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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boys & Girls Club Of Potter County To Meet At 7:30 am

Boys and Girls Club of Potter County

Monthly Meeting

January 20th7:30 am

Potter County Education Council

Coudersport, PA


Anonymous said...

A.M. ?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you gotta look at motivations.
Keep your eyes on the Boys and Girls Clubs project and the Gas and Oil Expo and you will see the same name attached to each of them.
Hard to get a good job since Adelphia skipped down huh?

Unknown said...

Yes, 7:30 AM

Anonymous said...

6:49 wtf????

so if anyone volunteers their time and efforts to one charitable project and then works on another project that has more of a business motive to it they are evil?????

what about bill gates and warren buffet.

grow up and/or get a life.

Anonymous said...

Hey wtf person just consider the motives of the person who is pushing the Natural Gas Expo and the Boys Club. If the Club ever gets started does anybody wanna guess on who would like to be the paid director? Nobody should blame a person for trying to make a buck but when you disquise it as doing something to help the community then you need to be called out for decieving people that's all.

Anonymous said...

When did a boys and girls club start locally?

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Years ago, when I was a young man, some of us young fellas tried to make some improvements at the fire department that we belonged to. We usually got criticized when we changed the status quo. An old timer who had been the impetus for holding the organization together for at least a hundred years shared some of his wisdom with us. He said, "If you never do anything, you will never be criticized for doing something."
Thank God that some of us have taken that chance and decided to do something for our communities. It's not the doers you need to watch out for, it's the cave dwellers who only come out in the sunshine long enough to criticize others for their contributions to society.

Anonymous said...

3:25:00 PM
Well said!

Kind of reminds me of when some of us GAVE our time to coach town ball years ago. Seemed to be a lot of parents that did a lot of complaining but never offered their time or help!

Anonymous said...

Okay then the person who is steering the Boys Club and trying to get money for it should come forward right now and take herself out of the running for the paid director job. That would remove all suspicion and make me for one more likely to donate money to it. I can afford it and if I believe the motives of the people behind it are not self-serving I will donate. I support two fire departments and two ambulance associations and about 20 other causes in Potter County and a dozen or more outside of the county so do not question my devotion to the community. I just want to be sure that this is not a plan to carve out a job for the person who is pushing it. Is that too much to ask?

Marcia said...

To all the critics. What did you do today for your community? My guess is nothing. The young lady in question, desires the boys and girls club to succeed because her son was a member in another town. They know how they work and what they can do for young people. She has stated from the beginning that she does not want the job as director, because she is not qualified for it. This particular job will be posted. You have n0 idea how many events she does for free, while yes picking up a few dollars here and there to get by. Maybe you ought to learn something from this young lady and get off your butt and find something to do instead of blogging negativity all day.

Joe said...

Go Amy. I know you do so many things for your community. Some people are just complainers. They sit around the house just thinking whom they can hurt. They never help the community. Keep doing what you are doing. People see that you have no personal agenda and support you.

Nancy said...

I would have to totally agree with Joe. the anonymous poster knows nothing about the process of getting a boys and girls club going. It has been in the planning stages for 18 months, and is finally getting off the ground. Amy has given much of her time, more than any other member of the steering committee, to make this happen. Not, as you so callously accused, to get the job as director, but to start a worthwhile program in Potter County that all our children can benefit from. Yes, she has a personal stake in this, but not, as you accuse, to get a job, but to have a club that her son and other youth can go, where they can learn and grow and just have fun. Is that so bad?

Anonymous said...

Okay moneybags if it's true that the person who is organizing this is out of the running for the director job you better pony up that donation you were promising!! That comment up at 6:49, what makes you think she is making money off the Gas and Oil Expo? People who comment on here are so negative and untrusting. More power to this person to be donating her time on these projects with no pay. In Potter County seems like no good deed goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Lets see the budget for the Gas/Oil Expo at the GTab. I'm all for gas/oil jobs but these big companies know what they're doing. Take a look at where the money goes and I will bet there are some people who are pocketing some pretty fat dough from the Expo. Let's have some sunshine on that money game. There always are people with their hands out when it comes to these things. I am not saying everybody gets in on it but before you start praising this person or that person for helping the community and yadda yadda yadda check it out and see if it is really so. Everyone gets wrapped up in what a good cause it is and behind the scenes there are nests getting feathered.

Anonymous said...

Now 9:32 you know and I know that we will probably never see who is making money from this Expo. Are those records public? I bet there is state or county money involved so they ought to be. Hey Marcia Joe and Nancy above-- what do you have to say about that?

Marcia said...

Heah, 7:26, If you go on line, you can get a form for the Right to Know and you fill it out and then you send it in to probably PEDC and find out for yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

It would appear there a few people who are missing the whole point of what this young lady is trying to do. Why does it have to come down to money or a hidden agenda? Quit whining, how about trying to be happy for the kids it will benefit.

Anonymous said...

I think the person was getting at was that the people who are saying she is doing all this Gas and Oil Expo work as a service to the community might be wrong. Why don't you call the Commissioners office or whoever is running the Expo and see if that salary information is available.