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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Marijuana Bill Gets Lots Of Interest At Hearing

Medical marijuana gets hearing in Pa. House
It was standing room only as those for and against lined up to deliver tales and pleas.

By Amy Worden

Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau

HARRISBURG - The heart-wrenching stories came from both sides.

A Pittsburgh man testified of wishing he could have used pot to ease his dying mother's "excruciating pain." Parents of drug-addicted children said the last thing the state should do is join the 13 others that allow medical use of marijuana.

Thus did the Pennsylvania legislature dip its toe into the roiling waters of the legalization debate for the first time yesterday.

The setting was a standing-room-only hearing of a House committee considering a bill titled the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act.

The sponsor, Rep. Mark Cohen (D., Phila.), said he hoped the testimony would "alter the outdated view of what should be another treatment option for many Pennsylvanians living in pain and discomfort." More...


Anonymous said...

this is discussing those liberal democrates will do anything to get their dope smoking somehow legal. it's stupid laws and regulations like this why America is in the economic condition its in.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. Look at all the people on RX painkillers that mysteriously get stolen. This would be something else for them to steal.

Mr. Wizzik said...

8:05 those prescriptions are most often much more harmful than pot.

Legalize it.

Tell me 8:05 do you drink? Do you think alcohol is acceptable in society?

Tax it.

I'm over 21 yrs. of age, don't tell me what I can put in my body, I'm a free American.

Regulate it.


Anonymous said...

no to dop its dum it is as bad as dui

Anonymous said...

well i think everyone that does drugs are wothless and if you think you need it for medical reasons your better off being dead

Anonymous said...

why not, its not what your grandfather was taught. it wont make you wild and crazy.it might make you lazy and hazy. and it will put you in a better mood than booze.and will take away your discomfort and pain, I know it worked for me. has for the first comment, burn one and you'll agree

Mr Sarcastic said...

Just remember...in the bible it was well known that people had consumed wine, mead, and other fermented alcoholic beverages, but I have never seen a reference to Moses rolling up a big fatty to pass around before he parted the Red Sea.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sarcastic,

Thats because they were all tripping on Acid when he parted the Red Sea....

How else could everyone thing that it happened...

Mr. Wizzik said...

I love you 10:43!

as for this,

"no to dop its dum it is as bad as dui"

.....yeah, we the pot smokers are the dumb ones.

as for this,

"well i think everyone that does drugs are wothless and if you think you need it for medical reasons your better off being dead"

.....well, that's a great argument against marijuana. LOL

Mr. Wizzik said...

"this is discussing those liberal democrates will do anything to get their dope smoking somehow legal. it's stupid laws and regulations like this why America is in the economic condition its in."

So, let me get this right. Allowing patients to use a natural and safe medication in lieu of man-made harmful chemicals with more warning labels than a nuclear power plant that costs 100 times more is what got us in this economic crisis?

It's no wonder pot is illegal...it's absolutely amazing how ignorant people really are.

One last thing. Now I'm not usually one to pick on spelling, but I'm just curious, what exactly is a "democrate" anyways? Is that like a crate full of Democrats or something? If it is, please return that shipment to China, we've got enough of them already.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the 8:52 poster!

Oz said...

Because we "believe", that's how and by the way, drug free!

Anonymous said...

The people that are for this are just tokeheads. Listen to them..."its good, it will make you relax" what a joke. Your 21 and a "free american?" Your retarded is what you are. You want to put something in your body? I can think of a few more things that would help you more. Get a job, move out of mommas house and be responsible for once in your life. "Oh, but I am responsible and I make more for a living than you do, nevermind I sell it on the side." Losers

Anonymous said...

Wow for a bunch of people calling potheads stupid none of you that posted against it can spell for shit. Were you drinking when you left your post. Thats the only excuse for you idiots. Oh wait then you just got Stupid people I forgot, we are dealing with Potter County. County of the Dumb.

Anonymous said...

Lol 9:02! That was a good one!

Anonymous said...

