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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Check Out The Elvis Photo On Wellsville Reporter

Check out the Elvis Presley photo on the Wellsville Daily Reporter website.

There's a pretty good chance I snapped that picture backstage at an Elvis Concert at Memorial Auditorium back in 1958. I have other photos from that concert somewhere.

I was a news correspondent for WLSV at the time, and accompanied Station Manager Lloyd Gordon to the concert and backstage interview.

I have a photo of Elvis and myself from that interview tucked away in the attic, and I promise to share if I can find them.

Snowmobile Accident Reported On Brookland Road

BREAKING NEWS:7:03pm--1-10-09
Coudersport ambulance and Medic 6 have been dispatched to a snowmobile accident on the Brookland Road. Units recalled by Chief 48-20 at 7:21pm.

Ron Tubbs Writes.......

Jim, thought you might like to see how the other half lives while you are enjoying all that snow today...I took this picture with my camera phone Thursday from a restaurant at Ft Lauderdale beach.

Religious Education Classes Cancelled

Classes Cancelled At St. Eulalia's
Religious Education Classes have been cancelled at St. Eulalia's Catholic Church in Coudersport Sunday, January 11th due to the expected unfavorable weather conditions.

Apply For Block Grant Projects By February 6, 2009

County Expects About $220,000 In CDBG

cdbg081Potter County is expected to receive about $220,000 in this year’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). It’s a long-established program that channels federal funds through the state to local governments, supporting a broad range of projects to stimulate the economy and benefit low- and moderate-income residents.

Although the Potter County Board of Commissioners is ultimately responsible for designating how the money will be spent, the administrative responsibilities have for many years fallen to the county’s Redevelopment Authority, where veteran employee Joe Pagano oversees the program.

Pagano plans to review with the commissioners those requests that have been received from boroughs and townships in Potter County. Applications to the Redevelopment Authority must be submitted no later than Feb. 6. A public meeting will be held for input on the CDBG spending plan. The commissioners have until mid-March to adopt the plan and submit it to the Pa. Dept. of Community and Economic Development.

Pagano points out that, to qualify for funding, local projects must meet guidelines that include direct benefit to low- and moderate-income residents, job creation and/or economic development potential.

Some projects that have been submitted in prior years and not funded are eligible for consideration during the 2009 selection process. Anyone with questions about the CDBG program should contact his office at 274-7031. Potter County Today

Julie Writes.............

A letter to the Editor-Publisher of this site:

Dear Mr. Jones,

I enjoy reading your blog and I think that you do a wonderful job
with it,
but lately I can't help but notice that the comments have
been so

Negativity is the last thing we need right now in these

extremely hard economic times. I understand that some of us
have very
stressful lives and many things are hard to deal with
in life, but
complaining and passing judgment are only making
things worse.

To me,
Potter County has always been a very happy, fun and
friendly place to
live. What has changed to make so many of
us bitter, unhappy, angry or
jealous? Sure, there are issues
that arise, but that is everywhere. No
one is ever going to be
completely satisfied 100% of the time.

I feel that you should stop accepting anonymous comments
under the
reasoning that it is becoming too easy for the
anonymous posters to attack
people (or organizations)
without revealing themselves.

When a person
knows that their identity will be posted along
with their personal
opinion, they tend to think a little harder
about what they are really
trying to say. Everyone is entitled
to their own opinion, but I think
they also need to be responsible
for what they are saying instead of just
“flying off the handle”
and expressing personal judgment on petty issues.

9 times out of 10 if the reader has a little time to think before
instantly and looking at the issues at hand from all
angles, they tend to
be less judgmental.

If you still want to allow people to post
anonymously, then you
should consider only printing comments that you (as
moderator) feel add something meaningful to the discussion.

I think
this model would work well for this blog.

To all you posters out there, please keep in mind that "Behind
argument is someone's ignorance." -- Louis D. Brandeis

Put A Hold On These Wind Farms

Personal Stories
Barbara Ashbee-Lormand has written this plea to the Ontario Environment Minister, John Gerretsen, asking that he take a moment to understand the impacts of wind energy development on the people of Ontario.

To: Hon John Gerretsen
December 31st, 2008

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to urge you to put a hold on these wind farms, until your ministry does a lot more investigating. More....

Endeavor Preview

Who is running for Potter County Judge and District Attorney? Find out by reading this week's Endeavor News, available at businesses all around the Coudersport and Austin areas.

What else in this week's edition?

--An analysis of rural health care;

--A look back at a Potter County native who went on to star on national TV as a host of, among other shows, "Candid Camera";

--Thoughtful commentary, thorough coverage of local government news, sports and the great outdoors, and much, much more.

