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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

County Officials To Approach Governor On Natural Gas Issues

County officials are galvanized over two political issues surrounding the natural gas industry and will be sharing their concerns with Governor Ed Rendell.

During last week’s meeting of the County Commissioners Association (CCAP) of Pennsylvania Natural Gas Task Force, members were unanimous in their support of two position statements:

* Gas well oversight authority should be restored to County Conservation Districts.
* A severance/production tax should be levied on the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania and its proceeds shared with municipalities, counties and school districts.

Tioga County Commissioner Erick Coolidge, task force co-chair, will be articulating support for the two proposals next week, when Gov. Ed Rendell meets with commissioners from across the state during the CCAP Fall Conference in Hershey. Potter County Today


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope they manage to convince him that this is not only necessary, but it makes complete sense. Of course the municipalities should be receiving tax revenue from these companies. They're getting rich off the gas supplies and we are left dealing with the road and bridge damage, the extra cost of medical services and the extra costs in the area schools. And who knows the county better than our local conservation districts. While this gas play can certainly be a good thing for many people, we need to address these issues and should have done so from the start. There is no reason on earth why these gas companies should not at the least be paying a tax that will help with the burden of cleaning up after they are gone.

Anonymous said...

What I get a kick out of is each time the county goes to tax something its for the Twps. County and school districts.


But let the Fire Depts. request more funds form the Townships and watch them fight. WHAT A JOKE

Anonymous said...

The municipalities wil receive tax revenue when the royalty payments are made to landowners once wells are drilled. With natural gas prices at their lowest in years, it is getting increasingly difficult for companies to continue drilling let alone "getting rich" as the previous poster states. Also most municipalities, Counties and the State are posting their roads requiring bonds to be posted to cover damages done by natural gas companies. It is a shame this never occured for logging trucks that did the same damage for years. The DEP has guidelines for restoring well pads and does enforce these standards. It amuses me that so many Commissioners and residents appear to have all the answers when so many know so little about the natural gas industry.

Anonymous said...

This subject is not at all amusing. And those who post here casually and claim to know so much about gas drilling and the gas industry do not know about Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling. This is a whole new ball game. The procedures at not at all similar to the procedures used in PA in the past. This is different. Everyone needs to educate themselves on this. If more people in this county were truly informed and educated on Macellus Gas drilling, we would be seeing a lot more concerned citizens meeting in an effort to control this.

Anonymous said...

Great Post.....
Wake up people.
tax and spend
tax and spend
not many left working to tax
not much comming in to spend
no problem
higher tax on those left and spend
higher tax on those left and spend

Anonymous said...

I have been working the Marcellus
7 days a week for the last 4 years.
I guess that between the two of us that makes me the most educated and you just another wannabe.When you can go out and do it instead of just cruising the internet for info,then your opinion will carry some weight.

Anonymous said...


When they drill next to your property and your well is polluted from the undisclosed chemicals to the point where you can no longer live in your home, then you can tell me that you are an expert on this type of drilling and you expected this to happen and it is just the natural course of events. And let me know then too that you still think it's a great idea. Oh wait, you must be lining your pockets.
Like Teddy Roosevelt said, “There is not in the world a more ignoble character than the mere money-getting American, insensitive to every duty, regardless of principle, bent only on amassing a fortune.” Yes, I'm a tree hugger. Thank GOD there are some of us out there or you would have no clean air to breath and no clean water to drink and no forests and waterfalls and rivers and valleys in which to find peace. Oh wait, that's the way you want it.

Anonymous said...

I never claimed to be an expert.That would have been you, when you stated how uneducated the rest of us were!
Turns out you are like a gas station attendant pretending you can operate a refinery.
Why would you think that this industry's sole purpose is to lay awake at night and dream up ways to destroy nature and cause hardship for anyone?
Enviromental damage aside.Just like any other industry,problems mean time and time is money.Throw any enviromental damage in and the cost is huge.
Am betting the only problem you will ever have with your water is from your own septic system and the millions of others just like it.You see it turns out that contamination of drinking water from raw sewage is ten fold that of all the natural gas and oil wells in the country combined.With hundreds of deep wells being drilled every day,contamination of any kind is the rare exception,not the rule.And even then it is dealt with.Another huge cost that the industry goes out of it's way to avoid.But you on the other hand just keep flushing.
Here is a thought for all you Tree Huggers that think you are behind a "save us all cause"....
Turn off your electric,shut off your gas,park your car,don't use propane,quit using anything made with plastic,(including the clothes on your back)don't ever leave your house,(cause you can't go far without using something that is not a direct result of gas and oil) Opps! Can't have a house either!
Then we can stop drilling, and you can all go back to wearing skins and living in caves!!Practice what you preach!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how people live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming or any other state where natural gas is extracted according to your theory. People like you need to learn the facts about Marcellus gas instead of listening to the paranoia and distorted facts by a couple of extremists. I am sure you heat your home and drive a car. Doesn't oil come from the ground also? People like you are hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

