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Thursday, January 7, 2010

DEP Fines Atlas $85,000 for Violations at 13 Well Sites

Unregulated Drilling Would Be A disaster To The Environment
PITTSBURGH -- The Department of Environmental Protection today announced that it has fined Atlas Resources, LLC $85,000 for violations of the Oil and Gas Act, the Clean Streams Law; and the Solid Waste Management Act at 13 well sites in Fayette, Washington, and Greene counties.

“Development of Pennsylvania’s natural gas resource is important to the state’s economy. However, that development need not -- and will not -- come at the expense of our environment,” said Southwest Regional Director George Jugovic Jr. “DEP will ensure that Pennsylvania’s gas resources are developed in an environmentally sound manner, consistent with the law.”

The violations, which occurred between Dec. 8, 2008, and July 31, 2009, fall into three categories:

• Atlas failed to implement and maintain erosion and sedimentation control measures to prevent off-site discharges of silt-laden runoff onto the ground at six well sites;
• Atlas failed to restore two well sites by establishing the appropriate perennial vegetative cover within nine months of completion of drilling; and
• Atlas discharged residual and industrial waste, including diesel fuel and production fluids, onto the ground at seven of the 13 well sites.

For more information, visit www.depweb.state.pa.us or call 412.442.4000.

Editor’s Note: Following are the names, permit numbers and host municipalities of the wells at which the violations occurred.

• Burchianti 30, Permit No. 37-059-24476-00, Monongahela Township, Greene County
• Burchianti 41, Permit No. 37-059-24616-00, Monongahela Township, Greene County
• Groves 8, Permit No. 37-059-25160, Cumberland Township, Greene County

• Willis 18, Permit No. 37-059-24708, Cumberland Township, Greene County
• Carter 2, Permit No. 37-059-24111-00, Cumberland Township, Greene County
• Penarnik 8, Permit No. 37-059-24555-00, Cumberland Township, Greene County
• Eckerd 1, Permit No. 37-125-23779-00, Deemston Borough, Washington County
• Henderson 7, Permit No. 37-051-24077-00, Jefferson Township, Fayette County
• Redman 30, Permit No. 37-051-24231-00, Washington Township, Fayette County
• Thompson 32, Permit No. 37-051-23746, Nicholson Township, Fayette County
• Thompson 33, Permit No. 37-051-23747, Nicholson Township, Fayette County
• Dancho-Brown 4, Permit No. 37-051-24152, Redstone Township, Fayette County,
• Kovach 34, Permit No. 37-051-24225, German Township, Fayette County.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious. The drilling industry cannot be trusted. Go water dogs go!

Anonymous said...

Little Timmy farted in school today and it made the air around him smell and the other kids didn't like it and he got expelled. Is this how we are gonna treat every company in every industry until we are a third world country?

Anonymous said...

Hey, great.
We have a new entry in the dumbest dildine comment ever on Solomon's Words.
My vote goes to 5:29.

Anonymous said...

How about Little Timmy sprinkled anthrax in class and it triggered cancer cells in Little Sally who died.
That is a better parallel than what 5:29 wrote.

Anonymous said...

we will be a third world country without clean water...

Anonymous said...

5:29 right on!! hahaha Thats how idiotic these people sound!

Anonymous said...

The state sure is making good money off the drilling!Yet they are the biggest reapers of the land !

Anonymous said...

I think that some folks (maybe a@5:29) have a vested interest in the drilling operations and are showing their resentment that us "rednecks" might take offense at their toxic waste leaching into the land we live off of.

All I have to say to this cretin is this:

Yo, asshole, this is our HOME.

You can expect a whole lot more of this, because WE ARE WATCHING YOU.

Pardon my french.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to poster 10:32:00.
You can certainly tell who is profiting from the Marcellus shale oil drilling and who wants to LIVE here!

It's sad that the profiteers are not thinking of the health of their own grand kids and the future generations who will be cleaning up after them.

Anonymous said...

instead of fighting over it, why don't we figure out a way to make the gas industry work in this area. If we could make it work then we all would make out pretty good.

this area is not doing good and and it is going to get a lot worse...

Anonymous said...

Oh..an $85,000.oo fine that's gonna deter alot of these big wigs. They make that much off one well in one hour probably. Really sticking it to them guys... wtg.
We need bigger fines, shutting down operations... or daily fines till these issues are FIXED.!

Anonymous said...

Just keep squalling!These were some pretty small time issues with a big fine.Get those "DOGS" out and keep nit-picking this industry to death! You are the fools that are paying these fines.Just shoot yourself in the foot! It would save a little time and money for the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Get real ASSHOLES! It has been said that Commissioner Kefover may just be promising JOBS due to the drilling boom! Yep, from what I understand, she made a public statement that in 2010 there would be more jobs in Potter County than people looking for them. What a statement! Better say a prayer for yourself Susan.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Susan's prayers are powerful. If she made that statement, you can bank on it. Better get ready.