The times they are a-changin' when it comes to where you get your local news. Stay in tune with the times by picking up a copy of Endeavor News, available on area newsstands now.

Have a suggestion for Endeavor News? Please send it to

Unemployed Pay 84% Of Income For COBRA

Many shun COBRA health plans, group says

Buzz up!

Unemployed workers in Pennsylvania and across the United States are going without health-care coverage because they can't afford to pay the insurance premiums offered through their former employer, a nonprofit health-care advocacy group said Friday.

"For the vast majority of the jobless, they and their families are likely to join the ranks of the uninsured. COBRA is great in theory, but lousy in reality," said Ronald Pollack, executive director for Families USA, a Washington-based nonprofit that issued a report Friday on why the jobless have difficulty affording health-care insurance.

Unemployed workers nationwide pay an average of 84 percent of their monthly benefits just to cover family health insurance premiums under what is known as COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, Pollack said. COBRA gives workers the option of continuing their health-care coverage they had with their former employer for 18 months, if they pay the premiums. Companies can charge their full cost of the premium, plus a 2 percent administrative fee. More...

Pennsylvania Farm Show Starts Today

Celebrity Groundhog
'Punxsutawney Phil'
to Visit Pennsylvania Farm Show

HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The "world's most famous groundhog," Pennsylvania's own Punxsutawney Phil, is making a repeat appearance at the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Tuesday, Jan. 13, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For the second year, Phil will spend "Youth Day" at the Farm Show in the family living area of the Main Hall of the Farm Show Complex & Expo Center near the Maclay Street lobby.

According to folklore, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow when he emerges from his Jefferson County burrow on Feb. 2, there will be six more weeks of winter. If he does not, there will be an early spring.

Phil will be available to pose for photos with Farm Show visitors. Phil's handlers, the Inner Circle of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, will also provide several interactive educational programs throughout the day, sharing the 122-year legend of the tradition of Groundhog Day.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural event in the nation, featuring nearly 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits and 270 commercial exhibitors. The show runs Jan. 10-17 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg. Admission is free and parking is $8. For more information, including a complete list of the 18 learning stations, visit

Spectrum Offers Many Events At UPB

Spring Spectrum Series Announced

The gallery exhibit “People, Places, Things” by photographer and art professor Ward Roe will kick off the spring term of the Spectrum Series at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

The Spectrum Series offers academic and curriculum-based programming at little or no cost to the university community and community at large.

“This semester features exceptionally strong Spectrum Series events, and we are proud to present them,” said Randy Mayes, arts programming director.

Roe’s exhibit will open in the KOA Art Gallery Jan. 30 and run through Feb. 27. Roe will give a gallery talk followed by a reception at noon Jan. 30 in the Webb/Bradford Forest Rehearsal Hall and KOA Speer Electronics Lobby.

“Some of the pictures are quirky, atypical viewpoints or banal subjects photographed in ways that alter their context. In some cases these are downright funny,” Ward wrote in 2006, when the exhibit appeared in Scranton. “Other pictures are sadly poetic and tinged with melancholy.”

Read more events.........

Posted by Anne at 1490NewsBlog

Companies Seek To Treat Well Fracking Waste

2 Treatment Plants Proposed

Drilling operations could spur new treatment plant

Sun Gazette
LOCK HAVEN - A Texas-based company seeking to pump 4 million gallons of water from the Susquehanna River watershed to facilitate natural gas drilling may help precipitate construction of a specialized wastewater treatment plant in northern Clinton County.

County Planner Tim Holladay said two new treatment plants to handle ''frac water'' are being proposed, apparently by two different companies.

One plant would be in Chapman Township and the other near Karthaus.

The permit requests for the plants haven't been filed yet and still are in the preliminary phases, he said.

The company might put 2 million gallons of water in its well during the rock-fracturing process, he said, but they then need to treat that water and return it to the natural environment. During the fracing process, he said, the water picks up ''a whole lot of solids and turbidity and different types of salts that really aren't compatible with municipal sewage treatment plants because municipal plants run on bacteria and salt kills the bacteria.'' More....

Route 46 Blocked On Smethport Side Rew Hill

Route 46 Blocked By Crash
10:38 am--1-10-09

Firemen from Station 9 (McKean Co.) have been dispatched to the Smethport side of Rew Hill on Route 46, where a one car motor vehicle accident is blocking the roadway. No injuries are reported.

Teacher Jailed After Marijuana Found In Home

Police: School teacher involved in marijuana network

More than 70 pounds seized in raid
Sun Gazette

A Williamsport Area School District teacher, her husband and her son were arrested Friday after state police seized 72 pounds of marijuana from the couple's Lycoming Township home. More....

