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Thursday, November 19, 2009

PennDOT Introduces Branch of Service Veteran License Plates

New Plates For Vets
Harrisburg – Honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces have a new way to proudly display their service as PennDOT today announced the availability of a new series of military license plates honoring veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

"On any given day, members of our armed forces are serving around the globe protecting our freedom,” said PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E. “PennDOT is pleased to announce this new series of military plates recognizing their sacrifices in service to our nation.”

The new plates feature the standard Pennsylvania license plate colors of blue, white and yellow along with the applicable branch of service emblem or logo on the left side of the plate. Pennsylvania is printed at the top of the plate, with the name of the applicable branch of service at the bottom.

To obtain one of these plates, honorably discharged veterans must complete and mail Form MV-150, Application for U.S. Military Veteran Registration Plate, to PennDOT and include a certified copy of their DD-214, along with a $20 fee.

Form MV-150 is available on PennDOT’s Driver and Vehicle Services Web site,, via the Military License Plates link under the Military Personnel/Veterans Information Center. Additional information and images of the new license plates are also available on this Web page.


Anonymous said...

OMG Penndot is so greedy they won't even offer a free plate to our Veteran's?????? What is up with that, for GOD'S sake give them a free plate, they are the reason we are here!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Relax a little 11:15. Veterans are not alone in making this country what it is.

What about the teachers that get masters degrees and work for 30k to educate our youth?

What about police/fireman that risk their lives every day?

What about the inventors and hard working people that bring financial success that allows us to support a sophisticated military?

What about people from tough inner city neighborhoods that grow up to be contributing members of society instead of just making excuses for themselves?

I am a vet, but I work a civilian job now and I'm content with just buying a plate like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Besides, these other people are NOT veterans, you moron~

Anonymous said...

Nobody said they were 2:28.

Oz said...

11:38:00 AM
None of which would be possible without VETERANS!

Anonymous said...

Well said 11:15. I am a veteran as well, but don't need any special favors a freebies from anyone. There is already enough of that in this country right now and it is going to get worse with the progressive liberals in the Obama administration. I will be getting my Veteran plate.

Anonymous said...

Well,4:21 yes they did. Maybe you should read the topics on here before you start mouthing off. At least I can read. It is about military veterans they want to do this for.
Nothing in it about teacher, fire fighters or inventors?, excuse me!?

Anonymous said...

Give the "progressive liberals" a chance. It took two presidents to screw this country up over the years and you expect our new president to just get us out of this hole in a snap?
And bite your tongue, you just MAY need favors or freebies before it is all over. Hope not, but be careful what you say because it could come back and bite you.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 5:15. You should sign your name with YHBTYHLHAND

Anonymous said...

ok 7:09, so now we know why you
do this texting really CAN'T spell....Figures
Maybe you should sign your
Talking through my butt because my mouth knows better. (at least I spelled it out) Hey, you started this....

Oz said...

"Give the "progressive liberals" a chance. It took two presidents to screw this country up over the years and you expect our new president to just get us out of this hole in a snap?"

Are you kidding?

President Obama warned that the U.S. economy could slip into a double dip recession unless urgent steps are taken to reduce the rising public debt. Obama said it will be tricky to boost the economy to create jobs -- the unemployment rate hit a 26-year high of 10.2 percent last month -- while cutting the deficit and debt. But hasn't stimulus spending been one of the things that caused the country's debt to grow so fast?

President Obama spent nearly a trillion dollars from his stimulus bill to create jobs that never materialize -- nearly tripling the national debt in less than a year in office -- and he's the one saying we're piling up too much debt? "Unreal."

How can he force Congress to pass government run health care, which will put the country farther in debt, and then warn against going farther into debt? This really sucks, because his 'hope and change' was nothing more than a slogan and YOU bought it! Now, we're heading into a depression.

This is not Bush's fault. He owns this one. All of the debt, so demanding we pay more in taxes is NUTS.

Anonymous said...

bush is why we lost so mean people

Anonymous said...

Oz, The stimulus plan was Obama's but the more expensive bailout plan was passed under the Bush administration.

It looks like both parties are guilty of running up the debt (which has now passed 12 trillion).

Anonymous said...

Well said 10:42. That is exactly what America is feeling. Very few that are in touch and follow politics can make any opposition to your post.

Anonymous said...

6:10 what ?

Anonymous said...


"nearly tripling the national debt in less than a year in office"

The debt was 10 trillion already before Obama took office and now its 12 trillion.

The claim that it tripled is incorrect.

"This is not Bush's fault. He owns this one. All of the debt"

Again, this is incorrect. Not only was the National debt 10 trillion when he took office, we are in a huge budget deficit already AND the bailout program was Bushes, not Obama's.

Much of they money spent under Obama were checks written by the Bush administration before they left, so out of the ~2 trillion debt we have accumulated under Obama not all of it was even his fault. This is pretty far from the "tripple" claim and its ever farther from the claim that Obama is responsible for "All of the debt"

Before Bush took office Clinton had one of the first balanced budgets in a long time. Obama took office in the middle of a financial meltdown and an expensive war.

"Very few that are in touch and follow politics can make any opposition to your post."

I just did.

Anonymous said...

"Pass The Buck" That's the way it always is. How anybody can say that Bush didn't have anything to do with the national deficit is just absurd.
They are ALL crooks as far as I can see and if they aren't when they are elected into office, it sure doesn't take them long to jump on the old band wagon and start pocketing all of our hard earned tax dollars as fast as they can shove in.
I think we need to clean out ALL government employees and start out fresh. Of course, that will NEVER happen. Unless,of course, maybe a Civil War is started.

Anonymous said...

6:45 If enough people were aware that both parties are worthless, why not just vote in a new one instead of murdering off hundreds of thousands of people?

Anonymous said...

And how do you do that 8:37? I would agree but what do we citizens do? Call for an impeachment? Won't happen. I just meant it would take a civil war to solve our problems(and probably not even then). Of course I wouldn't want to see hundreds of thousands of people murdered. I have a son who did two tours in Iraq, and believe me, I would not want it to happen in our own country, after hearing about some of the terrible things that have been going on over there.