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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keating Summit Bridge Closing Due To Railroad's Inability To Repair Bridge In 7 Days

Supervisor Art Moate of Keating township sent some more information today in regard to the necessity for closing the bridge over the railroad tracks at Keating Summit.

The bridge inspectors first sent a letter to the township on October 30 advising that the bridge would need to be posted with weight limit signs. The signs would be needed if the railroad could make repairs to the bridge in 7 days.

The railroad advised that they could not make the repairs in 7 days, so another letter was sent to the township that the road must be closed immediately.

The railroad did not say that they would not fix the bridge. They need to come up with a plan. If the holes in the steel could be fixed, then the bridge could be opened temporarily.

The next step is the inspectors will send a complete rating analysis to George Uhl and the PUC which will take at least a month. PUC will then schedule another meeting..

The public should know that the road is being closed due to the failure of the railroad to make the necessary repairs to the bridge.

PennDot should work with the township to push to get these repairs done ASAP.


Anonymous said...

The Keating supervisors might also wish to talk with the County Planner and County Commissioners as they can assist you in some manner. You and the rest of the public is paying their salaries so seek their help!

Anonymous said...

Has this bridge ever had repairs done to it in the past by either the township or the state? Who does the general maintance ?

Anonymous said...

I can't reconcile these two paragraphs in red. One says the railroad can't complete the repairs in the time frame given.

The other says the public should know that railroad more or less refuses to do the repairs.

Which is it? Because can't and won't have to totally exclusive meanings.

Anonymous said...

"The public should know that the road is being closed due to the failure of the railroad to make the necessary repairs to the bridge."

Written in true "partial-truth" media fashion to stir the ire of the reading public. It is not that they have failed to repair the bridge, it is that they would not have been able to repair the bridge within the 7 day window after discovery of deficiencies as dictated by PennDot. From the time the inspection firm find and reports the structural deficiency the owner has a 7 day window to resolve the issue. If they deem that they will not be able to repair the bridge in that amount of time, they must close the bridge.

It never ceases to amaze me how the media can manipulate the public by omitting and/or embellishing certain parts of a story.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing that up 11:25

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the Township wouldn't have squandered its money that they get for liquid fuels. That factored in with a grant that they recently did not apply for would have had enough money to fix the issue which would have lead to the bridge being opened for a few more years and thus would have alotted them the opportunity to plan for a new bridge with the railroad. Also what about the money from the train accident.....mmmmm Art you need to go.

Anonymous said...

I can not for the life of me figure out why this Township misleads the people. If they need help in appling for grants all they need to do is ask. They don't and I don't know why. Are you to proud to ask for help.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Austin i was once told by a couple of council members that grants had to much paperwork and we don't need them anyway! (it shows)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid not...They must have been some people that aren't on council anymore. Feel free to stop by Austin Borough and ask how many grants that they received the last 3 years. You'll be surprised. There have been several. Go to the meetings.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you surprise us all and tell us how many,how much and what they were used for.

Anonymous said...

What don't you get off your lazy rear and find out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lights at the baseball fields, water filtration plant plus several others....

Anonymous said...

11/22 6:48 What don't you understand about its not the townships responsibility to fix the bridge its the railroads... Can you in fact read and comprehend information printed on here or can you just run your mouth about something you obviously have no clue about... Get a life and quit bashing people and I hate to break it to you but its not Mr. Moate that needs to go its you and anyone else that would rather run their mouth and bash people then do something to help and as far as squandering money its called it takes money to get the job done right. Grants are applied for and some are approved. And for your benefit how about you just not say anything about things you don't understand or judge people that you don't know or assume you know why things are done the way they are when you don't and maybe in the end it won't make you look like an A**. And if you think you can do so much better step right on up i'm sure the township would be happy to have you.