50 Attend Potter County Crops and Planting Clinic

Potter County Farming:

‘Alive And Well’

famrfield“Agriculture is alive and well in Potter County!” That was the conclusion of one of the participants in Friday’s Crops and Planting Clinic, sponsored by the Potter County Conservation District and held at the Ulysses Firehall.

More than 50 area agriculturalists, from fourth-generation traditional farmers to small-scale organic producers, attended to hear from a variety of speakers and meet with agricultural vendors.

Among the topics covered were federal and state government incentive programs, fertilizer options, pesticide applications, non-chemical alternatives for insect control, cover cropping for soil health and other agricultural issues.

Speakers included an entomologist from Penn State University, a research agronomist from the Rodale Institute and representatives of the Pa. State Conservation Commission and the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Potter County Today

Communications Company May Sue New York

News: 01/10/09 - Wireless Company May Sue New York

The company that wants to build a $2 billion statewide emergency wireless communications system is threatening to sue New York State if it is not given the go-ahead to build the network beyond Erie and Chautauqua counties.

M/A-COM has sent a letter to the Paterson administration warning of the legal ramifications if it does not get the broader contract to build the system in the rest of the state. The project was approved, contingent upon the system passing a series of communications requirements in Erie and Chautauqua counties.

In August, a round of tests found 19 flaws and the state indicated it would not expand the system if it didn't pass one last round of reviews last fall. The idea was pushed along after the 2001 terrorist attacks, and again following communication lapses during the 2006 police manhunt in for fugitive Ralph "Bucky" Phillips.

Search Warrant Results In Charges For North Bingham Man

WESB News: 01/010/09- Potter Co. Man Facing Numerous Charges

A Potter County man is facing several charges including firearms violations and possession of child pornography.

Police say when they executed a search warrant at the North Bingham home 25-year-old Adam Johnson they found three firearms, which he can't possess because he is a convicted felon. Two of the shotguns were stolen from a seasonal residence in New York.

Police also found identity and credit cards of four people besides Johnson, computer printouts depicting child pornography and two pipes containing marijuana.

Port Man Injured Swerving To Miss A Deer

Swerved To Miss A Deer

Star Hose Co. No.1 Photo

Kane-based state police say Thomas Bells of Port Allegany received moderate injuries when his Ford F-150 overturned on Route 6 in Liberty Township Tuesday afternoon. Authorities say Bell lost control of his westbound pick-up when he swerved to avoid a deer. He was transported to Charles Cole Hospital by Port Allegany Ambulance. For more photos go to Star Hose Co. 1 website.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Area Obituaries

DUKE CENTER, Pa. - Charles A. Spencer, 83, formerly of Duke Center, died Wednesday (Jan. 7, 2009) at Bradford Manor following a brief illness.

HELP Group Starting In Coudersport On Tuesday




Pitt-Bradford Prof Has Article Published

Prof's Article Appears in Journal

An article by University of Pittsburgh at Bradford assistant professor of communications Dr. Fang-Yi Flora Wei appears in the January issue of the journal Communication Teacher.

Wei’s article, “Birthdays Then and Now: Applying Uses and Gratification Theory to Analyze the Media Progression Cycle,” outlines a classroom lesson that communications teachers can use to increase students’ knowledge of print media.

Wei developed the lesson as part of the Mass Media and Society course she teaches at Pitt-Bradford.

In the lesson, students study newspapers from the day they were born and from 40 years before they were born as well as an online version of the newspaper. Wei has the students examine which sections and headings are most prominent in the paper, look at the advertisements and see what the headlines of the day were. More....

Posted by Anne at 1490NewsBlog

Austin Station 44 Dispatched For Gas leak

Friday, January 9, 2009

Station 44 (Austin) were dispatched at 18:27 for a gas leak at the intersection of Cowley Hill and Route 607 in Portage Township.

Chief 44, Chief 44-30, Chief 44-20, Engine 44-2 all responded. Rescue 44-8 was standing by. Chief 44 on scene and reported nothing was found and asked that the gas company be notified of a possible gas leak in the area.

All Station 44 units were then recalled.

Posted by Potter County Fire House

2009 Star Hose Company Officers Elected

Thursday, 08 January 2009

This evening during the January monthly meeting, the members of the Port Allegany Fire Department ~ Star Hose No. 1 elected officers for 2009. The results of the election are as follows:


Chief of Department (Chief 3): Kevin Ernst
Deputy Chief (Chief 310): James Rankin Jr.
Assistant Chief (Chief 320): Fred Roys


President: Kyle Bachman
Vice President: Bob Roys
Secretary: Andrew Johnson
Financial Secretary: Mike Johnson
Treasurer: Tom Johnson

Heel Screening To Be Offered At Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

What Is A Heel Screening?
Heel screenings give patients a preliminary bone density score (T score) in a matter of minutes.
Low scores typically call for a more thorough exam.