Wait until these gas companies find out the TRUTH about these so called HIGH CLASS Trout streams the PFC and their so called Elite supporters created and are saying this Drilling is going to hurt. Just wait until they find out that the BIO-MASS NUMBERS for such, as with the CROSS FORK CREEK out here, were FUDGED to create it as Class-A waters. How many other of these high value streams had the numbers FUDGED? Some thing those Companies affected by these designations should be looking in to.

Anonymous said...

Landowners Sue Gas Company

Last Update: 10:20 pm

Print Story | Share this Story

Landowners Sue Gas Company

A group of Dimock, Pennsylvania landowners is planning a lawsuit against a natural gas drilling company for allegedly ruining their property.

15 families living just south of Montrose accuse Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation of threatening their health, destroying their safety and compromising the landscape.

The plaintiffs living on Carter Road signed lease agreements with Cabot in 2006 to drill into the Marcellus Shale that runs beneath their homes.

The Dimock drilling site has been plagued with problems this year with PA Department of Environmental Protection fines, a spill, drinking water well contamination and an explosion.

Lawyers representing the landowners claim that the company has contaminated their property, area streams and the underground water supply.

They're planning a news conference tomorrow to discuss their claims.

Anonymous said...

Always keep an ear open to the pro-fracking baby trout killing wild eyed extremists and how they try to frame their position.

Their tactics always include labeling opposition as wackos, diversion of the conversation in hopes it will drift the topic away from the point being made. Their arguments will be poor and spattered with inferences of supporting arab oil, everybodys doing therory, "how do you expect to heat your home" is always bound to come out too.

Just like the guy above. starts out talking about drilling, ends with living in caves and wearing skins.

I don't see one fact with a citation made in his post.

In essence, most of them just regurgitate something they have been told.

Pro-fracking activist escalates language against drilling skeptics
Posted in Community, Oil & Gas Industry, State & Federal Regulation, Water, Soil, & Habitat by wellwatch on November 19, 2009
Some know that in a media driven world, the truth is secondary to a message successfully delivered through the press. When Mr. Knowles delivered the remark below in an emphatic, authoritarian voice at the meeting, the response from whom he considers enemies showed their insult and disagreement. Mr. Knowles must know that environmentalists don’t agree with him. To suggest otherwise would insult his intelligence.

Maybe he also knows if he can divert discussion at a DEC meeting about regulations and hydrofracking to a discussion of the supposed motives and personality flaws of those opposed to hydrofracturing, he is framing the conflict as a neighbor versus neighbor, land coalitions versus enviros quagmire. Then the discussion of how our government can protect all citizens rights from the actions of the gas companies is dead.

Not all spoke against Marcellus drilling.

Ken Knowles Sr., of Woodhull, president of the Steuben Landowners Coalition, said his group hads 1,200 members with 150,000 acres.

“Our position is, if you are opposed to drilling, you are in favor of foreign oil,” a phrase he repeated several times during his speech to a smattering of boos and applause.
While the divisive words and poor arguments of some pro-fracking folk came across very poorly at the meeting no one should underestimate the long term corrosive effect this has on civic, democratic debate.

via Gas drilling concerns aired at DEC hearing – Corning, NY – The Corning Leader.

Anonymous said...

You people keep pounding the Dimrock problem like it is what happens everywhere a well is drilled.Of the hundreds of wells being drilled everyday,six or seven property owners,(the rest are just hoping for a piece of the pie) in one tiny area of Pa. have had a bad experience.We all know that they have already been compensated in part and will surely recieve a huge sum in the end.Nothing is perfect and you can bet these people will be thrilled to death when they get the "big check", a new home in a better area, and an early retirement.Sounds like a terrible thing to me!