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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Police Called To Altercation At Adelphoi Village

Adelphoi Village
Coudersport State Police were called to an incident at Adelphoi Village on Route 49 in Harrison Township Monday at 7:15 PM.

A known 16 rear old juvenile from Philadelphia punched a known 15 year old juvenile from Danville, PA with a closed fist in an altercation that started from a game of paddle-ball. The 15 year old suffered a minor injury to his lip.

A summary charge of Harassment will be handled administratively.


Anonymous said...

that is a lame reason but there are worse ones to punch someone let the kids figure it out and they will likely become freinds but get the cops involved and they will hate each other forever

Anonymous said...

Ever worked with troubled kids poster 6:46?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have worked with troubled kids for the last 40 years. One kid punching another kid over a game does not deem them troubled nor should it require police interaction. The problem is posters 9:34 and 10:30 would rather prescribe prescription drugs instead of being a parent and disciplining their children. I agree it is much easier to drug your kids so you can enjoy your evening but the long term ramifications are not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I think the key here is these kids are being housed at Adelphoi Village which is a house for troubled kids therefore, these kids while only fighting over a game, are indeed, troubled.

Anonymous said...

Great post 11:12 A.M That place makes one a little nostalgic for the Northern Tier Children's Home.