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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pilot of Riverboat Collapses

Emergency crews were called to the Pride of the Susquehanna riverboat in Harrisburg twice on Friday..

Helicopter Responding to Sinnemahoning For Victim Of A Motorcycle Crash

Sinnemahoning Bike Crash
Medics from
Emporium's ambulance station 720, called for a Stat 9 medical helicopter, around 9:00 PM on Saturday night, to a landing zone at the Sinnemahoning ball field to transport an injured 54 year old motorcyclist.

The victim hit a guard rail in the Sinnemahoning area. A second patient from that crash is to be transported BLS by ambulance from that scene.

Man Injured In ATV Crash at Majestic Trails

Man Injured At Majestic Trails
7:15 PM--Otto Township emergency responders were called to Majestic Trails in Rixford for the third time today.

A male victim was injured in an ATV crash about a mile into the trails. A Mercy Flight helicopter landed near the scene and helped medics bring the victim to the helicopter. He was flown to ECMC in Buffalo, NY.

Otto Township Ambulance was back in quarters at 9:16 PM.

Dirt Bike Rider Airlifted After Crash

Helicopter Called To Marvindale
At 6:40 PM on Saturday, emergency responders from Mount Jewett and Hazlehurst responded to a dirt bike accident on East Clay Road in Hamlin Township at Marvindale.

A male victim was reported to be unresponsive at the time of the call, but regained consciousness by the time responders reached the scene. He was reported to have sustained a head injury.

A Stat 6 medical helicopter landed at the ballfield and transported the victim to an out of area hospital.

Land Rescue In Allegany Township For Victim Of An ATV Accident

Female Victim Airlifted
Coudersport Fire and Ambulance responded to Allegany Township near 3150 Route 49 for a land rescue for an ATV accident in a remote location Saturday at 5:18 PM

A female victim is reported to have rolled over into water there. She was removed from the water.
A medical helicopter airlifted the victim to an out of town hospital.

A local woman was lifeflighted to Robert Packer Hospital for injuries she sustained in an ATV accident earlier today.

Cdspt fire/rescue, CVAA, Medic 6 were dispatched @ 1720 hrs. To Allegany twp for an ATV overturned trapping the occupant in the water of a near by stream. While responding Tioga dispatch notified of an update of hypothermia and serious bodily injuries, a helicopter was requested to the scene.

Our RTV, Rescue, Patrol all responded w/crews, upon arrival Chief 48(Dubots)took forward command of the rescue operation, a great distance into the woods/trail system, while RT 49 command was established(48-20 Phelps) across from the Rigas golf field on the S side of the highway.

Cdspt ambulance awaited at command for the PT to be transported to this location and then was transported to the awaiting helicopter. Tri town fire dept (station 47) had established a landing zone @ Dale Erway farm just E of the village of Raymond along RT 49.

A lengthy rescue and packaging of the Pt was due to the terrain and location of the accident, the Pt and her friend were located by ATV riders passing by that helped the PT’s friend remove the ATV from her and remove her from the water.

When the PT was loaded and care transferred to the helicopter personnel she was in critical/stable condition.

All units were released and in quarters @ 2015 hrs.
Assisted @ the scene were
Cdspt. Fire/rescue
Cdspt Ambulance
Medic 6
Dept. 47 Tri Town Fire
PSP – Cdspt
RT 49 Command Bryan Phelps

Land Rescue For Injured ATV Rider At Majestic Trails

Otto Township Fire Department and Ambulance responded to their second call today at Majestic Trails on Rt. 46 in Rixford for a land rescue at 4:05 PM Saturday.

A female patient was reported injured in an ATV accident at a remote location.


723 Reported Flu Cases In PA

Photo by James Jones
Lonnie Bunch, representing Charles Cole Memorial Hospital,
says the hospital is prepared to handle a swine flu pandemic.
Emergency plans have been developed in advance.
The hospital has established an informational “hotline”
about local conditions/issues that can be reached by
dialing 260-5279.

Photo by James Jones
Melissa Gee, a representative from Potter County
Human Services asks a question at recent Potter
County Pandemic Planning Committee meeting

Photo by James Jones
Linda Williams speaks at recent Potter County
Pandemic Planning Committee meeting, stressing
"the troops aren't coming, Potter County must
prepare in advance for a pandemic situation."

Photo by James Jones
Sue Lush presents her group's plan for mass fatalities,
while Lonnie Bunch holds up that group's work sheet.

Potter County Today
Warning signs have been sounded by the State Health Department as influenza A/H1N1 (formerly referred to a “swine flu”) works its way to previously untouched sections of Pennsylvania. Potter County officials and Charles Cole Memorial Hospital are gearing up to respond.

This week, the Pa. Department of Health reported that, since the beginning of June, the flu has been spreading rapidly. As of June 11, there are 723 confirmed or probable cases of illness due to the virus in 33 of the state’s 67 counties. Ten victims have been hospitalized and two have died.

“Since Memorial Day there has been a sharp rise in influenza activity in Pennsylvania, predominantly in the eastern and central regions,” the Health Department reported. “Seasonal influenza has waned considerably and the surge in recent weeks is related to A/H1N1.”

