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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Governor Rendell: Nearly $20 Million in Federal Funding Available to Spur Wind Energy Projects, Generate Orders for Manufacturer

Latest Investment to Create Jobs in One of America’s Fastest Growing States for Wind Energy

Harrisburg – Governor Edward G. Rendell announced today that $19.8 million in
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding is now available for large-scale
wind projects that will generate clean energy, spur new orders for the Keystone
State’s green energy manufacturers, and put Pennsylvanians back to work.

In describing the importance of supporting clean energy technologies, the Governor
said this latest investment builds upon Pennsylvania’s stature as one of the fastest
growing states for wind energy in America.

“With the help of federal and state incentives -- and programs like Green Energy
Works! -- Pennsylvania is paving the way to develop more large, shovel-ready wind
projects. These are the types of projects that create jobs for people putting steel in
the ground, while helping us to power our future in a cleaner, more environmentally
friendly and efficient way,” said Governor Rendell.

“Pennsylvania has been recognized for the growth of our wind energy sector, with
three new wind farms beginning operation this year and additional projects coming
on-line in the near future,” continued Governor Rendell. “Pennsylvania now has 595
megawatts of wind generation capacity, enough to power more than 178,000

According to the American Wind Energy Association, the state ranked second in the
nation for wind industry growth during the second and third quarters of this year.

The Green Energy Works! Wind program is open to projects located in Pennsylvania
that use grant funds matched with private investments for wind energy systems of
at least 3 megawatts of capacity and use Pennsylvania goods and services to the
greatest extent possible.

Funds may be used to purchase and install equipment for producing wind energy or
distributing energy by covering interconnection costs and network upgrades. All
proposals must be for a minimum of $250,000 and may not exceed $19.8 million.

All projects must create jobs and be completed by April 30, 2012.

Guidelines and application materials are available at Under
the heading “Where is Your Money Going?” click on “Energy Independence.”

Applications must be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection
Grants Center—Green Energy Works—Wind, 15th Floor Rachel Carson State Office
Building, 400 Market St., P.O. Box 8776, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8776. E-mails or
faxes will not be accepted. Application deadline is 4 p.m. on Dec. 31.

Prior to submittal, applicants with questions are encouraged to contact the DEP
Grants Center at 717-704-5400, or Kerry Campbell at 717-772-5985.


Mr. Wizzik said...

Ok, so I'm not saying we should put windmills in our backyards, but seriously this is a very rural area.

There must be SOMEWHERE we can put a windmill farm around here.

I've heard the talk, now lets walk the walk.

Lets bring some of this $20mil to Potter County damnit!

Clean Energy said...

Thought the money was drying up?

Just keep repeating it and you may convince yourselves but not the rest of us that are for clean green energy and JOBS in Potter County...bring on the turbines!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets be like Ithaca N.Y. and try and reduce our emmissions by 80%.
But just like them,lets fight to stop anything that could in any way, (short of rubbing our stocking feet across the carpet)generate this more efficient energy.
Lets continue to cry Wolf about all the things that have been done to make this possible.
Twenty years ago these same eco freaks were the ones pushing for wind,solar,nuclear,natural gas,biomass,and geo thermal.
I can still hear them crying out..
Lets save our planet and quit burning coal.We can get our energy from windmills and the sun.We can convert our cars to natural gas and electric.We can quit generating our electric with coal and instead use nuclear plants and cleaner burning natural gas.And on and on and on.
Well folks,you have your wish.But just like all nuts with a cause,NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!
No matter what it is or how it is done,you will still WHINE!
The word energy, by its own definition,will have cause and effect.We either move on the best we can without ending our ability to survive as a country, or we bow to the will of others.
Suck it up TREE HUGGERS.Reality is at the door,it is hungry, and you can't wish it away!

Mr. Wizzik said...

I would tell you to close your eyes and picture this, but then I suppose it would be impossible for you to read and follow along ;)

So, imagine for a moment if you will, that you are driving through any local town around here. As your gas burning car/truck propels you along, a tractor trailer rumbles by, the bowels of the smoke stacks bellowing black smoke, it's 18 rubber wheels lightly squealing as they grip the tar and asphalt. You glance to your right as the tractor trailer's rumble begins to diminish behind you, the smell of diesel exhaust wafting through the air as it's huge mass, seemingly just a blur, passes by. You see pole after pole, strung from one another strands upon strands of wiring, but you barely give notice to the wires, the poles or the toxins you just inhaled.

We accept noisy tractor trailers rumbling by our homes, spewing pollution into the atmosphere as we burn coal and non-renewable fossil fuels to power our conveniences.

We accept all this and more, but we argue that wind turbines are "dirty" and "noisy".

Even if they are, do they not make more sense than pumping hazardous chemicals into our ground water? burning up our limited resources, damaging the environment and atmosphere, and exposing ourselves and our families to toxins, radiation, and carcinogens?

There can be only one motive behind the "dig baby, dig"(gers) mentality that I can comprehend, and that is the 'ole mighty dollar.

Anonymous said...

Geesh, Rendell!
First you fall all over Gamesa by building a golden highway and laying out a red carpet so the people of Spain (who own that company) can have their own "stimulus."
Then you give out all these tax breaks and other incentives so nasty big energy conglomerates (check out AES international record of plundering the environment -- green energy, ha!) can come to PA with not just a free ride on taxes, but actual subsidy payments just to be here.
Now you serve them dessert with the federal money that we could use in so many other ways, like bridges, roads, energy conservation for the low income (that would SAVE more energy by far than these wind machines will produce; duh!).
And all of this in an area where the wind speed/strength is low marginal to low (you can look it up), compared to many other places in this country.
Is this the most ridiculous boondoggle in the history of our state?
Based on this most recent handout to Big Energy, just so we can boast how green we are and never mind common sense, I would say this one takes the top prize.
This is very simple: everybody favors renewable energy so if you gave the courage to inject a little common sense into the discussion of wind turbines you get knee-jerk opposition and don't confuse people with the facts.
How could we be so shortsighted?

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled or enthralled or whatever the right word is about three years ago when I read what the politicians were saying about making Pennsylvania a green energy leader. I even sent Rendell a letter and told him that I admired him for having the guts to do that.
So yes I fell for it hook line and sinker. Then I started reading about what a big money game this is and all the socialist policies we were using to put the round peg in the square hole so as to speak, as Pennsylvania does not have the kind of wind that there is in the Midwest and Texas and other places in the US where wind energy ought to maybe be subsidized by the tax dollars. Writer 7:27 I agree that we should invest in conserving (weatherization) instead of taking my tax dollars to make an artificial economic model that entices energy companies to build windmills here. If we conserve energy then we don't have to be producing it in the first place. So I agree with the big DUH you wrote. Is it true that the windmill blade does not even have to make one turn before these companies are making a profit because our socialist state and our socialist federal government have already made it lucrative for them just to install the things? Somebody who knows what he is talking about said that.