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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Money Stolen From Pepsi Machine In Ulysses

Theft In Ulysses
Coudersport Troopers are investigating a theft in the Boro of Ulysses that happened between 11-8-09 and 11-22-09 at the Corner Cafe at 501 Main Street.

Unknown actors used a key like tool to open the Pepsi vending machine at that location. The actor(s) stole the money, relocked the machine and then fled the scene.

This investigation is continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact PSP Coudersport at 814-274-8690. Trooper Michael Flook is the investigating officer.


Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of 'actors'
in this story? New use of the word to me? Thanks.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

The meaning in this context indicates the Actor(s)--Person or persons who committed this act.

Joe Bob the Redneck said...

I use a "key like" tool to unlock the door on my house.....I call it a key......

Anonymous said...

Probable lookin for "change" to use in those coin operated wind turbines...ya know the ones Art won't be making any money from..."money for me and all that"!

Anonymous said...

You guys are weird. Actor is a poor choice of trivializes the entire episode.
Makes a mockery of a crime that
was, in fact, a CRIME. Not a joke....a crime.

Anonymous said...

Yes this was a crime and not something to laugh about

Anonymous said...

Who's laughin'?

Anonymous said...

No jobs in Potter County, bring in more Pepsi machines.

Anonymous said...

thay wanted a pop