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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Schneider Sentenced To 2 1/2 To 6 Years In State Prison

WESB NEWS--Austin Man Sentenced in Drug Overdose Case
An Austin man has been sentenced to two and a half to six years in state prison in connection with the death of another man last December. 39 year-old Steven Schneider plead guilty in October to involuntary manslaughter in the drug overdose death of Brock Hooftallen, also of Austin. Schneider and Hooftallen were at a party on December 4, 2008 celebrating the 21st birthday party of another individual.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. A radio station in Bradford sends reporters to cover Potter County court cases?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Brock! May you rest in peace! Miss you much!!

Anonymous said...

Good one judge leete ! 2 1/2 years for killing someone with drugs!! Then again it is Austin !Lets make a deal !Merry christmas !

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that this young man tragically died such an early death, the youth in this area continue to abuse the same drug that he overdosed on.

Who cares about pot when these kids can just raid mom and dad's medicine cabinet.

I'd rather they were down by the crick sneaking around and smoking a joint like we used to, than the crap they do today.

Anonymous said...

Poster at 1:03pm....it's called police reports, newspaper, etc.

Here's your sign.....Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

His minimum would be 2 1/2 year....From past experience....He'll do 5 to 6 years. 2 1/2 is for one charge. He was found guilty on several charges. Don't know where you got the 2 1/2 from but saidly you mistaken. Also his girlfriend wrote the Judge a letter asking for forgiveness....Give me a break.

Brock's sister said...

As if the holidays & everyday for that matter aren't hard enough for us... we have to continue to hear all of those wonderful comments that you can't keep to yourselves.

I know that we live in America & we have the freedom to do & say as we please (eg. the negative things that some of you continue to post about my mother)... but I would appreciate that you think twice before you decide to say more things about us...

OH, but PLEASE, continue to think & say what you must of us and how we are dealing with things... it only makes our lives that much easier knowing that people think so highly of us!!!!!

Just keep this one in mind... prison time will not be enough to bring back my little brother and nothing can make this right so move forward with your lives, as we have been forced to.

By the way... thanks to those of you who continue to memorialize Brock in a positive manner!

Thanks for your time.

Milicent Wightman
(oh & why is it that no one can ever post there name under those comments either? If any of you were a friend of Brock, then you should at least have the balls to tell us who you are. He would have!!!)

Anonymous said...

Did Schneider force this drug down Brocks throat? Thought not.

Anonymous said...

No the drug was not forced but it was the main contributing factor in his death. Someone else's medicine that was not prescribed to him, killed him.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say on this is, WHY CAN'T ANY OF YOU LET BROCK REST IN PEACE. He was a great person. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE loved Brock. So please enough is enough. Schneider is serving his time. It may NOT be enough but Brock wouldn't want any of us fighting over it.



Anonymous said...

The whole situation is so very very sad and my heart, thoughts & prayers go out to this family.
Who has the right to judge and who can cast a stone that has never done anything wrong in their own life, this is a very tragic story and this family will hurt the rest of their lives, you never get over losing a loved one. If you cannot say anything nice, Do not Post It !! this family is still grieving and on top of it the holidays are worse....Say a prayer for them and stop the criticing !!!

ECO said...

Brock was a good person to know. He may have made a few mistakes in his life like everyone else had, and then he made this mistake which took his life. You people cannot blame this Sneider guy for Murder it may have been his medicine but both him and Brock were Adults. Both made their own decisions. You want to blame someone blame the Pharmacists, Scientists, and Doctors who everyday put this shit into peoples bodies because they sponsor these medicines. They do not try finding the best cure they just slam a new narcotic out to whoever they feel needs it. It is sad we lost another young person to Narcotics, its time to realize there is better ways of treatment then Narcotics which in any case is highly deadly. You can overdose on just one pill if your body does not want to accept the effects it gives you, or you can Overdose on 25 pills. Those Fentinal patches were not tested properly by the FDA or any real scientists who had common sense enough to know, Hey we are putting a highly deadly drug onto the market. It is all about Money and profit for Doctors and Pharmacists to prescribe these drugs, Do you honestly think a real caring doctor would give this drug to his own child? I doubt it, they would find the safer, better cure. R.I.P Brock! Some of us known who the real person you was inside. Others can judge you all they want, but us people do still care.

Anonymous said...

all you who sit and judge my family, eat shit..take a step back and look at your lives!!! you are no better!talk is talk...and alot of you love to run your mouths. let me tell you..your a bunch of hypocrits!!! how dareyou talk shit on someone who has done everything
for her 5 children, sure isnt easy raising children and providin for them...i think my great aunt has done a wonderful job with her kids..and she has the biggest heart that i have ever seen... maybe you should take a few pointers and maybe you'd have a smidget of what her heart is... but i think not..so she wrote a letter..if you even believed in god youd have some forgivness...i dont agree that steve got what he deserves...its not nearly enough for helpin takin a life,i miss my cousin terribly and once a week visit him and a tatoo and some awesome memoriesthat keeps me close to him..thats how i deal with our loss... SO WHY DONT YOU GIVE MY FAMILY A BREAK!!! no one is perfect... but my family has been thro enough dont you think? Losing my cousin and grandmother a month apart? dealing with immature peoplelike yourselves bullshit.. or everyday things that surround us that reminds us of brock.. i still bust out in tears...you people are the tin-man,heartless!!!
yah, eat your words..keep your ignorant comments to yurself.. if this was your family..you'd be the same way.. and anyone that has anything to say should have enough balls to say to our faces...or just be a coward and two faced to our faces...like you have beenid be glad to talk face to face w. ne one of you that talk shit on my family...it is not easy for any of us...why make it harder for us? and all of you who talk shit on austin... my mother and aunts and uncles cousins grandmothers great grandmothers grandfathers and ect. grew up there and lived there.. and they are some of the best ppl in my life..we all make mistakes and the biggest one you who talk shit on any family who have lost a loved one..... need some serious help and a new hobby & need to find it in yourselves to ask god for forgivness for some of the things you have said and done...to my family and any other family..WHO DO YOU THINK U ARE? SERIOUSLY?