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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rapp, Causer Argue Against Proposed Wood-Fired Boiler Restrictions

Proposed Wood-Fired Boiler Restrictions

HARRISBURG -Reps. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren/Forest/McKean) and Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) were among several Republican members of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee who signed a letter sent to Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary John Hanger today to officially register their opposition to recently proposed regulations that would place significant restrictions on the use of outdoor wood-fired boilers in Pennsylvania.

"At a time when almost all Pennsylvanians are struggling with higher energy bills and the harmful effects of the international economic recession, I have heard from far too many of my constituents that these new regulations have little to do with environmental protection and will amount to nothing more than kicking hard-working people while they're down," said Rapp. "In terms of economic recovery and achieving Pennsylvania's energy independence from non-renewable foreign imports, by making it more expensive and difficult to use outdoor wood-fired boilers, these proposed regulations will lead to even more lost jobs throughout Forest, Warren and McKean counties because even less Pennsylvania residents will rely on clean burning and renewable Northwestern Pennsylvania-grown lumber to heat their homes."

"Local governments are already empowered to regulate these boilers, if and when it is necessary. We do not need the state to step in with some overly strict, one-size-fits all regulations - this is clearly a local issue," Causer said. "To give people in our area the opportunity to voice their opinions, DEP has agreed to hold another public hearing on this issue in Coudersport in January. I hope people will take advantage of the opportunity to share their opinions on the issue."

Under the DEP's proposed regulations:

· New boilers must be installed a minimum of 150 feet from the nearest property line.

· New and existing boilers must have a permanently attached stack that is at least 10 feet above ground and extend at least two feet above the highest peak of the highest residence. For new boilers, the regulation applies to residences within 150 feet. For existing boilers, it applies to residences within 500 feet.

· A person may not purchase, sell, offer for sale, distribute or install a boiler unless it meets Phase 2 standards for efficiency.

· Only clean wood, wood pellets made from clean wood and certain home heating oil, natural gas or propane fuels can be used in the boilers.
DEP is also considering a seasonal prohibition on the use of outdoor wood-fired boilers, which could have serious consequences for consumers who use the boilers to supply hot water to their homes and for milk house cleaning and use.

These regulations are currently open for public comment. Written comments must be received by the DEP Environmental Quality Board by Jan. 4, 2010. For more information on the proposed regulations and submitting public comments visit RepRapp.com or RepCauser.com.


Anonymous said...

wonder what the gas bill is for a government official.
Alot of hard working people depend on wood for fule now we have to put up with this BULL SHIT.
i work 2 jobs and i still scrape to buy a load of wood
maybe the government should take a trip to the gas companies and slap them around some ,
but then again that may take a little change out of there pockets,
if you just keep kicking the working man/woman around we will just give up right.....LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will be "The shot heard 'round the world". This government of ours, from State to Federal has put its fingers into every aspect of our lives. It's time it stops!!!! We the people are tired of government intervention. My stove is where its at and it is staying there with no 30' $1,000 government mandated chimney. I have no neighbors and therefore the only person affected by smoke is me. Somewhere along the road we all have to take a stand and just say NO to more government, be it obamacare or wood stoves. If someone has the Revolution sign up sheet please start passing it around. God bless America while there is still an America left to bless. Merry Christmas to all.

Anonymous said...

Well Said!

Anonymous said...

"We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they live under Communism."I am not sure but I think that was his quote from 1959..... WOW Look at us now.

- Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

Oz said...

Even though I sent in my comment via e-mail I will be attending this meeting in Coudersport. The more of us that show up the more our state knows we are fed up and we are not going to take it anymore!

Both Causer and Rapp hit the nail on the head with their comments, my hats off to both of them for going to bat for us hard working tax payers, ONCE AGAIN!!!

Mr. Wizzik said...

I'm actually quite proud to read these responses.

Our government has been slowly moving our country towards Socialism, with support of the majority populace.

Read the words of our great Forefathers, and tell me they did not warn us of this.

Our Country has become what our Forefathers set out to free us from.

I am proud that each day more and more Americans are waking up to reality, and realizing the truth.

No longer are our children taught history to learn from the past, to learn from our ancestors mistakes, but rather taught a manipulated version of history in order to condition their minds towards Socialism.