Potter County Department of Emergency Services and Cole Hospital are coordinating their activities with the State Health Department. The hospital has established an informational “hotline” about local conditions/issues that can be reached by dialing 260-5279. The Health Department website is regularly updated, available at

Potter County has also formed a committee to respond in the event of a pandemic health emergency. The group is made up of representatives from government, health care, emergency services, business and industry, agriculture, education, communications and others that may be affected. For additional information, call 274-8900.

Symptoms of the illness are similar to the seasonal flu and include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite, and coughing. There is currently no vaccine available to protect against the virus — latest estimates are that one will not be available until at least October — but the flu can be treated with certain antiviral drugs. Steps people can take to avoid spreading the flu include:

-–stay home if sick;
–cough/sneeze into a tissue;
–wash hands frequently with warm
U.S. Info Things You Can Do Plan & Prepare International Info CDC.govsoap/water or use an antibacterial gel;
–drink plenty of fluids;
–eat a balanced diet;
–get plenty of rest and exercise.

Endeavor News Was There--On News Stands Now

Imagine an industry that could create hundreds of jobs in Potter County and pump millions of dollars into the local economy on an annual basis. Now, imagine the prospect of tens of millions of gallons of water being drawn from its source, fouled with pollutants and in need of treatment. This is nothing imaginary. It's real. Natural gas production is ramping up and seemingly knows no bounds. It will require vigilance on the part of public officials and the county's citizens. The accompanying photo illustrates the millions of gallons that will have to be brought to each drilling site to hydrofracture deeply buried shale and release the bounty of natural gas. See details in this week's Endeavor News.

Coudersport Area School Board members gathered this week to prepare for what should be a very eventful meeting on Monday night. Endeavor News was the only newspaper to send a reporter and you can read all about it on page 3 of this week's edition.

Plans are in place for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, blending remembrace, hope, compassion and fund-raising, with a little fun thrown in for good measure. See details in the Endeavor.

Motorcyclists gathered for a ride that raised about $9,000 for the Potter County Yellow Ribbon Teen Suicide Prevention Program and Endeavor News was there.

An organization affiliated with the St. Eulalia Catholic Church looks back on 55 years of serving the needy and providing some bargains to shoppers in the process. They're gearing up for the popular Rummage Sale at the Parish Center.

Hunters will want to take note of a new system for buying licenses that kicks in on Monday. There are also changes in the doe license application process. See the Outside section of this week's Endeavor News.

Austin Area School Board has approved a budget that will freeze taxes at their current rate for the 2009-10 school year.

Potter County Planning Commission met this week
to hear updates on the Pennsylvania Wilds tourist promotion strategies and prepare for a regional project to tie together recreation trails and "greenways." Endeavor News sent a reporter and there's an account on page 5.

See these stories and more in this week's Endeavor, available at businesses all around the Coudersport and Austin areas.

ATV Accident Reported At Majestic Trails

Two ambulances have been dispatched to Majestic Trails in Rixford as a result of an ATV accident at about 11:30 AM on Saturday .

Roulette Township Clean Up Days Over

Roulette Township Worker, John Senna, and Supervisor
Chris Landes help a resident empty pickup of trash Friday.

The Town Wide Clean Up removed about 3 rolloff loads
of trash from the township. Township workers used the
free time between unloading trash to clean up their own
property around the sewer plant and adjoining grounds.

Supervisor Landes said having to pay a fee this year cut
the amount collected about in half from last time the event
was held, but it helps to keep stuff from being dumped
over the banks in the township.

Potter County Solid Waste officials told townships they
could not subsidize the clean-ups this year due to the
economy. Supervisor Landes said the money collected
from residents who brought trash will not cover the costs,
but he felt the township's residents needed a way to dispose
of trash they can't ordinarily send in their garbage collection.
Metal items were separated and will be recycled.

Rendell--Income Tax Hike Would Only Last 3 Years

Rendell says income-tax hike would be temporary

STEELTON, Pa. - Gov. Rendell said yesterday that if he had to resort to pushing for a hike in the state's personal-income tax, he would want the increase to end after three years.

But he was cagey when pressed to give details, saying only that such an increase was "a serious" proposal to help deal with a projected deficit of up to $3.2 billion in the state budget for the next fiscal year.

Rendell said he was waiting for the most up-to-date projection of next year's growth in state tax revenue before making a final decision.

"But if, in fact, we have to raise taxes of any sort, it would be sunset," Rendell told reporters at a news conference in an old steel town near the capital. "And the reason we would need to do it for a short period of time is because of the recession."

He did say he would propose that any income-tax increase be reversed in 2012. More....

Wife Pledges To Continue Cancer Cure Testing

Wife of John Kanzius Vows to Continue Project
In her first public comments since her husband's death, Mary Ann Kanzius told Newswatch that she is committed to seeing her husband's dream come to fruition.

John Kanzius died of complications from leukemia, only two days after applying for one of many patents for a machine that kills cancer cells with radio waves.