Who Should Be Screened?
Those who should receive a heel screening include women over 65 or who have had an early menopause or hysterectomy or other hormonal depletion, men over 70, men and women taking certain medications or certain cancer treatments, those with risk factors or a disease or condition that can cause bone loss, and men and women who eat a low calcium diet or have had significant height loss.

When Can I Have It Done?
Cole Memorial Hospital will offer heel screenings from 1 to 3 p.m. on January 16 at the hospital’s Women’s Health Center. The cost is $10. Call 274-5470 for an appointment.





911 PM EST FRI JAN 9 2009







James P. Steiner

Emergency Management Coordinator

Potter County Dept. of Emergency Services

Leadership Applications Deadline Today

Applications are due today for the Leadership Potter County 2009 course offered by the Potter County Education Council.

Applications are available online at or to have an application mailed to you and for more information, call 814-435-9490.

Students will be helped to expand their personal leadership skills, will be introduced to key issues currently facing the region, will be provided with an understanding of future trends that may impact the community.

GerriMiller.Com News News
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Police Say Port Allegany Woman Was Traveling Too Fast
Coudersport-based state police say a Port Allegany woman was traveling too fast for conditions when her Chevrolet Venture wrecked on Route 6 in Roulette Township, at about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday. Trooper said Theresa Gigliotti was headed east when the SUV went of control on the slush covered road, spun counter clockwise across the road to the other side where it struck a rock embankment along the northern berm. The unit continued rotating 90 degrees before coming to rest. The driver escaped injury.

No Damage After Chimney Fire
Coudersport-volunteer firefighters were summoned to Pine Street Thursday morning at 7:19 a.m. for a chimney fire at the Tim and Cheryl Morey residence. According to fire department spokesman, Bryan Phelps the blaze which was confined to the chimney itself was quickly extinguished and both engines and their crews were back in service at 7:54 a.m. there were no injuries or damage. More news...

Copyright: 2008 G.R. Miller. All Rights Reserved.

New Law Creates Havoc With Home Craftsmen

Toymakers in turmoil over new safety law
Law will likely have sweeping impact on Amish
and in-home craftsmen here. But few have heard of it.

By Cindy Stauffer

John Lapp never heard of it. Neither did Ephraim Beiler.

A new federal law, which takes effect next month, will greatly impact both Lancaster County Amish men, who make wooden toys.

The law requires the manufacturers of all products sold for children age 12 and younger to have them independently tested and certified as free from lead and phthalates, chemicals used to make plastic more pliable. Products affected include toys, clothing, bedding and furniture. More..

Thrift Shops Say Exemptions Don't Go Far Enough

Agency gives shops reprieve on some items

But thrift shop spokeswoman said many more exemptions are needed.

By Andrew M. Seder
Staff Writer-Times Leader

A decision Tuesday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a reprieve to thrift shop and consignment store owners across the country that were facing a tough decision in February.

By a 2-0 vote, the commission gave preliminary approval to exemptions to a 2008 law that would have caused many shelves and racks and second-hand stores to go bare. The news came as only a slight relief to local business owners, because the exemptions don’t go nearly as far as some would have liked. More....

Feds To Allow 2nd Hand Stores To Stay Open--Video From WNEP

State Trooper Did Nothing Wrong In Walker Case

Trooper cleared

in Walker case

Centre Daily Times
The state trooper whom Clearfield County Republican Derek Walker accused of trying to ruin Walker’s campaign for Congress last spring has been cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal state police investigation.

Cpl. Darron H. Stratton, who works out of the Philipsburg barracks, was asked last year to help Clearfield County District Attorney Bill Shaw Jr. in an investigation against Walker by conducting several interviews in Centre County.

Walker was running against eight other candidates for the Republican nomination to the 5th Congressional District seat when he was arrested on burglary-related charges five days before the April 22 primary election.

After losing in the primary, Walker filed a complaint to state police alleging Stratton conspired with Shaw to sabotage his campaign.

But an internal affairs division investigation found those allegations are unfounded, states a letter the Centre Daily Times obtained.

The letter, signed by Capt. Timothy J. Mercer, completely clears Stratton of all the allegations made by Walker, including Walker’s allegation that Stratton manufactured and manipulated evidence and later bragged about it to other troopers.More...

Rodeo in the Snow moved to Feb 6-8

Rodeo In The Snow Rescheduled
Dave Brooks of the
Potter County Visitors Association advises the Potter County Snowmobile Club posted on their website that the Rodeo in the Snow has been moved to February 6-8.

It was originally scheduled for this weekend, January 9, 10 & 11.