There is NO question that it is time for the People to take back our Country.

We must restore our government to it's intended and original purpose.

Gun sales are at an all time high...the internet is riddled with resistance movements, and state/local militia websites are popping up everywhere.

I do not advocate violence, but as our Forefathers basically said, when our government is no longer for the People, and by the People, it is time for a change...and not the kind of change Obama has brought us.

“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.” – Benjamin Franklin

Fight Socialism. Please do not allow our government to poison your mind with fear tactics.

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."-Thomas Jefferson

Fight oppression.

"I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious."-Thomas Jefferson

Reduce the outrageous size and cost of our Federal Government, and properly restore the rights of the People, the State, and local government.

Mr Negative said...

I must agree with Mr Wizzik and the rest of the American patriots that are against having this socialistic ruling shoved down our throats. What was known as the land of the free and the home of the brave is starting to turn into the land of inflation and the home of the overtaxed. Most people are cvery courteous about the installation and use of their wood burning devices....there is no need for this type of over regulation other than to line someone pocket.

Anonymous said...

"there is no need for this type of over regulation other than to line someone pocket."

Well said!!!

All ways has been this way and all ways will be this way unless we stand up and say "enough is enough"!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the enlightened northern tier folk speaking their minds again. How the freak did Causer get on anything remotely related to our environment anyhow, that pansey? He, like most repukes commenting here, loathe the enrvironment, our h2o, and most importantly, the air we all breathe. It's probably best that some folks DON'T have any neighbors, that speaks volumes alone. If you all could have been responsible from the get go and not burnt you garbage, you wifes used maxi pads, and all other CRAP you could find, spewing who only knows what into OUR air, you may find youself in a better position than just b****ing. Socialism, Obamacare,,,blah blah blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, get ur teabags and have a party while the rest of us, I'll call us the voting MAJORITY, take care of the mess that the prior regime left us with and we make certain that all americans, even poor two job working northern tier cousin marrying knock offs, can have adequate health care. You all don't really know how foolish and silly you look when the lilly white crowds get together, and really, when it gets down to brass tacks, essentilly it's a lot of people who have a problem with the president having different skin than they do, so we throw tea baggin parties and have birther parties. Man, they should have given aware much more college grant money these last 30 years and we would not have most of those kinds of comments.
peace see ya on the hill in Germania this weekend!

WEBMASTER - once again I ask where the counterpoint is??? Let's hear about the crap these "heaters" (really just fancy burning barrels) spew into the atmosphere. Just like fair and balanced faux news...

Anonymous said...

Hey 5pm, the government is OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. It's just that your side lost, lost big, and you still can't understand why we the people hated the dickster and his puppet george. This is what happens in a democracy. The people, a vast majority of the people, include a vast majority of us in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, spoke and voted for change. Don't like it, move to freakin canada, otherwise stfu and help out or at least get out of our way b/c we are doing this IRregardless of you and your little guns. Real men need guns....man, I don't know what website you are reading but your a scary creature. scared scared scared. it's quite laughable

You 2 are nuts! said...

9:52:00 PM & 9:46:00 PM

You two are idiots!!!!!

Tea bagging?

Are you kidding me?!

You sound like some of the over paid comedians and movie stars that OWE OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT hundreds of thousands of dollars in BACK TAXES! As if I give 2 shits what those over paid idiots think and you 2 fall into that category nicely!

As some of us have said before a few irresponsible idiots that do not know how to be a responsible user of and misused their out door wood boiler systems now "big government" needs to step and and OVER regulate once again.

And as far as YOUR president that YOU voted for I could give 2 shits what color his skin is, he is a fool, glad you are admitting YOU voted for him along with the other fools in this country. You'll get change all right buddy, hope you can live with it because your children and their children will pay dearly for YOUR vote!

"MAJORITY, take care of the mess that the prior regime left us with"...you have had 11 months to do your thing, well?

What have you and YOUR man done?

Printed money when you did not have enough to spend on your bull shit?! Send more troops over sea's when he was voted in on his "I'll bring the troops home"...talk about a pile of crap, ya you go right ahead and keep blamin' Bush you idiot!

"see ya on the hill in Germania this weekend"...once you get there please stay there!!!

You 2 are nuts! said...

