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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RE: Wronged by Wal-Mart - Praises to Rite-Aid

Dear Editor;

Please let me tell your readers about Mr. LeRoy Hanchett, a pharmacist at Rite-Aid in Olean, New York.

My husband had open heart surgery on Tues. and was discharged on Sunday with a 3 hour trip home. He did not get to leave the hospital with a dose of pain medications he was taking every 4 hours. So I raced to the Wal-Mart Pharmacy in Olean. After a 2 hour trip, the discourteous clerk informed me there was nothing she could do as they closed at 5:00 (it was then 4:20PM) and the Pharmacist was “backed up”… I explained my husband was in the parking lot and in pain and I felt it was an emergency need and to please fill the prescription. She was obviously upset there was yet another customer at her window, and again… there was nothing she could do…. “Try downtown at the CVS, maybe” was her reply.

I was understandably distraught and a kind young woman behind me in line, told me to go to Rite Aid… said she liked their service and was sure they would help me.

The Pharmacist on duty was LeRoy Hanchett. What a kind and compassionate person. He did not explain to me he was closing in 15 minutes… he took the information and filled my husbands prescription. He also was “backed up”…. not only with walk-ins… but people driving up to a drive-up window… which Wal-Mart doesn’t have… and he STILL kept a calm and reassuring demeanor.

I have written to Wal-Mart and to Rite Aid and assured Wal-Mart they will not get any more prescriptions from me and I will weigh all my other purchases very carefully from now on…. I will not be the mindless “Stepford Housewife” robot who walks into Wal-Mart anymore… I am sure I can break that habit very well.

Mr. LeRoy Hanchett was the “face” of Rite-Aid for me when I was distraught and my husband was in pain…. How can I thank him enough for his kindness…. He didn’t even know I had already suffered abuse at Wal-Mart. Thank you Mr. Hanchett.

Sincerely yours,

Jeanette E. Stuckey
1096 Costello Road
Austin, PA 16720


Anonymous said...


It was 4:20 and they wouldn't give her the drugs!!!

That my friends, is a cardinal sin...and you all know what I mean about 4:20!

But seriously, if weed was legal you could've just foregone the pharmacy and medicated yourself much cheaper!


Anonymous said...

Yea but if pot was legal it would screw everything up. Just think, the doctor wouldn't have gotten paid to write the script, and the robot "Spepford Housewife" Mrs. Stuckey would never walk into Wal-Mart and fuel the machine that allows Wal-Mart to pay people less than poverty wages all the while making them work part time so they don't have to pay benefits.

Just think of the effects it would have on the way can we legalize

Anonymous said...

Hmm Jeanette, it must be Rite-Aid is the place for the friendly Pharmacist. I also had an experience @the coudersport Rite-Aid. My daughter was sick and the pharmacy i got her prescription at didn't buble gum flavor it after bng at the after hour cole care for a majority of the evening, i stopped at the rite aid and told the pharmacist my predicament. I told him that we didn't get the prescription there and my pharmasist wasn't open and i knew she would not take the medicine without the bubble gum flavor. He also had people waiting but he told us to wait and he would do it. i was more than willing to pay for the cost of the flavoring but he just said Have a Good Night Maam.

Anonymous said...

I also had something similar happen at the st marys wal mart pharmacy. I know how you feel. I rarely shop there anymore. Just the other day my husband stopped in an emergency situation for work (in st marys) went to the check out counter during the morning shift and was treated very rudely by an elderly cashier in st marys who yelled very loudly at him in front of other customers and employees, that was it for me. I am just grateful that Mr. LeRoy Hanchett assisted you and your husband.

Anonymous said...

It must be a Rite-Aid thing. Emporium has the nicest pharmacist - Mr. Blair Lundberg. He is always there to assist you no matter how busy he is he always makes the time for you. He has even delivered prescriptions to our home which is way out of his way.

Anonymous said...

It is a Rite-Aid thing. I have never been in a Rite-Aid that the pharmacist has not went out of their way to help you. I have had the pharacist in Port call Coudy vice versa if they could not fill a perscription, and with a diabetic living in your home, it has made a difference between life and death.

Anonymous said...

Rite Aid is not all that it is cracked up to be. I knew a mother who had a kid that was confirmed with swine flu. She went to rite aid to get the prescription Tamilflu to fight the Swine. On her adventure into the store the pharmacist told her she had to take her sick kid back outside and wait for the prescription to be filled. Yeah this may help from spreading it to other people. Seriously though if you are a pharmacy and have the medicine to treat an ailment do so. Do not shun someone because of an illness. It was a cold day that day and lucky the car had a heater to keep the kid warm. Not all Rite Aids are as caring or compassionate as the ones you people mention. As far as I am concerned this was discrimination on Rite Aids behalf to treat her and her child this way. Do you think they would tell an AIDs victim to go outside and wait for their medicine?

