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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feds Question Effect Of Fracking On Health In NY

Federal EPA drills state's Marcellus framework
One of 10,000 comments on DEC plan

By Tom Wilber •
Star Gazette
The federal Environmental Protection Agency added its voice to the Marcellus debate, with a harsh critique of the state DEC's proposed permitting conditions.

The proposed framework lacks information on how drilling and hydraulic fracturing to develop the Marcellus will impact the health and environment, according to a Dec. 30 letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation from John Filippelli, Chief of the EPA's Strategic Planning and Multi-Media Programs.

In particular, "analysis and discussion of cumulative and direct impacts ... need to be significantly expanded," the letter states. Additionally, "a greater emphasis needs to be placed on the potential health impacts that may be associated with drilling and hydrofracturing." More...


Anonymous said...

No kidding?
Notice the new natural gas sign coming into Coudersport? Note the words "natural" and "green" on it? Subliminal marketing. Yes, the sign intends to say natural gas and green as in money, but it's subliminally telling us how "good for the environment" natural gas is. Marcellus shale drilling is NOT a couple of pipes and a tank in the middle of a field - it's a five acre site with tanker trucks rolling in with fresh water and rolling out with contaminated water. Check out the drilling in Wharton.

Anonymous said...

Since our Pennsylvania government is not at all inclined to protect its people or natural resources, I certainly hope and pray that the Federal Government can step in and do so. The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Green means better for the environment as in cleaner burning than the fule you probably use to heat your house and definitely use to run your car. Not false advertising, just people like you look for the negative in everything. Can hardly wait for more of the paranoid rhetoric in 2010.

Go Green said...

12:40:00 PM
You are so right!

Brother Nature said...

I hope that all of you "pro" drilling people enjoy your contaminated water. You might be saving afew cents on natural gas to heat your home, but you'll go broke buying bottled drinking water.

Anonymous said...

Natural gas may be clean to burn, but the fracking process used to extract it is anything but. I'm not looking for the negative. I'm looking at the whole picture. You see only this clean burning natural gas that magically appears in your tanks without considering how it gets there.

Anonymous said...

12:40:00PM and 3:01:00 PM
P.S. I truly and honestly do hope you're correct and that what is being said here is "paranoid rhetoric" and that I don't have to get the water for my home brought in by a tank truck or my kids treated for contamination-fueled diseases.