Olean Crack Cocaine Dealer Re-Sentenced To 40 Years

WESB News: 01/09/09 - Olean Drug Dealer Resentenced

An Olean drug dealer will spend the next 40 years in prison following his re-sentencing in federal court in connection with a drug trafficking ring in Olean and Buffalo in 1999.

43-year-old Donald Benjamin was sentenced twice before to 30 years in prison, but each of those sentences was reversed after the U. S. attorney appealed to the U. S. Court of Appeals claiming the sentences should have been longer. Benjamin’s brother, 45-year-old Neal, was sentenced last month to 30 years in federal prison.

Federal authorities says the brothers controlled nearly three dozen other co-conspirators in their drug trafficking operation, which inflicted Olean with a "crack cocaine epidemic" between June 1994 and June 1997.

Thompson On Small Business & Agriculture Committees

WESB News: 01/09/09 - Thompson Appointed to Two Committees

Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson has been appointed by the Republican Steering Committee to serve on the House Agriculture and Small Business Committees.

As a member of the Small Business Committee, Thompson will have oversight and legislative authority over the Small Business Administration and its programs.

This committee also provides support and assistance to small business owners and ensures that the Federal Government abides by procurement and contracting laws.

For more on this story, including audio, go to the 1490 NewsBlog.

Three Charged After High Speed Chase

Three charged with involvement

in Tioga County high-speed chase


Sun-Gazette Correspondent

ELKLAND - A Georgia man and two Tioga County men face charges of resisting arrest, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct after a high-speed chase on Dec. 30, according to files in Elkland District Court.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Brandon Lee Tuttle, 24, 119B Kissler Drive, Fort Benning, Ga., also was charged with two counts of fleeing or attempting to elude police, five counts of recklessly endangering another person and two counts of driving under the influence. The two Tioga County men charged were Brett Michael Kreitner, 21, 201 E. Main St., and Jerry L. Mead Jr., 22, 13 Buck Lane, Lot 2, Tioga. More...

Galeton Woman Charged With DUI

Sun Gazette
Rachel C. Peters, 38, of Galeton
was charged by Lycoming County's DUI Task Force following a crash on Route 44 near Cammal on Aug. 29.

Former Trooper Gets 10-23 Months For Violating Probation

Former trooper sentenced for parole violation

Star Gazette

LOCK HAVEN - A former state trooper from Clinton County was sentenced to a county prison term Monday, after violating the terms of his 10-year probation for a 2006 sexual assault in Lock Haven.

Richard Keener, 40, of Bellefonte will serve an aggregate term of 10 to 23 months in Clinton County Correctional Facility on charges of indecent assault and unlawful restraint. More...

Accident Reported On Main Street In Mt. Jewett

10:26 am---Mount Jewett Fire Police have been dispatched to a motor vehicle accident in front of the Hamlin Bank in Mount Jewett Boro for traffic control.

Guilty Pleas For Smethport Man

WESB News: 01/09/09 - Smethport man Pleads in Four Cases

A Smethport man pleaded guilty Thursday in four separate cases in McKean County court.

20 year-old Jeremiah Smith pleaded to cases involving striking correctional officers at FCI-McKean last summer and fall. He also pleaded guilty to illegal gun possession from a June 2008 incident.

He’ll be sentenced on February 12.

Port Woman Reports Mail Stolen

WESB News: 01/09/09 - Mail Stolen From Port Woman's Mailbox

State Police are investigating the theft of mail from a Port Allegany woman’s mailbox.

Police say that someone has been taken her mail since December 1st. Amanda Duell says various types of mail, which have been delivered by the US Postal Service, have disappeared from her mailbox on route 155.

School Bus Involved In East Smethport Crash

BREAKING NEWS:8:09am-1-9-09
Smethport Fire Police and an ambulance unit have been sent to a two vehicle accident on Route 6 in East Smethport involving a car and a school bus.

The school bus is reported to have no students on board.

Oh No!! Trailer Won't Go!! Trucker's Horror Story

Break-down snarls traffic in Wellsboro

The Wellsboro Gazette
Charges are pending against a Ulysses man, following a vehicular breakdown that snarled Wellsboro traffic for hours.

According to Wellsboro Police Chief Thomas Young, a truck and trailer unit loaded with wood chips was traveling west on East Avenue Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 6. The load was on its way to a pellet factory in Ulysses.

Traffic citations are pending against the owner of the pellet factory, Luke Watson of Coudersport, Young added. More..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eldred Plant Closing Surprised Everyone

Union official: Closure of Eldred Ethan Allen came out of the blue

The impending closure of the Eldred Division of Ethan Allen Interiors Inc., came out of the blue for the employees and the union, who only learned two weeks ago that the company was considering changes at the plant.