Supporters admit that it will be different without the life long engineer, who used hot dogs and pie pans to prove that his theory works.

Lead researcher Dr. Steven Curley has agreed to become part of the advisory team that will help Mary Ann Kanzius move the project forward.


from left, Dr. Donna Armstrong, director of teacher education at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford; Gayle Weaver, a music teacher at Otto-Eldred High School and this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Secondary Teacher Award; and Jennifer Snyder, a 2009 Pitt-Bradford graduate who nominated Weaver for the honor.
BRADFORD, Pa. – The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford has named Gayle Weaver, a music teacher at Otto-Eldred High School in Duke Center, this year’s Distinguished Secondary Teacher.

Weaver was presented with the award during Pitt-Bradford’s annual Honors Convocation. The award is presented annually to a teacher who is willing to work with and challenge students both inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

Members of the university’s senior class nominated candidates. Weaver was nominated by Jennifer Snyder, a 2009 graduate in social studies education 7-12 from Rixford. “Mrs. Weaver taught me what it meant to be disciplined,” Snyder wrote in her nomination. “She has influenced my thoughts of what a teacher should be. “I remember going to her room during a study hall or other free time. My friends and I would complain about the troubles of our teenage lives. She always encouraged us to keep going, get through it and then you can say that you finished whatever it was that was so difficult.

Dr. Donna Armstrong, assistant professor of education, said, “Teaching is one of the most rewarding, but also most challenging, careers one can choose. It is always so rewarding to see the teacher realize, through receipt of this award, that he or she has made a difference in the lives of students. I just wish there was a way to let all teachers know how much they are appreciated and what a difference they all make.”

Science In Motion Camp June 22-26 At UPB

Science In Motion is a partnership between Pitt-Bradford, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and area high schools and middle schools. In summer, however, elementary-school-age children come to campus for a week of science exploration. Camp for children who have completed grades 4, 5 and 6 will be held the week of June 22-26.

David Niegowski – David Niegowski, 6, of Bradford presses water from a piece of paper he made as part of a lesson about plant fibers, biodiversity and how people use plants at Science In Motion Camp this week at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Kalee Gross and Alex Safran – Kalee Gross watches and holds a test tube as Alex Safran pours liquid from a beaker during a lesson on the fluorescence of chlorophyll at Science in Motion Camp at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The girls mashed spinach leaves and mixed it with acetone to make the green liquor, which glowed red when the students shone a flashlight on it in the dark.


CLEARFIELD – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT/District 2) issues the following update for the Route 219, McKean County/Bradford Bypass project. This update is for the week of June 15. Contractor on the $28.1 million project is Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. The project extends from just north of the city of Bradford in Pennsylvania to the New York State line.

All work is weather and schedule dependent and can be subject to change. The following work schedule is for the week of June 15:

• Signal work will continue at the intersection of Kendall Avenue and East Main Street. Motorists should be alert for daytime flagging and short travel delays.
• Kendall Avenue southbound remains closed for reconstruction. Kendall Avenue is restricted to one lane for northbound traffic only. Southbound traffic is to follow the posted detour. Kendall Avenue work includes roadway and sidewalk removals and drainage updates.
• Contractor is working on southbound reconstruction by performing sub grade repairs and drainage work.
• Northbound and southbound traffic are traveling in the northbound lanes, separated by concrete barrier from Forman Street to north of Hillside Drive.
• Southbound ramps at the Foster Brook interchange are closed. Traffic is to follow the posted detour.
• Contractor is working on southbound bridges. Work includes expansion dam replacements, steel retrofits and deck repairs.
• Tuna Crossroads remains closed for bridge demolition. Traffic is to follow the posted detour.
• Tuna Valley Trail access at Bolivar Drive is closed due to bridgework. Trail access is still available at Crook Farms and the Seaward Avenue side of Tuna Crossroads (Township Route 369).
• Access at Hillside Drive is restricted from Route 219 north to Hillside Drive and from Hillside Drive to Route 219 south. Traffic is to follow the posted detour.
• Drivers should use extra caution while entering the construction area from the on-ramp areas. Be aware of approaching traffic speeds and restricted lanes at ramps.
• Motorists need to watch for slow moving and stopped vehicles through the entire work zone.
• Lane width in the construction zone is 10 feet.
• Please obey posted speed limits and remember to always buckle up.

For more information on roadway construction and maintenance operations, visit PennDOT’s website at

Potter County Education Council Class Schedule

ICP Care Pharmacy to Offer Classes for RN’s

The Potter County Education Council will hold a “Medication Error Prevention” class for Registered Nurses at the Coudersport Office. This class will be held on Monday, June 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. There is no cost and lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required. To register visit our website at or call 814-274-4788. Once contact hour will be awarded to RN’s.

Attention LPNs – Interested in Becoming an RN?

