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Monday, December 21, 2009

McKean County Salaries/ Benefit Costs Disclosed

Salaries for McKean County officials released

County Pays Up To $22,554.00 For Health Insurance

SMETHPORT — 2010 salaries and benefits for McKean County elected officials, line officers, department heads and certain appointed professionals are similar to those paid for the same functions in 2009.

The highest salary is that of District Attorney: $160,851. By law, it is $1,000 less than the salary of the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, which are set at the state level. Judge and DA salaries were not increased by the Commonwealth this year.

The state is supposed to pay 60 percent of the DA’s salary, but has been laggardly in its reimbursements. That problem may be fixed by legislation, county Controller Tom Ball said. The county pays the DA, and reimbursements arrive later, partially offsetting the payments.

Each of the three commissioners receives $51,565 in salary; they are responsible for 94 employees.

Other salaries for officials follow, with the number of employees each is responsible for in parentheses. More...


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get the values on health care benefits and salaries for Potter County?

Anonymous said...

No, so don't ask.

Anonymous said...

why does it take 94 employies for three commissioners? don,t the commissioners do a damm thing expect travel around at our expense

Mommy and Daddy said...

?? your argument makes no sense? do you even know what your talking about?