Anonymous said...

Jeannie - hope Cliff is feeling MUCH better and thanks for sharing the experience!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the employees at Walmart are not happy, and understandably so... part time wages, no benefits, etc., makes for cranky people. Walmart needs to rethink its employer policies. Meantime, that is no excuse for the bad treatment of any customer. I find that much of the work force today is comprised or irresponsible, bumbling and careless people who have no work ethic and do not care. Makes for many hair-pulling situations for those on the other end. Have you ever gotten into the Verizon Nightmare? You have been warned. Just recently in a local Jubilee, a deli employee left meat out at night to spoil THREE different times! When the Manager tried to address the issue with the powers that be, she was told to go "easy" on the employee, and that was that. No accountability! Two days later, that derelict employee up and quit. People do not respect authority or the set standards of the job. I expect that we will be seeing much more of this in years to come.

Anonymous said...

The key comment was "I felt it was an emergency" Do you think your the only one that needs meds filled? What about the accountability of the hospital and letting the patient ride home for three hours.What about your own accountability and not having your prescriptions prior to taking your husband from the hospital

Anonymous said...

While we are on the subject, I want to say a word for an incredible pharmacist, Mike Farber, owner of Port Pharmacy. Many a time he has gotten out of his bed to fill a prescription for a late-night customer, many of whom just having just left the emergency room, etc. Mike is truly a home-town guy who deserves some recognition for his devotion and service to the Port Allegany community. I was sorry that an out-going pharmacist in Port - some years back - sold his business to the new (at that time) Rite Aid pharmacy instead of Mike, who truly deserved it. But Mike has prospered in spite of that. Nothing against Rite Aid but Mike Farber deserves some time in the spotlight too. I was in the store last Friday just before closing - needed a gift for a birthday and chose a sweatshirt that needed a decal pressed onto it. In spite of the late hour, and my offer to come back the next day, Mike and his employees took the time to take care of it right then and there. No matter where the good service may be, let's put our money into those businesses that care!

Anonymous said...

"Do you think they would tell an AIDs victim to go outside and wait for their medicine?"

Sorry, but you cannot catch AIDS from someone sneezing on you.

Guess what? I'm glad they made the child leave the store, he/she shouldn't have been there in the first place. If it was that bothersome that the mother couldn't leave the child w/someone at home, and had to drag the sick child out, why didn't she use the window and not create a situation where other people could become infected with a possibly fatal disease????

You are out of your mind for criticizing that Pharmacy for making the child leave.

Just maybe I'm sitting there w/my child waiting for something and you come in and infect us b/c you're too ignorant to care if you get other people sick. Gimme a break.

I say the Pharmacist did a wonderful job.

"Do you think your the only one that needs meds filled? "

It makes no difference if she WAS the only one or not. She was not only treated rudely, but was denied service 40 minutes before they were supposed to close.

Btw I second the marijuana legalization from poster #1.


Anonymous said...

To the person that said, get your meds before you leave the hospital. Well.......we did the same thing. After 5 days in a hospital and 3 hrs from home the first thing you want to do is get back on familiar territory. What the hell, you want to run your mouth but can't sign your name? Get a back bone. Cheryl Bryant

darla plotts said...

Jeannie, I know Leroy and his wife Sue personally. They are wonderful people..When Dave had his thumb amputated,Leroy also helped me out..Am so sorry to hear about Cliffie..Know we are thinking of you and if you need anything call..Love You!!

Anonymous said...

I ams o glad Jeannette shared this story. It made me feel good to know that there are caring people right around the corner. This is the good stuff we need to hear from time to time.

Anonymous said...

"It was a cold day that day and lucky the car had a heater to keep the kid warm."

This is funny. I can't think of any regular vehicle where the heater is an option. Kid should have been home and isolated not prancing around a public store, even if he just came from the doctor's office. Take him home and then come get the meds. I don't want him spreading his crap all over the place by touching door handles and sneezing and coughing all over.

Anonymous said...

I myself will stick to Buchanan's in Coudy, they go out of their way and are very friendly and know you by name.

Anonymous said...

Please support your local vendors when you can, buy local. It is pretty tough out there right now, they need all the support they can get. Also much friendlier than the "box store corps."

