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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long Time Workers At BRMC Laid Off With No Prior Notice/Escorted Out Of Building

Laid-off workers at BRMC share experience

Around noon Wednesday, two elderly men in wheelchairs waited with nurses by the automatic doors in the Bradford Regional Medical Center lobby. Attendants at the information desk assisted two women. An occasional nurse, patient or family member hustled by.

All seemed placid.

However, throughout the day, laid-off workers were escorted out of the building. Some crying, they hugged coworkers and walked into the cold.

“It’s just a dark, sad day up here (at BRMC),” a man said. Individuals with knowledge of the situation spoke on the condition of anonymity.

A female nurse, who worked at BRMC for more than 35 years, said she was called to the conference room at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

An administrator told her that her position had been eliminated, adding that the layoff was strictly budgetary, and unrelated to her performance.

“It hurts,” she said. “You have so much loyalty to a facility and this is how they treat you.”

The administrator didn’t mention severance pay, and unlike others who the nurse spoke to later, she was not offered to take a different shift.

She said she didn’t have time to clean off her desk or say good-bye to her staff. She was only allowed to collect her purse.

Although she was given a list of positions at Olean (N.Y.) General Hospital, her resume is still in her office, which she doesn’t have access to, and she said she didn’t know what she was going to do.

“I’m just devastated,” she said. “I’m kind of numb.” More...


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why there are those that go into a former place of employment with a gun and shoot someone like happened today in St. Louis? Behavior by employers just like this is why incidents like that happen. Personally, I'd rather see them taken out and beaten with a large stick...... it'll hurt more.... Oh, and good luck getting medical assistance afterwords..... cause there won't be anyone there....

Unknown said...

1ST Admendment - Freedom of Speech.

BRMC - It's all about money, nothing else.

Ugotta B Kiddin said...

In this day and age with this economy, i would never keep something personal like my resume, on a company computer without having an updated copy at home. With that being said, this nurse is in one of the most highly demanded jobs out there now and shouldn't have a hard time finding a new job. she most likely, after 35 years, made a huge salary and was unwilling to take less. It is getting so you can't trust any company enough to commit your whole life to them with any loyalty.

Anonymous said...

I think it was very degrading to these loyal professionals to be treated as though they stole from the company & were being fired & escorted out of the building. To not even be allowed to take all of there personal belongings is outrageous!!Shame on the Hospital administrators for such tactics.

Anonymous said...

Any bets that this hospital hires replacements for all of the personnel let go within six months?

Seems like they could let go at least ONE of the upper management types to save several jobs if budget cuts were such a priority.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened when OGH purchased St. Francis Hospital. Only then they didn't have the guts to fire anyone, they just made working there miserable for anyone who came over from St. Francis. They gave them less wages and the continually the worst duties until they quit. Then they didn't have to pay the unemployement. Big busines I guess

Capitalist Jack said...

"To not even be allowed to take all of there personal belongings is outrageous!!"

It is a WORKPLACE....and a public workplace at that....there is no need for personal items in the workplace other than what you need to do your job efficiently.

"Any bets that this hospital hires replacements for all of the personnel let go within six months?"

Sure they will....people right out of college at about a third of the salary that they are paying some of the people that keep milking the hospital and should have retired years ago. The worst thing that ever happened to this country was having companies that allowed people to stay there for 40 years in order to secure a pension while their production gradually declined year after year.

Anonymous said...

BRMC made a HUGE mistake when they entered into a "cooperative agreement" with Olean General. I predicted from the first announcement that it would end up a strong arm take over by Olean in the end. Several years ago they ran Saint Francis into the dirt to make themselves look better, and now they are going to do it to Bradford.

Anonymous said...

that is just the way it is times are tuff all over we all can be layed off at any time with out worning most of the time its not the boss here it comes from the main office and sent down things are geting better but it will take time,but i think that it will never be like it was two years ago

Anonymous said...

Do you have a Union to protect the workers??????

Anonymous said...

You are right 10:50, they destroyed St.Francis and this is happening to Bradford!

Anonymous said...

this is what our gov't is forcing business's to do. you wait until they pass this health care bill. here is what is going to happen.

1. 10% of a company will be let go, not laid off wih option for a recall.

2. the employees that are left will take a cut in pay, because now the employer has to either supply health insurance or pay the fine. where do you think that money will be coming from.

3. if you had health insurance at your job, it is going to be down graded, or even dropped. why offer you good insurance when it will be cheaper for the employer to pay the fine of not offering insurance to his employees, and the employee can get the gov't insurance cheaper then what they paid from there job.

4. also the unemployemnt rates have just went up, which means more money out of your check and more money the employer has to pay for you.

add this all up and you get job loss.

I own a business and I am trying to figure out what to do myself.

Be MAD at our Gov't, they are causing people to make decisions like this.

Yes i feel for these people I really do, but things need to be changed in washington and NOW before we all loose our jobs, because that is where we are headed.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you work for someone else.

Your destinty is in their hands.

Start a little side business and you might not be so devastated when this happens.

Anonymous said...

Its called "CHANGE".

Anonymous said...

1:58 A Union would not protect these workers. Thats funny you should mention that, Unions are weak anymore.... No Union saved my Job At Pittsburgh Corning When they brought in Chinese Block. PFFFFT!

Anonymous said...

"This is what happens when you work for someone else.

Your destinty is in their hands.

Start a little side business and you might not be so devastated when this happens."

Only if Walmart is more then 5,000 mile from your business.

Anonymous said...

It is just plain scary to see what is happening to our country!
This is just so very sad when these people have worked so hard to get where their at and now they've got to start all over and with economy the way it is, it will hard for them, My prayers & thoughts go out to all of them!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when two hospitals merge -- they don't need as many people. No longer Olean or Bradford (corporate branding is now Upper Allegheny Health Care System).

Anonymous said...

Cuts should START at the top. How many people do you know that wander around in a Hospital setting in their two thousand dollar suits and drive company cars, don't pay ANY part of their health insurance and noone can figure out their exact duties?? I actually know some of these people.The nurses,maintenance workers,housekeepers can't get their jobs done and have to pay for their health insurance. Doctors are told to see more people in a day but aren't going to paid more. Why do you think this area can't keep docs here? Empty promises.
I feel bad for the people that were "let go". Who is going to hire a 60 year old nurse when someone fresh out of nursing school will work for ten dollars an hour? I would rather pay for experience myself!!!