9:52:00 PM & 9:46:00 PM

Go ahead and watch this video @ 10:47:00 PM ... then keep bragging about YOUR PRESIDENT YOU VOTED FOR, like "Walter" says, damn idiots!!!

Anonymous said...

blah blah Socialism.

Make sure to give back your Soc Sec & Medicare/caid $$$

If you don't think Socialist policies aren't needed and NORMAL you need to stop drinking the koolaid.

Our government is a Democracy,
our economic system is Capitalism.

No where in here are social policies trying to make you Communist. You don't understand what these words mean and you are only making yourselves look foolish and ignorant.


THAT said, these boiler restrictions are equally ridiculous so go out and make yourselves heard!!

The $$ strapped people of this county can ill afford a policy this silly.

The impact it would have on many families is being ignored and this economy is no environment to tell people struggling already with heating costs that they now have to find a new (likely more expensive) way.

You know these DEP people already have a mental image of what to expect in Coudersport. Don't prove them right. Surprise them and show them why this is just a bad decision at a worse time.

They are coming here.
Make yourselves heard.

-Leave your (R) and (D) crap at home
-leave your crazy rantings at home. (Please don't show up and derail the discussion. Don't waste this opportunity.)



They will do this with or without our consent. We can't fight them but we can try to change their minds. We need to help them see this from our eyes. We need to try and CONVINCE them.

Anonymous said...

9:52 & 9:46

your majority vote for Obama come from the big city's, not Potter county.

meaning NONWORKING.. you do sound like you come from that group, but funny how you can afford a computer oh thats right we WORKING people paid for it..........

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this proposed regulation, and I don't agree with the fact that every time someone does something stupid the Gov. wants to slap on another regulation. Whatever happend to being responsible for your actions?

As long as people are burning only what the stoves are designed to burn (wood) there is no problem, but when you drive by and see black smoke and smell plastic burning that is worng and should be corrected.

Mr. Wizzik said...

Unbelievable...ignorance reigns supreme!

" I'll call us the voting MAJORITY, take care of the mess that the prior regime left us with"

Are you for real? Were you NOT the same "voting MAJORITY" that put Bush in office?

I am not a minority. In fact, it is my true belief that if the American People had the FACTS, Ron Paul would be our President.

For those of you who continue to believe that our government isn't corrupt, that it is by us and for us...well keep dreaming.

It's obvious that either 1) You have never taken the time to learn the truth, or 2) You just don't care.

I love the "majority" mentality...just as I and others who opposed Bush's false war in Iraq before it began...we were ridiculed and laughed at.

Who is laughing now? I'm still not.

Mr. Wizzik said...

We don't need more regulations..there are already regulations to prevent you from burning diapers and plastics...they even have an entire dept. our tax dollars already pay for, it's called the DEP.

Burn a couch in your backyard and see who shows up.

We don't need more restrictions, they can already police the substances burned such as plastics etc.

But, as always they find some excuse to levy more taxes and regulations upon us.

They convince YOU ("the majority"), that it is necessitous and beneficial that they impose these regulations.

This is NOT our government's job.

There is always that 1% (the bad apple, the plastic burner, the rotten seed) that is exploited to promote our corrupt government's agenda.

give me a break..what a joke

screw you crooked politicians

Anonymous said...

To the very first poster: nice language. You have trouble paying for heat. I bet you have a cell phone and/or the internet. WHICH ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT?!

As for the rest who complain that this is the government taking our rights away.....what about those of us who have the right to breathe clean, non-polluted air? These burners are environmental disasters. I hope they are banned. You may not care about whether or not we have a planet left to inhabit in a few decades, but I do!

Lastly.....JESUS WAS A SOCIALIST!!! If you studied his life, you would know this!

Anonymous said...

"Make sure to give back your Soc Sec & Medicare/caid $$$"...why should I give back my social security card? I along with my employer have paid into this system for over 30 years! And you know what? When I got my last report from social security there was an * showing that only a % of what I & my employer have paid in will be avaliable for me upon retirement!

Why? Because our Federal Government has been busy dipping into this pool of money for many many years! OUR MONEY, and they have pissed it away!

So blah blah yourself!

Anonymous said...

Kind of thought we were dealing with the regs on the Outdoor Wood Burners???