People against legalizing marijuana are cruel and ignorant. Totally ignorant. The illegality of marijuana is based completely on bogus propaganda from the 1930s.
I only wish the people against medicinal marijuana would be stricken for just long enough to realize that marijuana, a natural, side-effect free substance, is the one and only thing that will ease their pain and sickness. If they are in a situation where they desperately need it and it is foolishly denied to them, maybe they would realize the stupidity of their current thinking.
"Marijuana" actually lies in racial slurs directed at Mexicans. Back in the 1930's, the United States' first drug czar, Harry J. Anslinger, was on a mission to rid the U.S. of cannabis. At the time, it was political move to make sure that white people used the substances they were supposed to use: opium and alcohol. He had a somewhat racist outlook: opium and alcohol were the white man drugs, cocaine was the black man drug, and cannabis was the Mexican drug. Prior to enabling the Marihuana Stamp Act and effectively starting cannabis prohibition, Anslinger put forth tons of propaganda and racial name-calling to gain support. Internationally, marijuana is called cannabis, which is the genus of all three types of marijuana plants. Hearst sympathized with Harry J. Anslinger in his war against marijuana. Jack Herer and others argue that Hearst's paper empire (he owned hundreds of acres of timber forests and a vast number of paper mills designed to manufacture paper from wood pulp) in the early 1930s was threatened by hemp, which: 1) like wood pulp, could also be used to manufacture paper and 2) also had an advantage over wood pulp, because it could be regrown yearly as well. Between 1936 and 1937, Hearst associated marijuana with hemp in his newspapers and published many of the stories that Anslinger fabricated. Hearst enthusiastically played a major part in aiding the anti-marijuana movement, leading to its prohibition in the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, a law which also effectively outlawed hemp.
And for the people whose only defense in this information is that we look up only what we want to find on the internet, you don't need to look this stuff up on the internet, although the internet is a great recourse for educating oneself (I'll bet that never occurred to you). This information is readily available in books too - like biographies and encyclopedias. Books, ever heard of those?

Anonymous said...

Listen to everyone on here that talks about alcohol being worse you are all a bunch of idiot atleast we dont get addicted to alcohol and we dont need it like every 10 minutes like all of you need your pot and who knows what else. I have seen a lot of people on drugs and it makes them worthless and lazy just want to set around and smoke pot so yea you all made a great choice i mean you all probably deserve a reward, hell possibly run the country or not but maybe you all should get lives and quit wasting money on shit and spend on something useful like stuff for your family, bills, things that make you family safe and give them better lives

Anonymous said...

Ok well i am not saying i am for it or not
but i am saying have you every watched someone dying in extream pain, from lets say cancer or some other dibilitating illness,
it is not pleasent to watch and i am sure not pleasent to cope with if you are the one dying.
what i really think the big deal is, is that its illegal, to possess pot, maryjane,dobbies whatever you want to call it,
and so people think that this stuff is the devil, because it has been made out to look so bad, i think the truth is that it is a natural herb and someone figured out a long time ago how this stuff could make you feel really good, stoned, high, toasted whatever you want that to be called also,
and you could grow it yourself if you wanted to, and the government didnt like that because they really could not controll it as far as making money from the stuff so it became illigal, now there are other man made substances that will do the same thing for you, alcohol & pian killers for example, that the government can controll because it is man made and has to go through so many regulations for saftey, and health reasons, that is is rather easy to controll, and tax.
as far as harmful sustances that enter your body, lets see we have ciggaretts, beer, chewing tobacco, and the list could go on, have you ever lost a loved one due to an alcohol related crash that wasnt there fault not pleasent i can assure you, but they dont make alcohol illegal, people die from lung cancer every day they dont make gigarettes illegal, mouth cancer, cweing tobbaco is still legal, come on folks i am sure most of us have smoked a joint or 2 in our lives and know how that feels,
heres my point, if it works as a pain killer, and i am not saying for most of the slackes out there who think they have a little uncurable back pain, i am talking termanaly ill persons if it works hey lets do it, regulate it, and those who prescribe it, and lets make someons last days as pleasent as we can, and as far as the bible comment if you think that there werent people walking around stoned back then, i am sure that there were, we have had as some of you like to say potheads and dopers, around for a long time, and for the 839 and 852 posters get a freaking life will ya.

Anonymous said...

10am - "atleast we don't get addicted to alcohol"

I don't know where to begin! I'm seriously dumbfounded by this remark....