Anonymous said...

To the poster on 11/18/09 at 3:32 pm. I'm with you on this one. If that Pharmacist ever smiled his face would crack. He is a really rude man.

Anonymous said...

7:29 I feel more comfortable when people are being themselves then when I know someone is being artificially happy and throwing canned greetings at me becasue it is a job requirement.

As Pharmacists go I care more about them doing their jobs correctly then what kind of mood they are in.

It is a good thing Pharmacists don't mess up orders as often as fast food places.

Anonymous said...

Mike Farber is wondeful... he does so much for Port A and the surrounding areas. His store is always busy and they have just anything you would need.. He has been to my house several times for my parents health needs on off hours. He even came one night when my dog broke off a nail when he got it caught in the carpet.. now seriously.. what other pharmacist would do that!!! Of course he and my dog are pals..its a beagle thing... but seriously.. Mike deserves a huge KUDOS for all he does.. We appreciate you Mike Farber!!!!

Anonymous said...

I second Buchanan's in Coudy. On several occasions they had in stock medication that Rite-Aid would have had to order in.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to let you know that I happened to be reading Solomons on my lunch break today and I came across your story. I work with Leroy at Olean General Hospital where he is the pharmacy supervisor. I went ahead and forwarded your letter and the link to him so that was made aware of his impact on you. He called me right back and thanked me for sending it on to him - even stated that he remembered you. I just wanted to let you know that your thank you got to him! :)

Jess Mureddu

Vicki said...

I agree with you Cheryl Bryant!

In August I was treated rudely by the lady in Mansfield that I handed the paperwork and insurance cards to I told her just what I thought!

When I arrived at the counter her response to me was "did you expect to received this medication today?", I said yes I do, she said "well we close in 20 minutes", I said well then you had better get crackin' because I am not leaving without the pain medicine my mother needs. I told her my mother had just had hip surgery a few days ago and was out in the parking lot with my husband waiting for me as we were on our way home from Giesinger hospital. That while my step-father was driving her home he had a stroke and was taken back to the hospital by one of his children, so YES I WILL be leaving today WITH her needed medication!

A younger lady working at the end of the counter that gives you your filled order witnessed and heard what was said...when she handed me my bag she said I am so sorry you were treated like that, I hope everything works out for your parents. I thanked her!

Sometimes these people need to realize emergencies do happen and their customers are stressed!

Anonymous said...

I too have had trouble with Wally drug counter----I love Rite Aid in Emporium just for the friendly faces,some of the sale items are outstanding and someone is always there to help you---I had always been a loyal customer of Lundbergs and when Blair went to Rite Aid so did I--and have always left with a smile on my face thanks to Him the manager Vince Thomas and their wonderful employees--even though I have since moved to St Marys I still get all my meds from Emporium Rite--to me its worth the trip : )

Anonymous said...

I also had a similar thing happen to me at the Wal-Mart here in MD. They no longer have my pharmacy business.

Anonymous said...

You should not have wasted 2hours, that's your own fault for not trusting the local pharmacy Buchanan Brother's; they have been known to fill a script at any hour. support your local stores, there are too few left not to.

Anonymous said...

Walmart is killing this country. For short term savings, we will have long term, unforseen problems from the death of mom and pop shops to death of customer service. It's pretty hard to go the extra mile with you take home a paycheck that barely puts food on the table.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people would get offended that the pharmacist asked someone who was confirmed with a very contagious illness to wait outside the store to protect the other patrons. He was protecting people which is the only LOGICAL thing to do! Besides, what kind of parent has their child out and about when they have swine flu?! It's people like that that are the whole reason the illness is still circulating so rapidly! If she had no other options other than to take her child out, why not use the drive-thru, if not out of concern for the child's comfort, then respect for others?!

ECO said...

Un-Educated Retards. I am sticking up for the post about the Swine Flu incident. You people make the swine flu out to be a dangerous illness that will kill you. Well
Educate yourself retard because the swine flu is nothin but the common flu with a fancy name. When tested it comes back as Influenza A which is the same stran as the Common Flu. Ok now on to the deaths we here so much about. The deaths occur from existing or new occuring health conditions, not the flu itself. Most the people dying from the Swine is actually dying from stuff that interferes with the flu such as Asthma, heart conditions, pneumonia, bronchitus, weak immune system, dehydration, or any other ailment that could intensify your outcome. So in all reguards you ignorant people who bashed that poster I hope you get a case of the swine flu so you can be shunned by the rest of the people. Maybe then you will realize that you are idiots and deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

Poster the news. Niagra County 14 yr. old died from the H1N1 yesterday.. NO and I repeat NO existing conditions. Talk about Morans, you take the prize.