The Potter County Education Council and the Community Education Council of Elk and Cameron Counties are considering an LPN to RN Nursing Program through distance education from Lock Haven University of PA Clearfield Campus. Classes may begin Fall Semester 2009. If you are interested or would like more information call 814-274-4877

2009 LPN Cohort Forming in Coudersport

The Potter County Education Council will once again partner with Pennsylvania College of Technology to bring an LPN course to the PCEC’s Coudersport office. Hurry don’t miss this opportunity. The deadline for applications is October 1, 2009. For more information, call Carol Spaulding at 814-274-4877.

Becoming a Master Student Course

The Potter County Education Council will hold a Master Student Course at the Coudersport office. Becoming a Master Student will teach you strategies and tactics that successful students use. Topics such as time management, note taking, test taking, and writing are covered and will help to smooth the transition from high school to college. For more information call 814-274-4877.

PCEC Coudersport Computer Schedule

Potter County Education Council’s Coudersport Office will be offering the following computer classes:

June 17 PowerPoint 1 6 – 9 p.m.

June 22 Computer 1st Aid 9 a.m. – Noon

June 24 PowerPoint 2 6 – 9 p.m.

June 29 Vista 1 9 a.m. - Noon

To register visit our website at or call 814-274-4877, 814-435-9490 or 814-642-2295.

PCEC Galeton Computer Schedule

Potter County Education Council’s Galeton Office will be offering the following computer classes:

June 23 Access 4 6 – 9 p.m.

June 30 Computer 1st Aid 6 – 9 p.m.

To register visit our website at or call 814-435-9490, 814-274-4877 or 814-642-2295.

PCEC Port Allegany Computer Schedule

Potter County Education Council’s Port Allegany Education Center will be offering the following computer:

June 18 FrontPage 3 9 a.m. – Noon

June 18 FrontPage 4 1 – 4 p.m.

June 23 Access 3 9 a.m. – Noon

June 23 Access 4 1 – 4 p.m.

June 25 PowerPoint 4 6 – 9 p.m.

To register visit our website at or call 814-642-2295, 814-274-4877 or 814-435-9490.

Fundraising For "To Fill A Backpack" To Start Monday

The “To Fill A Backpack” program will start their McKean & Potter County fundraising campaign on Monday, June 15, 2009.

The program will be seeking donations from the following areas: Austin, Coudersport, Eldred, Galeton, Port Allegany, Roulette, Shinglehouse and Smethport. Donations can be made in the form of a monetary donation which will be used to buy supplies to fill the backpacks or in the form of backpack supplies.

Backpack supplies consist of pens, pencils, notebook filler paper, pencil erasers, 3 ring binders, rulers, etc. There is a complete list of suggested items on our website or call at (814) 544-8032 for more information.

A lot of help will be needed this year and we are hoping everyone will get involved and help a child in need. If you are interested in making a donation, please see our website for information or mail your donation to “To Fill A Backpack” – 81 Burleson Avenue – Roulette, PA 16746.

The program filled and distributed over 250 backpacks last year. We are hoping to help more children in more areas this year. Last year’s donations were collected and distributed in about 3 weeks time. Due to the ability to get started with the drives earlier this year we hope to be able to reach out farther.

The only requirement to participate in this program is to be a boy or girl in elementary or high school and be in need of a backpack. There aren’t any forms to be filled out and we don’t require a name (unless it is needed for backpack delivery). We do ask that you only request a backpack if it is needed…not because it is there. We need to be sure that all children that do need the backpacks are able to get them.

Backpacks will not be distributed until the end of July. If you will be in need of a backpack please call (814) 544-8032 to put your name on the list. Calls will be taken between the hours of 10am and 8pm, Monday through Friday. If someone is unavailable to answer your call, please leave a message with your name, phone number and other pertinent information.

Northern Potter Grad Interning At Potter County Planning Office

amandaandscharlotteBy Rebekah Pepper, Summer Intern

A recent Northern Potter High School graduate is getting an up-close look at how a key element of county government operates while assisting with some substantial projects before she begins her college studies.

Amanda Hershey, a 2009 graduate of Northern Potter, is serving an internship with the Potter County Planning Office, where she is assisting with administrative work covering stormwater management, subdivision and land development regulations and other responsibilities. She’ll also be assisting the county’s Office of Veterans Affairs periodically.

Amanda, shown reviewing a subdivision plan with Planning Director Charlotte Dietrich, was able to secure the internship through a Pa. Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) program and had developed an interest in county government and environmental issues through her involvement with the 4-H program. The daughter of Kurvin and Rose Hershey, she’ll be attending Clarion University in the fall. Potter County Today

Friday, June 12, 2009

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri

Now Available On Zito Media Cable Channel 450

Hear the local news first on Black Forest Broadcasting starting at 7:00am


Copyright: 2008 G.R. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


A Port Allegany driver was hurt in a one-vehicle crash Tuesday afternoon on Route 446 in Eldred Township. State police said J. W. Charles was traveling south on Route 446 after coming from New York state and fell asleep at the wheel of his Nissan Exterra while rounding a slight right hand curve. The SUV crossed to the other side of the road, hit a ditch and became airborne after jumping an incline on the other side of the ditch before coming to rest in a yard at the intersection of Route 446 and the McCrea Brook Road. Charles was taken to Olean General Hospital and is being cited for careless driving and failing to wear a seatbelt.