Anonymous said...

Medical marijuana is already used in Pennsylvania. Just under another name. Cancer patients in the peds unit in Danville receive it to reduce nausea during chemo. Drugs are used daily to cure and reduce pain. using different names sometimes makes it more politically correct. Aka your grandmothers on Coumadin not rat poison.

not a pot head or liberal

Anonymous said...

Lets see I'm 37 yrs old and I have had lots of friends and family who have either smoked marijuana or have chose to drink alchohol.I've lost two family members and two really good friends to alchohol related accidents.Zero to marijuana related accidents.Case closed in my book.And no my family and friends whom died never touched marijuana.The laws in this country are backwards.

ECO said...

Anonymous said...
Listen to everyone on here that talks about alcohol being worse you are all a bunch of idiot atleast we dont get addicted to alcohol and we dont need it like every 10 minutes like all of you need your pot and who knows what else. I have seen a lot of people on drugs and it makes them worthless and lazy just want to set around and smoke pot so yea you all made a great choice i mean you all probably deserve a reward, hell possibly run the country or not but maybe you all should get lives and quit wasting money on shit and spend on something useful like stuff for your family, bills, things that make you family safe and give them better lives

Friday, December 4, 2009 10:00:00 AM EST
Ok i just would like to add to your STUPID COMMENT that Alcohol is not Addicting. Ok if Alcohol was not addicting why must you drink another beer after you finish off the first? You had your drink why need more right? OK STUPID here I will lay it out simple for you. "ONCE AN ALCOHOLIC ALWAYS AND ALCOHOLIC" The addiction is with you till the day you die. This does not mean you will go out and drink, but it is a disease like any other Drug Addiction. You are foolish for ever believing Alcohol is not Addicting. When a person smokes a joint they wont smoke for another hour probably in most instances. When you drink you have one beer right after another. So tell me where there is no Addiction? All you Anti-Medical Marijuana people deserve to get cancer so you can see how truly you need it to stop you from getting sick and hurting from so much pain. Oh a lil side fact most Computer Nerds Smoke Weed while working on Computers, and these people are your highly intelligent people. Now go figure Whos the Dumb One's now you retarded Alcoholics. I know not everyone who posted here are alcoholics so this does not reflect on you, but you should read into facts about how much better Medical Marijuana is then Loading Medicine Cabinets full of Narcotics to be stolen by Siblings , Children, and Grand Children. Open your eyes and see that if you changed your mind about this. Look how many lives you would save from Narcotic Overdoses!!!

I cant belive what i am reading said...

10am - "atleast we don't get addicted to alcohol"
What the hell are you talking about???????
Are you drunk you freaking moron.
that why its called
You are a JACKASS
That is one of the if not the dumbest comment i have ever seen on this site

Anonymous said...

listen buddy i am the one that posted that about the alcohol and i am telling you that i can drink one and not have another one for months and as for the person who said it helps take pain away i would rather die of cancer then smoke pot or take any drugs as a matter of fact i dont take any medications for anything so i feel there is no need for drugs and burning yourself out daily

i acnt believe what i am reading said...

Thats fine you can do what you like, but to say you cant become addicted to alcohol is the dumbest thing i have ever heard
some people can smoke a joint and not have another for months either
oh and by the way just in case you didnt know this
ALCOHOL IS A DRUG weather its in the form of beer wine or wiskey
it is just a legal one
so you are putting drugs in your body, but maybe you missed that lesson when you went to high school
or you just forgot
they do say alcohol kills your brain cells so maybe that part is been burnt already

Anonymous said...

wow man this is greeeaaat! this is awwwwwsome man! woooooow man I can't wait man ! wow man....... hold up what were we takin about man ???

Anonymous said...

Poster 1:07's comment "I would rather
die of cancer than smoke pot or take drugs". Now THAT has to take the prize for Stupid. Obviously you have never seen anyone suffering from cancer. Never taken ANY drugs for ANY pain? My, aren't you the lucky one!?!
Hope you never have to go through any kind of pain in your lifetime.
So many self-righteous, bigoted people on here. Unbelievable!
You are probably Toking as we speak, right?

Anonymous said...

You know what?

