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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bradford Eliminating City Jobs

WESB NEWS--City of Bradford to Eliminate Four Jobs
The City of Bradford is cutting four employees from its payroll. Two city police positions are being eliminated and one position each from the streets and refuse departments. Also, some city employees have agreed to wage freezes and health insurance changes. Bradford City Council will vote on the measures tonight at 7pm in council chambers.


Anonymous said...

In a community where crime is on the rise they eliminate law enforcement positions? C'mon man!!!

The Mayor reveals to the City that they will be moving their dispatch to the 911 Center to free the desk officers up to patrol the streets increasing the police presence, and then counters it by laying off two officers? C'mon man!!!

There has to be at least two "slush" positions within the City government that would be more practical to eliminate. I urge all city residents to speak up. The Mayor and City Council's decision to jeopardize the safety of the very people who hired them to protect them and be their voices must not go unchallenged.

Too often municipal officials get their priorities wrong when trying to cut budgets. They immediately attack public safety, which should be the very last place they look. The constant attacks on public safety budgets are unacceptable. We elect these officials with the idea that they are going to make decisions that are in the best interest of the public. Cutting public safety is the furthest from that.

Think about this. If you are hired to do a job, and your performance is not in the best interest or your employer, what happens? You get a "pep talk" from them. Mayor Riel and the members of City Council were hired by you, by an election, to do a job. It is apparent that the decision to lay off two police officers is not in the best of interest of the people that they are working for. Perhaps its time for that pep talk.

Good luck Bradford.

Santa Clause said...

Austin boro needs to do this as well and trim the fat so to speak