An Eldred man was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries he suffered in an accident Tuesday evening on Route 59 about 2.25 miles west of Smethport. State police said 89 year old William Scheiterle was headed west when he suffered a hypoglycemic attack and allowed his Chrysler sedan to go off the road and struck a large rock with the entire passenger side. After impact, the car continued west, fishtailing and spinning clockwise and counterclockwise. While it was spinning, the right rear tire came off and struck the front and hood of an eastbound GMC Jimmy driven by Mary Knight of Smethport. She was able to pull over and stop safely on the road shoulder. The sedan stopped in the westbound lane of the highway. Knight and her passenger, Sara Lightner also of Smethport escaped injury. Scheiterle is being cited for failing to stay in his lane of the highway. More news...

Trooper Joshua Miller Laid To Rest

As the flag-covered coffin of Trooper Joshua Miller was brought to the Lacey Street Cemetery in Wyoming County, hundreds of his fellow officers stood at attention.

It was the end of the journey for Trooper Miller who was escorted to the cemetery by a procession that stretched on for miles.

"I can't believe it. I think we've been here for over a half an hour and there's no end in sight," said Brenda Roberts.

Along Route 6 in Tunkhannock, people lined the streets to watch as the procession passed, as a way of paying their final respects. VIDEO

Car For Sale

I have a "99" Oldsmobile Intrigue. It runs great, but needs a little work to pass inspection. It has approximately 150,000 miles. I'm asking $1,500. I love my car, but I just had a baby and it's not big enough for my family anymore. Please call Jess or Jim @ 814-203-5599 or email @ Thank You.

Note new phone number for this ad.

Forrest H. Dutlinger Natural Area To Be Dedicated On Saturday At 1:00 PM

Dutlinger Natural Area dedication Saturday

A special place and a special man will be in the spotlight Saturday (today) afternoon in a remote section of the forest near the Potter/Clinton counties’ border.

After years of discussion, planning, false starts and bureaucratic snags, the Forrest H. Dutlinger Natural Area near in the Hammersley Fork and Beech Bottom Hollow area, south of Cross Fork, will be properly dedicated in a 1 pm ceremony.

For decades, hikers, hunters, anglers and campers have marveled at the old-growth forest, dominated by majestic hemlocks, that makes up this special hilltop and plateau in the Susquehannock State Forest.

It’s a 1,500-acre preserve with a 158-acre stand of old-growth timber.

By strict definition, it’s not a “wild area” or a virgin timber stand, since scattered white pine was harvested around 1900. Conjecture over the years has been that the forest was largely bypassed during the mad rush on timber due to boundary uncertainties.

Descendants of Forrest H. Dutlinger will be attending Saturday’s ceremony, which is open to the public. Four-wheel-drive transportation will be available to those who prefer not to hike to the site. The ceremony will be highlighted by the unveiling and dedication of a memorial plaque. A reception at Kettle Creek State Park will follow.

Who was Forrest H. Dutlinger?

An outspoken and highly respected man, he served as a district forester, based in Huntingdon, for many years with the then-Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters.

He was ahead of his time in his support for more scientific management of state forests and more coordinated activities between road construction, market trends and harvesting practices.
Foresters who worked with and for Dutlinger held him in high esteem and there was widespread support for the plan to name the natural area in his honor. However, the ceremony took many years to come together.

Former Susquehannock District Forester Bob Lewis came up with the plan and will be among those attending Saturday’s event. Current and former Forestry Bureau officials and many other dignitaries will also attend.

William A. Brown, Sr., 64, of Port Allegany, PA

Port Allegany - William A. Brown, Sr., 64, of Port Allegany, died Friday (June 12, 2009) at his home in, Port Allegany.

He was born Oct 7, 1944 in Phillipsburg, NJ a son of William Smith and Alice Cochran Brown, On Feb 14, 1998 in Smethport, PA he married Mary Addie Davis, who survives.

Mr. Brown attended Flemington, NJ Schools and was employed by Roadway Safety of Harrisburg

In addition to his wife, he is survived by
three sons: William "Billy" A. Brown, Jr. of Roulette, PA, Timothy Brown of Port Allegany, PA, Stephen Brown of Gettysburg, PA
Four Grandchildren
three sisters: Brenda Diaz, of Lebanon, Ohio Bonnie Pontious, of Niles MI and Barbara (Ray) Moser of Flemington, NJ
one brother: Barry Tempelton of Eldred, PA

There will be no visitation. A Memorial service will be held on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 11:00 am in the Baptist Church on Indian Creek Road, Eldred with the Rev Bruce Ireland, officiating

Memorials may be made to that of the donor's choice

Arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes, Inc, Port Allegany.