Anyone that begins a post with nonsense such as Alcohol is better for you than pot...well, I almost stopped reading right there, because it's quite obvious they haven't the first clue about what is reality.

Heck, the guy was probably drunk when he wrote it.

I've personally witnessed dozens of people destroy their lives with alcohol, many of them very close to me.

I also know dozens of people who use pot on a daily basis. The "potheads" seem to their crap together if you ask me.

I know quite a few people that smoke most of the day and you WOULD NEVER KNOW IT.

Try that with alcohol.

Here is a small list of some of the "wastes, drug addicts to our society" that use marijuana:

1. George Washington
2. John Adams
3. Marilyn Monroe
4. Edward Norton (personal favorite)
5. Alanis Morissette
6. Brad Pitt
7. Patrick Swayze
8. Woody Harrelson
9. Melissa Etheridge
10.Oliver Stone

That is just the tip of the iceburg, and I used names I'm hoping you have all heard.

Now, for another interesting fact. Did you know that 25% of all American Presidents have used cannabis???? Oh, you didn't huh?

George Washington

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

Andrew Jackson

Zachary Taylor

Franklin Pierce

Abraham Lincoln

John F. Kennedy

Barack Obama

There's a few :)

Pretty darn lazy no good for nothing losers huh?

Marijuana is NOT illegal because it's harmful, it's illegal because at the time they made laws against it, lobbyists and other influential men in government had ties to the paper industry, whose profits were soon to be seriously underminded by the cost effectiveness of producing cannabis in lieu of lumber for paper production.

Besides, it's none of your damn business what I put in my body.

Move to China if you want the government to tell you how to live.

Anonymous said...

"wow man this is greeeaaat! this is awwwwwsome man! woooooow man I can't wait man ! wow man....... hold up what were we takin about man ???"

So, this is obviously your perception of a "pothead", or what I'd like to call a marijuana user.

Well, let me give you my impression of a drunk:

"...Oh what bitch? wtf do you want now? *staggers through living room and slaps her* I told you to have supper ready, you worthless pos...*another slap for good measure as he kicks the dog and tells his son how worthless he too is*..."

Do I need to continue? B/c this particular drunk after beating his wife decides he needs to get out of the house, and why not go down to the bar and hang with the good 'ole boys, I mean after all what are a few drinks?

Then comes the trips home, and thank god he's not stoned and forgot his name for the paramedics who peel him off the road after he just hit a car with a family head on.

But it's ok see, b/c the drunk only had minor injuries...good thing he wasn't smoking "dope" though (btw none of you really know what "dope" is if you're referring to pot as "dope"), someone would have probably had to be inconvenienced by his slow driving ...what a joke.

ECO said...

Friday, December 4, 2009 5:39:00 PM EST

That is some good AND TRUTHFUL information you posted there about the famous people and presidents. You forgot one President though.

CLINTON smoked Pot but Did not INHALE!!. LOL..

Here I wanto to name some more.

Jimmy Hendrix one of the best Guitarists in the World.

Kurt Cobain one of the best Grunge Rockers in the World.

Elvis Pressly the King of Rock.

now that i mentioned these names they all died also. the ones that died from drugs was not due to Marijuana it was retarded Narcotics and Illicit drugs that they got their hands on.

Anonymous said...

I am just stating that I, personally,don't believe in recreational drugs. And as for 8:05 post, no I do not drink. I am not a "goody two-shoes" either. I have seen many loved ones on their deathbeds with one form of cancer or another. If they choose to be home ,HOSPICE will tend to and instruct family members to administer pain meds and whatever else they need to be COMFORTABLE and PAIN free. THANK GOD. All this without any marijuana?

Anonymous said...

thank you 539 great post!

alcohol and pills are man made and marijuana is from the earth. GO GREEN!

if someone has suffered through pain and suffering i believe that they deserve the right to put into their bodies what they wish if it makes them feel better isn't that all that matters?

and whoever the idiot who said alcohol isn't addicting, have you ever watched that show intervention? i have watched almost every episode and it's funny i've never seen one on marijuana but i'll be damned if there hasn't been quite a few about alcoholics......

would like to try said...

Anyone got any I can try to get rid of this damn nagging back pain?