Anonymous said...

Cliff needed the pain med. Once it starts to wear off it takes much longer to take hold if the dose is late. Remember pill form does not work as fast.

Point must be at least an hour to Coudersport from Olean and it was Sunday. I'm sure the Buchannans would do anything they could to help. What if the chance was taken to wait and they could not be reached?

We also have a wonderful drugstore and Ray goes above and beyond to help in any way. Sometimes another drugstore has to be used.

This is the USA and last I knew we all could make our own choices. Quit trying to belittle a choice rather than your own.

Anonymous said...

About time folks wise up to Walmarts monopoly, Don't you wish the mom and pops back to our rural area? Shop localy and keep our stores we have.

Sharon G said...

I am so appreciative of all these people who took the time to write of their harrowing experiences with Walmart pharmacies.
All of your stories come down to one simple thing. Our pharmacies are locally owned and operated and these people have compassion for their customers, which Walmart lacks.
Walmart, to me, is like a disease. They move into a town and run all those little businesses out of business and then, this is the response we get when we expect that familiar, friendly reaction from them.
This should be a lesson learned to all of us. Give our business to those who really are our friends, local businesses.
Hey, evidently those of you who were quick to attack those who "left the hospital without the meds" have never been in that particular scenerio. When you get a family member from a hospital setting your mind is focused on getting them home and in a familiar setting and comfortable. Yea, the meds should be a priority but, hey, don't judge these people unless you have had to bring someone home like they have.

ECO said...

To the Poster on Thursday, November 19, 2009 9:37:00 AM EST

For one it is MORONS not Morans you Retard. 2 There had to be something else with the kid physical or mentally to aid the swine flu in the childs death. The swine flu is not Deadly its all the other Attributes that will kill you. Read up on shit you Retard. I had to have my kid tested for it and I had 3 Doctors tell me the same thing. That it is not the Swine flu killing people its other Ailments. Down Syndrome, Asthma, Heart Murmur, Pneumonia, Bronchitus, Dehydration, Autism, Weak Immune System, Brain Damage, or any other physical or mental condition that could prevent a persons body to properly fight off this illness. So stop goig by News Reports and check Doctor records or Hospitals Records Dumbass. You really take the prize for being an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone with positive comments... the only resounding negative is that I should have brought pain meds home with my husband. I did have the presence of mind to ASK Hammot for pain meds on the trip home. They said their hands were tied and I HAD to fill the prescription... I am not stupid...however, I was very nervous in an unfamiliar city and I DID want to get Cliff home ASAP. Thanks you to all the people who have called and wished Cliff Well Wishes.... these little things mean so much to someone recovering. Jeanette Stuckey

Anonymous said...

well, since everyone is giving credit to phamacys, i would like to memtion abbie gallford at port rite aid. she has always been very helpful to me, no matter how busy she is. so you go girl.....and i also commend the phamacy for asking the lady to take he child outside. who had the swine flu. they should of never have taken the clild in there,

Walmarx, always corporate greed said...

as far as pharmacists go........

Ray Sprout is THE MAN!!!!!!!!

Screw walmart and rite aid. If you want the job done right go to Sprouts.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette, I read about Cliff's heart surgery. I am sorry to hear of the problems you had. I do pray Cliff will soon be feeling well. I, too, tried to have the Pittsburgh hospital give my son pain medication before he was sent home after 9 pm after having 31 teeth removed. It was against their policies to do so, as it was a narcotic. What harm could 1 little dose of medicine do to get him through the night? By the time we got home it was very late and I didn't want to wake up Mike Farber to fill a prescription. I know he would have done it, but I didn't want to impose. I felt it was the hospital that should have provided the pain medication. They should have a pharmacy open for situations like this. I did not have his insurance card with me, so I couldn't go elsewhere. I always get my prescriptions from Port Prarmacy, thus I have no experience with the Walmart Pharmacists. Carol S., formerly of Bayline Ins.

Anonymous said...

maybe we all should look at how we act at are jobs . maybe she was have a bad day. she didn'd circle it with RED pen?

Anonymous said...

I thank you for the letter and sorry you had to put your self in that postion to be treated that way by walmart. I do work at a rite in Pennsylvania and we do try to give the best customer service. At my store if you walked in right before we would close the pharmist would be will to help.