Online condolence may be made at

German Shepard Reunited With Owner In Roulette Area

my name is nicole skinner. about 430 pm on 6/12 friday night. my german shepard wandered off.. i have not been able to find her. her name is hunter. she is about 12 years old.. she has buggy eyes. and im gonna attach a pic of her. we live up card creek but someone said they seen her on kim hill rd about 7pm.
if anyone sees her . please hang on to her and call me at 814-598-1845 or my husband dan at 814598-1846 or our house phone 8145449069
would u please post this for me
thank you
nicole skinner

1972 Flood Photos Of Wellsville Area

The Wellsville Daily Reporter Website has photos from the 1972 Flood. Click to see.

Snake Hunt This Weekend At Sinnemahoning

Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt

Story & Photo Courtesy Endeavor News

This Weekend

They call it a "snake hunt," but only a tiny percentage of those who will come to southern Cameron County this weekend are pursuing reptiles. Sinnemahoning Sportsmen's Association once again has a full schedule in place for the popular Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt on Saturday and Sunday.

The organization is teaming with Keystone Reptile Club to present a program that blends entertainment, relaxation and education about the often misunderstood rattlesnake and other native species.

Registered, licensed hunters will bring captured snakes to the festival grounds, where Keystone representatives will be holding demonstrations and lectures throughout the weekend.

The club will open its "snake pit" for children at 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm each day. Youngsters will be able to come into the pen to handle and observe the non-poisonous snakes, under guidance, during the designated times.

Club members say all of the snakes captured during the organized hunt will be returned to the wilds.

Saturday's events include a "snake race" for those age 9 and younger at 2 pm, with a "snake challenge" for those 10 and older to follow.

A dance with live music will be held on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, the "fake snake hunt" for children will be held at noon.

Shortly after 2 pm on Sunday, the Ultimate Snake Hunter trophy will be awarded to the individual bringing the three different species of snakes with greatest total length. Other awards will also be presented.

Drawing for the fund-raising raffle is set for 3 pm.

A number of vendors have registered for the weekend, selling food and beverages, souvenirs and various items related to reptiles and the outdoors. There is no admission fee. Camping sites for tents and mobile units will be available.

Kightlinger Charged With Scratching Cars In Stoltz Car Lot

Rumours and unconfirmed comments regarding Abe D. Kightlinger, 27, of Coudersport, having been charged with damaging cars in the Stoltz car lot in Coudersport have turned out to be valid as Coudersport police filed charges last week in Annette Easton's District Court 55-3-01.

Kightlinger was charged with Criminal Mischief for damaging 3 vehicles at the Stoltz Auto Group.

He was also charged with Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana.

Coudersport Police Officer William R. Wenzel alleges in the Affidavit of Probable Cause obtained from the District Court:

"On Friday May 8th, 2009, at approximately 2230 hours (10:30 PM) while on duty and wearing full uniform, I was informed by an individual that he had just observed a male subject scratching cars at Stoltz Auto Group located at 5 East Chestnut Street located in Coudersport Borough.

The witness stated the individual went into Sheetz. I followed the witness to Sheetz and he pointed out the individual who had damaged the vehicles as he stood at the counter near the door.

Sgt. Collins and myself approached the subject and identified him as Abe D. Kightlinger. I asked the subject to speak with me at the rear of the store away from other customers. We walked to the rear of the store and informed the defendant we were there because of damaged vehicles and he stated, "I did it because I'm an asshole".

When asked what he meant, he admitted scratching cars at Stoltz.

As I spoke to the defendant, I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, and he was swaying as he stood.

The defendant was patted down for weapons by Sgt. Collins and a plastic bag containing marijuana was located in his left jacket pocket.

The defendant was informed he would be charged with Criminal Mischief and Possession of Marijuana. Upon inspecting the Stoltz car lot, I found three cars that had the paint scratched."

A preliminary hearing in the charges is scheduled for July 9, 2009 at 11:00 AM in Judge Annette Easton's courtroom according to the online Court Docket Sheet on the PA Court website.

Morris Snake Hunt is Saturday, Sunday

54th annual Morris Rattlesnake Roundup

MORRIS - Morris Fire Department will hold its 54th annual Rattlesnake Round-up this weekend.

The event on Saturday and Sunday at the Morris Fire Department grounds near the intersection of Routes 287 and 24 also includes a flea market, softball tournament and children's snake hunt.

Snake hunters are known to come from New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to participate in the event, which draws hundreds of spectators.

Captured snakes are placed in a large glass aquarium for public view during the event and then released back into the wilderness.

Hundreds Gather For Funeral Of PSP Trooper Killed In Shootout

Final Tribute To Slain Trooper
Hundreds gathered Friday morning at the stadium at Pittston Area High School to remember the life of Trooper Joshua Miller.

The 34-year-old trooper died Sunday night in a shoot-out after a kidnapping suspect lead police on a high-speed chase that ended in the Poconos.

The gray clouds that filled the morning sky had cleared to a brilliant blue as a U.S. Marine Corps color guard lead the procession escorting Trooper Miller's body into the stadium. They were followed by the New Jersey State Police Pipe Band.

Inside the stadium were hundreds of state troopers and police officers from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and more. All saluted as the hearse carrying Trooper Miller's body rolled onto the track to make it's way to the center of the field.