Then I'll make my decision since I know I can't drink the pain away as I've tried many times.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 11:01, but some darn Hunter Harvest all mine and took it home with him or I would help you out! Oh; being on Game Lands someone else may have>>>

Anonymous said...

this is to post 9:49 you said a "side effect free" drug. are you dumb or better yet i think the main side effect of dope has gotten the best of u "BURNED OUT"

Anonymous said...

grow up and suck it up and quit being such a baby 11:01 pain is just weakness leaving the body

ECO said...

Friday, December 4, 2009 11:49:00 PM EST

Marijuana does not burn your brain cells out you idiots. It suppresses them that is why they say Marijuana effects your short term Memory. You get it all back, but it is just dorment for a small amount of time. The Burn out comes from huffing gas, Inhalants, Illicit Drugs, and ALCOHOL. Get your info straight before you open you food fed chamber.

Anonymous said...

all you're doing is teaching yourselfs your not as smart as you think you are ...the wisdom to know the difference and the bottom line that the government puts a tax on it

John Q Public said...

"alcohol and pills are man made and marijuana is from the earth. GO GREEN!"

Ok...go ahead and roll up some poison oak or posin ivy and smoke that too....it comes from the earth, so it must be good. Do you know where beer comes from? It is from Barley and Hops....go green...drink beer...it can be purchased legally if you are 21.

Anonymous said...

Marijuana taxation and regulation would have a HUGE impact on the economy with tax revenue and $$ saved in health insurance costs. Do you ppl have any idea how many symptoms marijuana can treat?

... and to all you self righteous redneck beer junkies who demonize "dope" but down your weight in beer every week end, **NEWS FLASH** Alcohol is a DRUG too and killed a bazillion more people and ruined a million times the homes and families than marijuana ever will. You don't want your kids smoking pot? Be better parents.

Mr. Wizzik said...

John Q Public thank you for showing us exactly what John Q Public believes.

It's a shame that your post is riddled with so much ignorance.

This only illustrates further the lack of factual information the public has about marijuana.

You asked, "what is beer made from" in reference to the "green" statement made about marijuana.

However, your analogy is a complete gross manipulation of the truth as you cannot compare something GROWN to something that is MADE.

They are entirely two different things, one being naturally grown, the other being MANUFACTURED through the process of fermentation by man.

~CM~ said...


John Q Public said...

So Mr Wizzik....are you saying that it would be fine to smoke poison ivy or poison oak since it grows naturally?

Here area some excerpts from this site: http://www.marijuana-addiction.net/marijuana-side-effects.htm

Over 11 million people smoked marijuana last month. Many may not have severe marijuana side effects from taking the drug but many people will. Marijuana side effects include physical problems like breathing difficulties and deteriorating physical abilities. Despite a popular belief, marijuana side effects speed up the heart, blood and breathing rate. The body is taxed more and this speeds up the aging process just like methamphetamines do. The marijuana side effects from this extra exertion on the body include a higher risk for lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

"Marijuana side effects also wreak havoc on the brain when the drug is used habitually. The natural chemical balance of the brain is disrupted affecting the pleasure centers and regulatory systems. The ability to learn, remember and adapt quickly to changes is impaired by marijuana use. Depression often occurs with marijuana usage, which feeds into the cycle of more drug use to treat the pain created by drug use. This cycle of addiction is very powerful and users soon find that they cannot stop using the drug even if they want to.

Anonymous said...

i like you john Q ur the man and post 1:07pm on friday i couldnt agree with u more. we need more people like u in todays society. dont let these burned out potheads bother u. they dont know any better they r living on their last brain cell which tells them to eat sleep breath and make people like us on solomons word mad. and dont worry about them anyways they all have short term memory and wont remember this tomarrow anyways. it pays to be drug free im just so glad to hear that there are people out there that feel the same about this subject as i do.

Mr. Wizzik said...

Well I'm glad you feel I have only one brain cell left, and that I'm a "burnout" 10:53.

I would hope that anyone with enough sense to tell the difference would know that I AM NOT a burnout.

Read a few of my posts and tell me I'm a stupid burnout with one brain cell.

It amazes me that most of you here who criticize pot smokers and call us "burnouts" cannot even formulate a proper and complete sentence, let alone spell.

