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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Writer Examines Anonymous Comments/Asks Opinions

Ghost Writers in the Sky, keep on blogging

By Andrew Harris
Never before in our society have we been able to so freely debate, criticize, accuse, compliment, and gossip via the world wide web.

Technology has allowed us all to comment on anything from local news to celebrity scandals with the power of things like blogs, tweets, posts, and Facebook. Not only does this allow anyone with an opinion the ability to reach thousands of people it allows them to do so with a degree of anonymity.

This false sense of namelessness allows people to say the darnedest things without taking responsibility for being the author. This very publication entertains hundreds of opinionated statements by authors who feel they are invisible. What do you think?.......More...


Mr. Wizzik said...

Bloggers have no blog without readers.

Readers read blogs for content, but the concept of "news you can talk back to" is what popularized blogs, and essentially created the blogger.

Without readers, no bloggers, and hence no blogs.

I find it somewhat ironic that a reporter(blogger) is reporting(blogging) negatively about that which in essence created blogs as we know them.

Without the comments, and yes that includes the crazy ones, there would be no platform (other than traditional newscopy)for him to blog negatively about the blogs that allow him to continue blogging.

Now, if that sounds like a bunch of blog, blog, blahg, blahhh...blahhhh blaaaaah!

....then you are right.

That's the impression I got from his article anyway, just more blah blah about people posting anonymously.

It's the internet, and that's how it goes. Educate yourself enough to distinguish between fact and fiction, and let Andy Harris find something real to write about.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, kind of agreed with the article. (as I sign anonymous) But, 4:13 has a great point as well!!

Anonymous said...

4:13 Hit the nail on the head.Get over it!

Anonymous said...

8:37 Get over what??? I mean really, what in God's green earth does that mean?? Get over the article or any thought someone might have either way?? You do know that this is a blog (like the article said) so that each side and any ideas can be shared between others?? I just amazes me?? You agree with 4:13 yet say to get over it?? Get a clue before you ask anyone to get over anything. Stupid!

Anonymous said...

You call someone stupid that says "get over it",as you show your I.Q. by saying "get a clue".
Get a life!

Anonymous said...

5:35 Pot/kettle/black!! Did you read the article? It's about the lack of resposibility that anonymous bloggers take when the write their posts. Great example of that would be 8:37 and 5:35 (both are you right) Now, as to You're comeback: "Get a life" One would think that when you enjoy the hobby of writing stupid comments that have NO PURPOSE!! You should be the one to think about getting a life?! IDK? LOL!

Anonymous said...

How did I now that it wouldn't take our bloggers long to prove that Mr. Harris has a point?

Congrats 5:35 and 8:37!! You both get a gold star!!!

Mr. Wizzik said...

Hypocrites galore,
Dumb comments I ignore,

Now who says that?

I'll give you a clue;
It must be you Sue.

Andrew Harris said...

Thanks for picking up the story!! If my opinion at all needs an example of how muddled up a blog gets by those brave souls who have no name just visit !! On a side note the 13th Annual Coyote Hunt is enough to make me sick. These beautiful and elusive creatures pose no risk to us unless we refuse to protect our livestock. Killing for sport is wrong.