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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rendell Threatens To Lay Off 1,000 State Workers

Rep: Rendell Uses Pa. Workers as “pawns“
Harrisburg, Pa. - The state already cut nearly 800 jobs this year and now the Governor is threatening another round of layoffs. According to Rendell, at least 1,000 state employees this time, unless lawmakers pass a table games bill in early January.

The deadline is January 8th. Senators and representatives have left for the holidays. The next legislative session isn't scheduled until the new year; just three days before that deadline. More...


Anonymous said...

We should lay him off.

Oz said...

Go right ahead there Fast Eddie, play your games, lay off middle management in Philly and Pittsburgh and the laborers SOUTH of 80 for a change! I think you have taken away quit enough from us tax paying citizens NORTH of 80!

You remind me of our great president, what happened to his "end to pork barrel spending" and "transparency" he promised to get elected? He just proved he did all he could including lying to get the job the proof happened last night with their passage of spend, spend, spend! He begged them to get it done, so this is his baby NOT Bush, have to give up that ploy here sometime soon! Can not keep blaming the past president when he keeps stepping on it, ya know?!

You Mr. Governor are just like the rest of your party, a joke! And the Republicans are not much better, at least not enough of them! Only a hand full of paid rep's really give a shit for the tax payers of this commonwealth, and YOU MR. GOV. do not!

Anonymous said...

Fast Eddie has used the employees as pawns for years. Penna. politics for you. Their Union wont do anything about it.

Mr Realistic said...

I think we need to lay him off!!!!His salary is probably equal to at least 10 of the Penndot workers that we need to keep the roads cleared through the winter. What a joke this idiot has been since he took office.

Anonymous said...

Remember to vote for your governor next time and let's throw him out on his money grubbing ..... rear!!

Anonymous said...

This man won't be happy until more state workers are furloughed! He creates high paying jobs for his buddies but wants to furlough the average family person! The sooner he is out of office ~the better!

Anonymous said...

how much longer does his term run?

Anonymous said...

Really people! How many more times are "we" going to elect this a**hole! I really wish the voters of this state would WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

if the state lays off another bunch of so called workers most of them don,t do a damm thin but collect there pay check and benfits and bitch how hard they have to work there is at least two people to do every job and it don,t get done anyway if people had to work like people use to they wouldn,t thousands of so called workers to begin with

Anonymous said...

Poster 10:28, A grammar and punctuation class would do you some good. Maybe it would even help you find a descent job!

Mr. Wizzik said...

Everyday there is someone on this site that criticizes someone else for their grammar or spelling.

Ironically, every time someone does this, they misspell while criticizing the previous "misspeller". LOL

"A grammar and punctuation class would do you some good. Maybe it would even help you find a descent job!"

It's amazing! You just gotta love it!

To answer your questions regarding how much longer we are going to elect Rendell, well it's not Potter County electing him, it's Philadelphia.

As long as the city folk continue to benefit from his Democratic ways, he will remain in office.

Anonymous said...

Let’s start with half of these over paid Penn Dot Foremen. Seems every move made has to have a foreman attached to it.

Then clean out the laborers who don’t know what their job consists of or how to properly operate the equipments they are running.

Than unload some of these other State Agencies.

How did the people ever survive the 50’s and 60’s around here?

ECO said...

Next Year is Rendells final Year as he talks of Retirement other then that. Elections are also held after next year so he will be out anyway.

Anonymous said...

" Get rid of hia sorry butt "
He has done nothing but lie to the taxpayers and sadly to say filled his own pockets !!!!
What does he care when it comes to laying people off ? He is all set for a Mega Fat retirement !!!!!

Anonymous said...

POSTER 11:10,
Descent?!? Looks like the pot calling the kettle black. You people are all a joke. Get off of here!

Anonymous said...

You go 8:37 !!!!!!!
I always was taught that if you did not have a kind word to say about someone than do not say anything.
It amazes me how they start out judging someone and end up criticizing each other.
I apologize if I have any punctuations or words spelled incorrectly.