Call ME a burnout...pffft!

Now, as for you 5:36, lets take a look at the source of your information. Or, should I say misinformation.

The site you quoted from is A FREAKING JOKE!

For those of you who took the time to follow the link, it is a site for Spencer Recovery Centers, Inc.

Now, you tell me, what does this Spencer Recovery Centers Inc. do?

Why, they treat people with marijuana addiction! They offer a rehab center on the "beautiful beaches of California and Florida."

Even though leading scientists will tell you marijuana is not addicting...and I can personally vouch for that from personal experiences....this site contradicts such scientific evidence.

This is just another example of how the public is lied to and misled.

It's quite simple really why this site lies...it PROMOTES their business of treating people with "marijuana addiction".

Get a life, that site is a joke and so are your posts.

You want REAL information about marijuana?

Visit www.NORML.org

Mr. Wizzik said...

"Over 11 million people smoked marijuana last month. Many may not have severe marijuana side effects from taking the drug but many people will. "


Show me ONE person that had this serious side effect from smoking weed last month.

That's what I thought.

Save your lies and manipulation for someone else 5:36.

The real John Q Public is getting wise to truth.

Mr. Wizzik said...

The Blue Ribbon Report Nixon Chose to Bury

Nixon chose to ignore the results of his own investigation, the Blue Ribbon Report: "Marijuana use, in and of itself, is neither causative of, nor directly associated with crime...
[The report] found no basis for the gateway theory...
Alcohol, it said, was probably a greater danger, and the report concluded that personal use of marijuana should no longer be a crime."

Read this:


Watch the movie, and tell me if YOU are more qualified than the Doctors and Scientists that contributed to it.

After all, you've been taught that pot is evil, so you must be right huh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr.Wizzik I just watched it and I would have to say it converted me into a believer.Amazing!

Anonymous said...

ummm wizzik is that ur best, the fact that i cant write complete sentences nice real nice. however, the last i check this is a bloggers website and there is no real reason for proper english. u just say what u have to say and quick and efficient no matter ur puncutation or spelling cause as long as people can read it nobody cares thats the point of a blog. go smoke another joint and fry that last braincell u "burnout" cause nobody who is important will miss you.

Mr. Wizzik said...

6:09 Thank you for your words. I only wish more people would do more research, absorb more information and make better decisions based on accurate information.

8:15 your last post hardly deserves a response.

Obviously, since you don't smoke weed you are much more intelligent than I. Your mangled posts clearly state that, so it must be true.

That must be why you completely missed the point of my previous post.

Now, faced with the facts, and with no facts of your own to base any of your nonsense rantings on, you simply resort to the only thing you know, and that is name calling.

It's funny though 8:15, tell me what is your motive for keeping marijuana illegal? Do you proclaim your desire to help your fellow citizens and benefit our society, even as you post here wishing death upon me?

You must be such a compassionate person.

8:15 it is people like YOU that have gotten this country into the mess it is in.

Sad that you cannot see that.

Anonymous said...

my motive for keeping dope illegal is to prevent people like u from being born. and apparently u missed the whole point of my last post i was just explaining to u what goes on in a blog. however, i understand that someone living off their last brain cell would have trouble understanding that, its ok my hard earned money that i pay into taxes will fund ur next welfare check, haha and im the downfall of America. nice gotta love stupidity!

Anonymous said...

8:15 and 10:15 - go due a 30 second keg stand, close your eyes, spin in 5 complete circles, puke on your self, eat a bunch of sour patch kids, then come back and type!

dope good - beer bad!

ECO said...

Sunday, December 6, 2009 10:15:00 PM EST

Here is a question for you?

Are You really this retarded in life? I mean seriously you present no true facts about your claims, and all you can do is represent beer. Seriously just because a person smokes pot does not mean they are on welfare you stupid idiot. Just because a person smokes pot does not make them a burn out. Just because a person smokes pot does not make them dumb. Drinking beer is like sucking on your mommies nipple you always got to have it. It is a Disease, A Genetic Disease at that. I swear society like this is getting stupid with retarded rednecks thinking they know all. You un-educated rednecks need to go back to school then try some college before you open you nipple grabbers and suck on some brewskies. Grow some balls and present your self with better information before you post.