Trooper Miller was remembered by friend Detective David Ide with the Wyoming County District Attorney's office. They were officers together on the Tunkhannock Police Department before Miller became a state trooper.

Other speakers included Governor Ed Rendell, Colonel Frank Pawlowski, Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police and Lieutenant Colonel Tedescung Bandy, Deputy Commissioner of Operations of the Pennsylvania State Police. Colonel Pawlowski posthumously presented Trooper Miller the Pennsylvania State Police Medal of Honor. He presented the medal to Trooper Miller's widow, Angela.

Following the funeral, a long procession followed Trooper Miller's body to Laceyville, where a private burial will be held. VIDEO

Trooper Of The Year Retired After 16 Years

'He deserves trooper of a lifetime'

Bucks County native Joseph Thompson was
recently named the 2008 Trooper of the Year.

Earlier this year, Joseph Thompson was in a restaurant when a man angrily walked up to him and said, "I don't like what you did to me." What Thompson had done was arrest him for dealing cocaine a few years earlier.

Thompson stepped away for a few minutes and, when he returned, the man put out his hand. Thompson said he had expected a sucker punch, but instead got a thank you.

Last week, it was the Pennsylvania State Police who were thanking the Bucks County native, honoring him with the 2008 Trooper of the Year Award.

Thompson, 39, spent 16 years with the state police as an undercover cop and later as a uniformed drug interdiction trooper before retiring in May, just a few months after his fourth life-and-death moment as a trooper. More...

Novartis Produces Swine Flu Vaccine

Novartis Produces Swine Flu Vaccine

By VOA News
12 June 2009

A CDC Image of H1N1 influenza virus

A CDC Image of H1N1 influenza virus

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis says it has produced a first batch of a vaccine to fight the H1N1 swine flu virus, weeks ahead of expectations.

The company said Friday that producing the vaccine proved to be quicker through cell-based production rather than eggs, the usual method of producing vaccines.

Novartis says clinical trials will begin in July.

More than 30 governments have asked Novartis to supply them with a swine flu vaccine.

Read full article>>

For more information on H1N1 situation, please visit

9 Year Old With Lukemia Has Potter County Ties

Children seek to help

cancer-stricken classmate

A benefit will help send Kyle Gregg to Disney World.

Kellann Gregg didn't want to talk about how her family has been struck twice with tragedy.

She didn't want to talk about her late husband, Brian Gregg, a Newtown police officer killed while on duty almost four years ago. And she didn't want to talk about a recent diagnosis of leukemia for her only child.

Kellann Gregg of Middletown isn't using her time to talk. All her energy is focused on her 9-year-old son, Kyle, and his battle against the cancerous disease of the bone marrow and blood.

She and Kyle spend a lot of their time traveling back and forth to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

But plenty of people are talking for her and Kyle, especially the Class of 2009 at Discovery Day Care of Morrisville. More...

Editor's note: Kyle is the grandson of John and Nancy Gregg of Roulette and Rev. Jack Gregg of Shinglehouse is Kyle's uncle. John and Nancy's Burleson Avenue, Roulette home was destroyed by fire just before Christmas last year.

Potter County Kicks Off Greenways/Trail Plan

hikersPotter County Planning Commission will seek public input on a greenways and trails plan Tuesday, June 16, at 6 pm in the F.W. Gunzburger County Office building in Coudersport. Speakers will describe the purpose and benefits of the greenways program and ask citizens and local officials for their ideas and opinions.

Establishing greenways and trails can provide recreational opportunities, protect water quality, and diminish flood risks. They can also promote economic development through tourism. A greenway is a corridor of open space that can encompass areas of land and water. It can be transportation- and recreation-based, such as walking paths, bike lanes and rail/trails, or it can be natural resource-based, such as conserving areas that provide stormwater management or protection of water supplies.

Goal of the plan is to develop a network of trails and natural area corridors linking Potter County’s municipalities, parks and important historic and cultural places. At Tuesday’s session, the public will be asked to help identify the places to connect, the types of corridors needed and the priorities.

Planning Director Charlotte Dietrich said the economic benefits of greenways and trails have been well established. “They spin off new business opportunities such as bike and boat rentals, trailside restaurants and lodgings,” Dietrich noted. “They bring tourism dollars into the region. We have beautiful natural resources. A network of greenways and trails will allow us to tap into their economic potential.”

Consultant Pashek Associates of Pittsburgh was retained to prepare a regional greenways plan. Total project cost for the six-county region is $200,000. Pa. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources supplied $100,000 and PennDOT is providing $80,000. The remaining $20,000 is split among the counties of Potter, Cameron, Elk, McKean, Jefferson and Clearfield at $3,333 each. Potter County Today

Coudersport Blue Gets Special Ride To Last Away Game Of The Season

Team members are(from left to right): Brock Wilson, Jared Green,
Calaman, John Maher, Aaron Wolfinger, Hunter Blumer,
Joel Doyle, Joel
Pepper, Austen Saulter, Garret Morey, Logan
Marshall and Austin Gooch.

