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The Amazing Coudersport Ice Mine

The Amazing Coudersport Ice Mine

Friday, January 15, 2010

IMPORTANT... Haiti Update From Potter County DES

PEMA participated in a conference call earlier today with the Department of Homeland Security on the Haiti response. DHS and FEMA are working with the US Department of State (lead agency) for response coordination.

Private offers of assistance continue to be directed to the following website:

Center for International Disaster Information http://www.cidi.org/incident/haiti-10a/

The following information was provided through the DHS Volunteer and Donations section.

In times of great need individuals, voluntary organizations, faith-based groups, private entities, and others from around the world desire to help disaster survivors cope with the upheaval in their lives. These potential donors may be interested in assisting generally with contributing their finances, time, goods, or transportation. We’re all well aware of the importance of effectively marshalling these donated resources not only for the benefit of the intended recipients, but also to efficiently manage the response and recovery effort. This email presents four topics for your awareness: (1) proper “one voice” donations messaging to interested donors, (2) proper referrals for those seeking to donate, (3) the benefits that may come from maintaining situational awareness of donations activities coming from your jurisdiction, and (4) Other Resources.

“One Voice” Messaging to Interested Donors

Emergency Managers and others receiving inquiries from potential donors can play a large role in educating the public on how to properly respond to disasters. The general messages include: (1) cash is best, (2) do not deploy to the disaster site without specific approvals, and (3) know what to collect before collecting goods (clothing, for example, is generally not a desired donation). For a detailed explanation of these points, please refer to the following website: http://www.interaction.org/how-help.

Referrals for Those Seeking to Donate

CIDI has established a dedicated page to coordinate Haiti support at: http://www.cidi.org/incident/haiti-10a/.”

More specifically: To donate cash to a responding organization (preferred): http://www.interaction.org/crisis-list/earthquake-haiti

To donate goods: http://www.cidi.org/input/dscmd.htm

To donate time: http://www.cidi.org/input/dstechas.htm

Benefits of Maintaining Jurisdictional Awareness of Donations Activity

Emergency Managers can play an important role in helping guide the donations effort not only by sharing the proper messages, but also by maintaining an awareness of donations activities in their jurisdictions. Why? Because the donors identified in the following days are potential donors when events strike closer to home. Additionally, groups that have exerted tremendous effort and resources to gather goods often find roadblocks to fulfilling their desire to donate (transporting to Haiti, for example). These groups sometimes turn to emergency management expecting assistance. The better guidance they receive in the beginning of their efforts, the more understanding they will be when faced with challenges.

Other Resources that May be Needed

Family Reunification – The International Committee of the Red Cross just opened its family/friends unification website, which allows both those in Haiti and those outside Haiti to list their contact information in hopes the other side checks the appropriate list. There is also an option for an active search should the sought-after person not appear on the list.


Family Reunification – State Department Operations Center Helpline at 888-407-4747

Media Inquiries – Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) at 202-821-1983


Emergency Response Update: Ten federal (10) Urban Search and Rescue Teams and one US&R Incident Support Team have been deployed to Haiti. The Pennsylvania Task Force 1 (PA-TF1) is conducting contingency planning and readiness assessments of all resources in anticipation of further engagement of additional US&R system resources. No resource requests have been received for Pennsylvania and emergency response agencies have been advised not to self-deploy resources unless officially requested.


Official U.S. Department of State website. Contains contact information for those looking for family members, as well as donation information. http://www.state.gov/

Official U.S. Department of State blogsite called, “A Disaster in Haiti and How You Can Help”. Contains information on ways to provide assistance. http://blogs.state.gov/index.php/site/entry/

Official U.S. Department of Homeland Security website. http://www.dhs.gov/index.shtm


Anonymous said...

this is a crock of sh** here we are the united states in a depression and everybody else in the world needs money.... screw them what about the people next to you in line at the store or living across the street from you... think before you give your money away if you have the wealth to spread put it back into your local community

Anonymous said...

140 thousand people dead is a crock of sh**? How Christian of you.

Anonymous said...

Where is your sense of compassion and empathy ?

Anonymous said...

To blogger 8:36
Maybe we should just ship your sorry ass over there and let you see 1st hand what these poor people are suffering. U can't possibly belong to the human race. Animals have more love and compassion than U.

Blasphemy Bob said...

It's really strange that people don't have an issue with the fact that MILLIONS of people suffer every day at the hands of other people, but when a natural disaster happens and affects a bunch of people the suffering becomes "tragic" and everyone has a bleeding heart all of a sudden. It's the same a s buying one of those yellow ribbon magnets for your car to show that you support the troops. I don't waste my money on those things because I support the troops each and every day with my thoughts and prayers....i don't need a vain symbol. People that act like some of you posters on here are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Blasphemy Bob" You really sound like the type that prays. Probably never said a prayer in your life. And you call people on here pathetic? Take a look in the mirror you jerk!