short terminology for "probably" to make it shorter for texting and comments. Are you Un-Educated on Internet Use, or Chatting? Oh "btw" (By The Way). You spelled Arithmetic Wrong. Speech is also wrong. Seems like you need to go back to Head Start. So you should check your own writing before you comment on someone elses. Thank You Have a Nice Day.

Anonymous said...

AAHHH!!! ECO!! Thank you!!! The amount of time wasted by people that need to check the spelling on every post!? Just read the comments, have a response, post it. Why everything is a job interview is so stupid!

Anonymous said...

Well, now there 1:23. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?
Arithmatic? I believe it is arithmetic.
And there are not even 2 l's in probably AND you are NOT texting.
Bet you all failed spelling in school.
What a bunch of losers!

Anonymous said...


"the speach of some people make me want to scream"

You forget a letter, lol...

"We need to get back to real Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic"

Then you misspell Arithmetic LOL!

You barely formed a complete sentence, misspelled words, and forgot letters as you criticized others for their spelling and grammar!!!!

Can you say hypocrite? Because I see many of those these days.

By The Way (btw) people (ppl) on the internet (web) probably (prolly) use abbreviations to save time typing Mr. Brilliant.


WiZ said...



"what are they teaching in these schools, and homes,... the speach of some people make me want to scream. When is the word "probably" = "prolly" .... check out other comments... our grammer has gone to H_ll. We need to get back to real Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic. This jerk who beats and tortures women should have his butt kicked and tortured."

....truly deserves an award!

Hookt On Fonix Werkt Fer Me!

Anonymous said...

ok who was the girl and why he pick her

Anonymous said...

i not a great speller but you know what i mean moron

Anonymous said...

Well, now that the spelling issue has been properly addressed, can we get back to the point? WHY DID THAT MORON GET OUT - HE COMMITTED A VIOLENT ACT - HE MAY GO BACK AND DO EVEN MORE DAMAGE. What part of that do you not understand Judge Easton? Oh, I guess you have never been beaten to within an inch of your life. And I do not care about "flight before the trial" issues. That woman will live in fear from now on! She is the one who is being punished here. Most of the time the decisions of our judges these days makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone have to worry about spelling? Write what you want. People are too critical!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here even know this guy? Because i do and have for many years. If you dont know both sides of the story then you shouldnt be pointing fingers. She did ALOT to him and 90 % of the story in this article is fabricated by her! It took her over 2 hours after he left to even call the cops seeing how he wasnt even arrested until the next afternoon! She had alot of time to add to the story to make him look like the bad guy! He has 3 children and is a good father...he has never layed a hand on them or anyone else for that matter. So before you judge maybe you should make sure you know your facts people.

Anonymous said...

It only take a little while for the defenders of abusers to crawl out....

Anonymous said...

Hey, comments are not comments unless you got 2 arguments. Even the criminal is innocent. lol She probably beat herself up. He tried stopping her. She scratched her elbow, and he got the blame for all the bruises and scratches.

Get real! lock them both up.

Anonymous said...

Im not saying he didnt do anything wrong...i know her and him and have heard both sides. She isnt completely innocent...she started it by punching him in the face and it went from there...all im saying is guy or girl it should not matter, neither have a right to lay a hand on the other...he did not choke her...he tried restraining her from hitting him again and thats how she got marks on her arms...he has never been in any trouble before and i have known him for over 10yrs...i have known other woman he has dated and he never layed one finger on any of her on the other hand...she was married to an abuser! Whats that say about her...she never once pressed charges...figure that one out.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??????????????? I have KNOWN her for yrs & have been around her & her x husband many times & NEVER once did I ever see anything in her or him to give off anything reason to make me think she feared him in anyway & never did I see anything in him to make me think he was hurting her....
So 1 of you said it took her 2hrs to call the police on him, well do you think maybe that was because the man held her hostaged for an hour & a half???? And if she did hit him 1st like your claiming why didnt he call the cops on her????
A REAL man would of left the house, found a payphone, called the police & let them know what just happened..... But did he do that????? NOOOOOOOOOOO he didnt.. He cont. to beat her over & over again & WOULD NOT let her leave the house...
So explain this to me here, your trying to say that she come home, they got into it, she punched him in the face & then just because she hit him he had a reason to hit her back time & time again & keep her locked up in HER OWN HOUSE mind you NOT HIS, but she started it so she got what she deserved.... Am I getting this right????
Do you realize that most men out there are twice, if not 3times stronger then a woman??????
He had options, unlike her cause I'm pretty sure she wouldnt of been able to keep him locked up like a dog like he DID her... This IS all on him because he decided to be a piece of SH*T......
What are you gonna do next defend the Mesler guy that shot & killed his x GF & then shot & killed himself???? Cause I knew him 2 & as far as I know he NEVER hit a woman before either until HER....
Just because TJ NEVER BEFORE hit a woman does NOT mean he didnt beat her for an hour & an half...
GOD forbid a man doesnt EVER keep you locked up in your own home & beat the hell out of you or your mother or sister or daughter or whoever...