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Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Agencies Resist Open Records Mandates

Compliance with open-records law meets resistance locally

By Jeremy Boren

Heather Hoolahan isn't afraid to pry the public information she wants out of Penn Hills School District officials, but the mother of four wishes she didn't have to do it.

"I'm sort of disappointed that I have to put my name and address on a piece of paper to get information that should be readily available on an agenda," said Hoolahan, who has three children attending school in the district.

"I think their default mode is a defensive one. They're going to protect everybody's back except for the public's."

The district complied with at least five requests she filed this year, using the state's expanded definition of what qualifies as public information. Because of her requests, school board agendas name teachers who resign or are fired; previously, such cases referred to teachers by numbers.



Anonymous said...

Try getting info out of Austin that they don't want the public to know about !

Unknown said...

Usually, but not always, crooks want to hide their wrong doings.

Not saying Austin or anyother school district are crooks.