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Monday, November 16, 2009

What Visitors Have To Say About Potter County Area

Fun In Coudersport
From Trail Traveler Blog
Anyways, I did some pretty fun things in Coudersport, PA! I learned how to shoot a gun, how to fish, and how to drive a four wheeler! I'm a real mountain girl now! It was interesting when I told my dad about the four wheeler because he works for the government addressing visitor impact in National Parks and trail sustainability along the Appalachian Trail and last year they had a big issue with four wheelers ruining his sustainable trails and bringing axes and chainsaws with them so they could cut down any tree that was in their way. Needless to say he is not a big fan of four wheelers, but we were just driving on the road and a logging road so we could laugh about it.

Another interesting thing that was explained to me by Joe was that they found natural gas underground near Coudersport and an easy way to capture it horizontally rather than drilling multiple times vertically. Since then everybody has been quick to buy up rights all over the place and big companies have been offering everybody who owns land in one area to buy it and give them a percentage of the profits they make. You can already see the damage being done and the makings of further destruction of natural habitat. The area around Coudersport is also logged quite a bit and on our way out we drove past a lumber mill. It was crazy to see hundreds of giant trees all stripped and stacked up, waiting to be processed. It just enforces why we should recycle!!

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Anonymous said...

"It was crazy to see hundreds of giant trees all stripped and stacked up, waiting to be processed. It just enforces why we should recycle!!"

Those cut trees are the best thing to ever happen to a 100 year old mature forest such as ours. Those cut trees represent new growth and new habitat for a multitude of wildlife as well as timber for future generations .

Somebody needs to take a closer look at things.

Anonymous said...

Kinda makes you wonder how our forests survived before all you brains decided that clear cutting was the only answer.

Anonymous said...

Save it all!!!!
The Middle East,Russia,China and the rest will need it to rebuild their new satelite country when they have finished buying America the poor!
Hug those trees tight as they are the rest of the worlds future!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, these naive people can wipe their butts with plastic! I am not saying we do not need to recycle, but come on people.

What is your home built from? How about that pencil used in school? What are the moldings, trim and doors in your home made from, Plastic?

We are all ready importing enough goods WE used to MAKE, GROW and DEVELOPE here in the USA, keep on whining tree huggers!

Anonymous said...

plastic? I use the 3 sea shells.

agreed, our forests are among our greatest assets and man willing always will be.
Providing of course we manage our forests wisely and responsibly.

Anonymous said...

"Providing of course we manage our forests wisely and responsibly."

And that is why our 100 year old forests are cut at a rate of 1% per year. That way we have great 100 year old timber forever more.

Anonymous said...

11/17-12:43-- I beleive fire or disease played a role in regeneration before there was necessary management! Brad