The facility will be closing March 6, according to a letter to the McKean County Commissioners from Ethan Allen officials. More...

Fully Involved Structure Fire Reported On Slack Hollow In Eldred Township

Fully Involved House Fire

Star Hose Co. No.1 Photo

Thursday, at 2227 hours, Box 1861 was dispatched for a possible house fire in the area of 663 Slack Hollow, in Eldred Township. Responding units were advised that a single call was placed to the McKean County 911 center by a gentleman who believed that "the house up the road from him was on fire...but it may be the large barn next to that residence which is actually on fire". At 2236 hours Engine 181 arrived and reported an abandoned house well involved in fire. At that time Chief 18 (Crowe) requested a second alarm, bringing the Star Hose Company to the scene. More photos & story The house was identified as the old Kelley homestead.

BREAKING NEWS:10:29 pm-1-8-08
Eldred Township, Eldred Boro Fire and Ambulance have dispatched to a possible structure fire on Slack Hollow Road in Eldred Township. The person reporting a large fire, possibly a house or barn.

UPDATE:Port Allegany, Portville, and Otto Township dispatched for a 2nd alarm assignment. Heavy smoke and fire reported in the structure.

UPDATE:Roulette Station 46 respond mutual aid to Port Allegany with a pumper and crew for stand-by.

Car Hits Pole In Crash At Coneville

Shinglehouse and Coudersport emergency services and Medic 6 are responding to the report of a one vehicle crash where a car has run into a pole in the area of Route 44 and 244 at Coneville, about half way between Shinglehouse and Coudersport.

Coudersport units have been recalled by Chief 39 (Shinglehouse).
On scene report indicates the vehicle is off the roadway and the road is open.

Don Gilliland Offers Advice

Donald writes:
Hey, I was just looking over your site, and read the county salary info... Your introduction I think is misleading. All that salary info was available under the OLD law. If you want to test the NEW law, you need to ask for something that was not covered under the old law.

It's nit picking I know - and the salary info always interests people - but it's technically not the test you say it is. What's more, Potter County has always been very good about releasing such information. Our county government really has quite a good record on open records issues, going back at least four boards of commissioners.

Thanks Donald,
You are certainly the expert when it comes to open records as you and Gerri Miller are probably most responsible for the effort to make those changes in Pennsylvania. Being a relative newcomer to the news business, I am sure I will make lots of mistakes, and I appreciate your correction. I will modify the lead to the story as I strive to accurately present the news. Fortunately, on line publishing gives us the ability to change a story if we get it wrong. Thanks for all your help over the last two years.

Port Woman's Car Overturned In Snow Shoe Township

A Port Allegany woman was traveling north on SR 144 in Snow Shoe Township Sunday when her vehicle spun counterclockwise, crossed both lanes, struck an embankment, overturned onto its roof and came to rest off the roadway facing east.

According to the state police at Rockview, the driver suffered a minor injury. The report did not list the name of the driver.

Potter County Retirement Board Will Hear Investment Performance Update

Retirement Fund Update Slated Jan. 15

csmckeeA representative from the Pittsburgh firm that has been managing Potter County’s employee retirement fund will meet with the Retirement Board at 11 am Thursday, Jan. 15, in the F. W. Gunzburger County Office Building. Jeff Davidek from the firm C. S. McKee will present a summary of the retirement fund’s status, with a special emphasis on the investment performance during the fourth quarter of 2008. He will also discuss economic trends that will likely affect county investments in the current year.

Thursday’s meeting is open to the public. Retirement Board members include Commissioners Doug Morley, Paul Heimel and Susan Kefover, as well as County Treasurer Krista Miller.

A meeting of the Potter County Salary Board, comprised of the same four members, will follow. Afterwards, the Potter County Board of Commissioners will hold its first business meeting of the new year.

All three meetings will be held in the conference room on the left just inside the North Main Street entrance of the Gunzburger Building. Potter County Today

Pennsylvania State Police File Report On Search

Roulette Search

Corporal Michael D. Murray of the Coudersport PSP filed the following report:

A call was received from a resident of Roulette Township, Potter County, PA in the area of Atkins Rd. and the West Branch of Fishing Creek Rd. reporting that they heard someone yelling in a male voice “Help Me!”

The caller checked with neighbors and area residents did a search before contacting the PSP at approximately 2130 hours.

The calls of “Help Me!” were heard by four different area residents.

PSP responded to the scene and conducted an area canvass and a hasty search with negative results. The call of “Help” was heard by responding Troopers as well.

When no one was discovered, PSP contacted Roulette Fire Dept for assistance with the search. A search of the area was made until approximately 0100 hours on 01/08/08 with negative results.

