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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri

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The Potter County Commissioners will hold their final meeting of the year tomorrow at 11:00 am in their conference room in the Gunzburger annex.

The meeting, which will include the adoption of the 2010 budget is open to the public. During the December 17 meeting, the commissioners voted to take out a tax anticipation loan from First Citizens National Bank at a rate of 2.75%. Chairman Doug Morley and commissioner Paul Heimel voted in favor of the motion while Commissioner Susan Kefover abstained because she serves on an advisory committee for the bank.

In questioning from PLE Editor Donald Gilliland, Chairman Morley said the board is hoping the county will not have to draw down the funds, but the loan is in place as insurance against cash flow problems such as what took place this past summer and fall during the state’s budget impasse.

The commissioners also approved the 2010 holiday schedule which eliminates the traditional election day holiday. According to Chairman Morley, since two polling places have moved, there is no longer a need to close the county buildings.

Coudesport’s Ward I polling place has been moved from the courthouse to the gym at the Gunzburger annex. Access to the polls does not interfere with county business and the Roulette polling place has moved from the Human Services building back to the fire hall.


Anonymous said...

No mention of the county tax hike in this article? Was on the front page of the Leader Enterprise, guess we did not quit have enough in our budget to cover the appointed jobs after all!?!

But Morley and Paul will blame Harrisburg for not paying the money they owe the county, DUH. We tax payers saw this coming.

Should not have over spent on paid positions for the county until you saw if the state was going to send us what they owed!

Anonymous said...

I know all three commissioners and if the person who wrote that at 3:00 will follow up on here and explain what paid positions are an issue I will ask them and put the answer right here. Are you defending Harrisburg for not paying the money they owe the county?

Huh? said...

"Are you defending Harrisburg" What part of "if the state was going to send us what they owed" did you not understand?

Defend Harrisburg, I did not get that from the 3:00 posters remark!