Riding in Style - Members of the Coudersport Blue
Little League were
treated to a surprise limo ride by their
parents for their final away game
of the season. Premo
Limo, owned by Brian Wilson, provided the
much to the delight of the boys. The team took a tour of

Coudersport before traveling to Port Allegany for the game.

Unfortunately, Port Orange got the better of Blue, 11 to 8,
but the team
had a memorable trip.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Area Obituaries

SMETHPORT — Katherine “Kandy” Grinolds-Burrows, 51, of Smethport, died Wednesday (June 10, 2009) in Sena-Kean Manor, Smethport. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes Inc., Smethport.

MOUNT JEWETT — William L. Robinson, 89, died Thursday morning (June 11, 2009) at Sena-Kean Manor, Smethport, where he had been residing. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Cummings Funeral Home Inc., Mount Jewett.


Local contractor Tom Kissiel is shown checking grade for excavation being done at the Coudersport Arboretum for the Lions Club train car which will be transported to the Arboretum in June.

Tom has donated his time and equipment for the project , others donating are Stan Goodwin - gravel , Seals Lumber -rr. ties , Karl Altenhein-rr. rails, John Nordquist- surveying and Coudersport Borough Council provided the land the car will be placed on.

Many individuals have donated to the purchase of the Lions Club car and transportation effort but DONATIONS are still needed any excess funds will be used for landscaping around the car.

Contact Steve Erway, Dick Bucannan, Lou Karija or any Lions Club member or Chamber of Commerce member to Donate.

Gareth Gockley helped move the Lions Club train with his Ford pickup.

Lee Gross uses his skid steer to move the Lions Club train Thursday afternoon in Kane, Gareth Gockley is seen blocking the wheels.

Irvin Cutler and Lou Karija assisted with the moving of cars as well as building a landing for a trucking company to get their trailers under the car to lift it off its wheels.

The car is due to arrive in Coudersport at the depot sometime after noon on Tuesday. All are welcome to watch the unloading and setting of the car. Plan on being there.

Please check Solomons words for updates on arrival. They will be in contact with the convey, or check with Gerri Miller.

When will you see a railroad car pull into the depot again?

Flash Flood Watch In Tioga & Bradford Counties

The National Weather Service in Binghamton has issued a flash flood watch until Friday morning for Bradford County and Tioga County, Pa., and other communities in central Pennsylvania.

Announcement of Coudersport School Board Meeting

Coudersport School Board Meeting on Monday night, June 15th at 7pm. The public really needs to attend.

There are several issues that the board will be voting on that the public needs to be aware of that involves tax payer dollars. The public needs to know and be informed of what our current superintendent and board members are doing.

Recap Of Today's News From Gerri

Now Available On Zito Media Cable Channel 450

Hear the local news first on Black Forest Broadcasting starting at 7:00am


Copyright: 2008 G.R. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


The Northwoods Tavern on Route 6 West, Coudersport has been cited for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons.

The crime allegedly occurred on February 7, 2009. The charges will be brought before an administrative law judge who can impose penalties ranging from $50 to$1,000 for minor offenses and up to $5,000 for serious offenses.

The judge can also suspend or revoke the business’s license or mandate training to educate the business on licensee requirements. More News....

PSP Trooper Joshua Miller, Killed in Shootout, To Be Laid To Rest Friday

Community Prepares For Funeral Of Slain Trooper Joshua Miller

WNEP-TV will carry the funeral live with the Miller family's permission on WNEP-TV, WNEP2 and beginning at 11 a.m. on Friday

Rep. Causer Debunks Rendell's Scare Tactics

Debunking Rendell’s
State Budget Scare Tactics
In recent weeks, the Rendell administration has been predicting gloom and doom for Pennsylvanians of all ages if a fiscally responsible budget that reflects the state’s economic realities is adopted into law.

Rendell is working hard to build support for his plan to spend $29 billion in the next fiscal year, even though revenues are expected to reach just $25.5 billion at best. Pennsylvania cannot spend money it doesn’t have. We can’t print our own money like the federal government does.

Raising Taxes is “Easy?”
So what the governor isn’t telling you is how he plans to pay for his excessive spending. House Democrats have been a bit more forthcoming, stating publicly on more than one occasion that an increase in the state’s Personal Income Tax is the “easiest” way to deal with the state budget shortfall. House Republicans disagree.
Rendell’s “Tax You More” Bus Tour
To scare people into supporting higher taxes and spending, Rendell’s cabinet secretaries have been issuing releases to the media, claiming that a responsible budget proposal advanced by Senate Republicans would result in the closure of dozens of state parks and state veterans homes, and limit access to health care for both children and adults. Most recently, Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak has been traveling on a bus across the state threatening seniors and other homeowners with higher property taxes if we don’t adopt the governor’s excessive education funding plan.
Living Within Our Means
Funding education, health care, parks and veterans services are priorities for us all, but in these tough economic times, we have to make do with what we have. If the current administration can’t provide core programs and services with the money we have, maybe it’s time for a change in management.

Pennsylvania families and businesses have to live within their means; government must do the same.