The area in hearing distance was thoroughly searched during the hours of darkness before calling the search for the night. Both manpower and a thermal imaging device were used in the search area.

The search resumed during daylight hours, using additional personnel.

The original search area was searched, as well as widening the search area. A thorough search was made for an approximate 1 mile radius of the focal point with negative results.

The PSP helicopter was used for a short period of time on this date, but was severely limited due to weather conditions.

It has been determined that anyone in need of assistance during the evening hours on 01/07/08 is no longer at that location and in need of assistance.

PSP has checked with area hospitals and no treatment was provided for anyone with outdoor related activities. There are no current missing person reports filed with Police Agencies in the area to match the description of this incident.

Personnel on scene-- Approximately 35 searchers from the following agencies, as well as support personnel:
Pennsylvania State Police
Roulette Fire Dept. (Chemical Engine 46)
Roulette Ambulance
PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Game Commission
PA Fish and Boat Commission
Emergency Management
Coudersport VFD was on standby with an RTV as medical officers

Corporal Murray adds,
"I would like to add that a call was received. It was taken as a serious call by our personnel responding to the scene, as are all calls."

"The information received via phone was verified and was credible. A “hasty” search was conducted and no one was found." We contacted the Roulette Fire Department for additional help, and the volunteers responded en-masse."

"They took this call seriously. These volunteers searched through the middle of the night, in horrible conditions. They all gave up their time. Many gave up their sleep for the night before going to work in the morning. They conducted a thorough search and were confident that no one was left out there overnight."

" We resumed the search this morning to make sure that anybody who was in need of assistance last night was no longer in need of that assistance (better safe than sorry)."

"When agencies and volunteers were contacted for assistance, they again responded. There were paid searchers and volunteer searchers. Many of the volunteer searchers gave up a day of work or a day of leave to assist in the search. Their efforts are appreciated.

"A thorough search of all the terrain deemed to be in the possible area of the call for help was made. The search area was mapped out and even extended. No one was located."

"It never fails to amaze me with the level of commitment provided by our volunteer fire departments and ambulances. These are some of the most caring and devoted people in our communities. They are one of the reasons that our communities are what they are. I extend to them my utmost gratitude and respect."

Cpl. Michael D. MURRAY
Crime Unit Supervisor
Pennsylvania State Police
Coudersport, PA

Theraputic Touch Cancelled Tonight At CCMH

Therapeudic Touch CANCELLED
Charles Cole Memorial Hospital has cancelled Therapeutic Touch for this evening, January 8, 2009

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Austin Woman Hurt in Crash

An Austin woman received minor injuries in a one-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon on Route 872 in Homer Township. State police said Crystal Smith was headed north when her Dodge Ram went out of control on the slush-covered highway, crossed to the other side, struck an embankment where it traveled about 246 feet before recrossing the road. The truck continued on for about 36 fee before it struck a tree. Smith was taken to Charles Cole Hospital by Austin Volunteer Ambulance.

Serious Injuries Reported for Port Allegany Driver
Kane-based state police say Thomas Bells of Port Allegany received moderate injuries when his Ford F-150 overturned on Route 6 in Liberty Township Tuesday afternoon. Authorities say Bell lost control of his westbound pick-up when he swerved to avoid a deer. He was transported to Charles Cole Hospital by Port Allegany Ambulance. More News....

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Potter County Salaries Listed

"Solomon's words" asked the Potter County Commissioners for a list of salaries comparable to those recently published for other counties in the North Central PA area. Information officer, Paul Heimel, has provided the following information:

Potter County Salary Information Per Request

Jan. 6, 2009

Judge: $157,440 in 2008 to $161,850 in 2009 (per state law)

District Attorney: $156,440 in 2008 to $160,850 in 2009 (per state law)

Human Services Administrator: $72,450 (current)

Public Defender: $62,100 in 2008*

Emergency Services Director: $57,960 in 2008*

Chief Probation Officer: $51,102 in 2008*

County Solicitor: $47,869 in 2008*

Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts: $47,582 in 2008 to $48,533 in 2009

Register and Recorder: $47,582 in 2008 to $48,533 in 2009

Sheriff/Warden: $47,582 in 2008 to $48,533 in 2009

County Treasurer: $41,635 in 2008 to $42,467 in 2009

County Commissioners: $41,635 in 2008 to $42,467 in 2009

Chief Clerk/Commissioners: $39,194 in 2008*

Director of Domestic Relations: $36,170 in 2008*

County Coroner: $17,776 in 2008 to $18,398 in 2009

Chief Assessor/Tax Claim Bureau Director: $27,718 in 2008*

County Planning Director: $35,479 in 2008*

Emergency Management Coordinator: $34,931 in 2008*

Deputy Jail Warden: $32,500 (current)

Jury Commissioners: $6,460 in 2008 to $6,687 in 2009

Auditors: $133.89 per diem in 2008 to $136.57 per diem in 2009

County Jail Corrections Officers: Contract has not yet been ratified;

currently the hourly rate ranges from $12.11 to $14.34, with no rate

difference between full- and part-time officers.

*2009 managerial employee pay increases have not yet been decided

New Bridge To Open Tuesday In Driftwood

Driftwood Bridge to Open Tuesday

The new Driftwood Bridge on Route 555 in Driftwood will open to traffic on Tuesday.

A new roadway alignment will be in effect with the opening.

Once the new bridge is open, the old bridge will be closed and removed. A temporary road will remain open for Driftwood Avenue until paving is completed later this spring.

The new 278 foot, concrete bridge replaces the old, one-lane, steel structure over the Driftwood Branch of the Sinnemahoning Creek. The new bridge is downstream from the old location.

Contractor on the $3.5 million project is Clearwater Construction Inc. of Mercer.

Gamesa Moving Blade Plant To Cambria County

The sight of flatbed trucks carrying massive turbine blades out of Lower Bucks County is about to become a thing of the past.

Gamesa Inc. announced Wednesday that the Spanish wind energy company no longer will produce blades at Falls’ Keystone Industrial Port Complex. The 184 blade production employees, who include about 140 union workers, will be laid off in about four weeks, said United Steelworkers Union representative Rob Witherell. More...

District Attorney And Mayor Have Met

WESB News: 01/08/09 - Riel and Pavlock Meet on Disagreements

Bradford City Mayor Tom Riel and McKean County District Attorney John Pavlock met recently to resolve a couple of disagreements between the two.

In a joint statement the two say they had a lengthy discussion concerning a couple of disagreements and now have a better understanding of each other’s position on matters within McKean County. The statement was signed both Riel and Pavlock.

Area Obituaries

DUKE CENTER — Charles A. Spencer, 83, formerly of Duke Center, died Wednesday (Jan. 7, 2009) at the Bradford Manor. Frame Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

SMETHPORT — Elizabeth J. “Betty” Petruzzi of Route 46 died Tuesday (Jan. 6, 2009) in Rockledge, Fla. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Switzer Funeral Home, Port Allegany.

Last Night's Search Continues In Roulette Today

BREAKING NEWS:8:40am-1-8-09
Roulette firefighters have been toned out this morning to continue last night's search.

Several persons in the area of the Atkins Road just off the East Branch of Fishing Creek Road heard a male voice calling for help yesterday evening.

Pennsylvania State Police were contacted and called for assistance from the fire department at 10:15 pm last night.

The fire department was dispatched and searched the area until 12:46 am when the search was abandoned .

UPDATE:A state police helicopter enroute to the scene this morning turned back after encountering heavy snow in the Trout Run area.

UPDATE:A search crew from DCNR and PA Game Commission are on scene at the Atkins Road.

UPDATE:Roulette fire and ambulance units that were staged at the fire hall have responded to the scene and are establishing search command. 9:40 am

UPDATE:12:00noon 1-8-09--Coudersport Fire Department was toned out for their 6 wheeler to join the search in Roulete.

Gerri Miller Writes:There is a lot of misinformation about the search. It was a MALE voice. Distinctly male. After Dennis Leach and Eric Landes searched on foot with flashlight, I called state police. THEY made the determination to call the fire department. I heard the yell, not a scream, at about 8:45 p.m. I believe the state police were called at about 9:15 after we determined everybody in the neighborhood was ok. You can tell your blogger it was not a bobcat. The words clearly were "help me." The calls stopped after I flicked the porch lights and said we were on our way to help. I cannot rule out a talking bird such as what called out emergency personnel in California recently but I know what several of us heard.

UPDATE:Potter County Dept. of Emergency Services is also on scene with the Incident Command Trailer.

UPDATE: 1pm-1-8-08:

Currently we have no reports of anyone missing.

Currently there are two search groups still out. Once they return, all areas will have been searched.

Departments involved in the search are PSP Coudersport, Roulette Fire & EMS, Coudersport Fire, Potter County Dept. of Emergency Services, DCNR, Game Commission and Fish & Boat Commission.

Several search teams have been out most of the morning with negative results.

Once the remaining search teams have returned, all possible areas will have been searched. The search area consisted of a 1 mile radius grid search around the Atkins Road Area where the “voice” was heard.

Approximately 35 emergency services individuals have been involved in the search.Information provided by the Incident Commander

UPDATE:1:36 pm:Roulette command reports a helicopter has landed.

Chief 46 reports Command Terminated 1:46 pm, all units returning.

See Photos of incident